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Who's your main? I've been on Ryu for years, but looking to branch out, who do you recommend?

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This is AWESOME! I went to see Superman Returns in a full costume. 3 times on the opening day. Parent's had me take photo's with their kids. I honestly loved Superman Returns, possibly more so than all of Reeve's but the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2.

I think Henry's a fine Superman, no better or worse than yours, but your CK was more believable I thought. I know there was talk of a sequel to Superman Returns but that it fell through for whatever reason. Were you considered for, or did you consider auditioning for, Man of Steel? If so could you tell us a bit about that process? What were your impressions of Singer vs Snyder? (I actually wonder if Singer vs Snyder would make for a better movie than Batman Vs Superman!)

How early did production on Superman Returns begin and were you ever fortunate enough to meet Christopher Reeve?