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Jonathan (who is unable to be here live) asks:

1) Looking back on making the movie, what is your fondest memory?

2) The film contains a lot of spiritual themes and has some powerful symbolism. How significant was that to you? Were you moved by that? (Ex: Like when Superman falls back towards the Earth after having thrown New Krypton into space?) I particularly enjoyed seeing a superhero movie deal with such important topics.

Also I would just like to you, Brandon, for bringing Superman back to the big screen and for portraying the character in such a honest and pure way!

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Christina (who is unable to be here live), a fellow Superman Returns fan from Canada, asks:

Congratulations Brandon on this extra special anniversary of Superman Returns! Your portrayal of Superman continues to serve as an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you! I understand that much of the movie was filmed in Australia. Some of my favourite scenes are of Clark at the Kent farm where he can truly be himself. I have always loved the peacefulness of that particular Kent Farm setting. Can you tell us a bit about how the site was chosen for the movie and what special memories you have from your experiences on that location of the film set? All my best to you!

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Please don't downvote - note that the above is a line from the Netflix comedy "Lady Dynamite." :)

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Lana Kristyna (who is unable to be here live) asks:

Hi Brandon! Big fan of yours here. Christopher Reeve and you are my favorite Supermen.

Superman being such an iconic and loved character there was a lot of expectation for the movie and the role of Supes. What would you say was the most challenging aspect about playing Superman/Clark Kent?

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Greg (who is unable to be here live) asks:

Hello Brandon! Big fan, you were awesome on Legends! My question for you is: when filming "Returns", what would you say was your favorite moment during production? And your most challenging?    Keep on being awesome!