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First, I would like to say hi Brandon! I'm a HUGE fan and LOVED your version of Superman. You won me over as an actor after that movie. I've followed your career ever since.

My 3 questions are:

1) What was your favorite scene to film and what was the most difficult to execute?

2) How challenging was it to film the fighting scene between you and Lex Luthor where he stabs you with Kryptonite? (That's one of my favorite scenes lol)

3)If you had had the chance to step step in those shoes to continue the role, what would you have wanted to see happen? There was so much left open with him having a son and with Lois.

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What would be your next dream role? TV or Movie wise?

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Hi Nick! I want to say how much I LOVE "CLOSE"! The moment I heard it, I fell in love and I can't stop listening to it. I want to know, how did you come up with the song and where did the concept behind the video come from?