Hey everyone! Jordan Prentice here. I am from Canada and acting since 1986

Right now I am at the Filmfestival in Munich where we celebrate the premiere of our new kids-movie “At eye level” (Auf Augenhöhe)

I felt it would be a good opportunity to do an AMA since there’s been a big discussion recently about the discrimination of people of short stature in Germany. Their campaign is called #KeinZwerg - #NoDwarf and their point is: Talk to us and not only about us! That’s why: AMA!

My Proof:


Btw: I have a german translator beside me who is also transcribing the interview. So, here comes the german text:


Ich bin ein Schauspieler und kleinwüchsig und: Nein, ich bin nicht der Typ aus “Game of Thrones”. Ich bin Jordan Prentice. Ihr kennt mich wahrscheinlich aus “Brügge sehen...und sterben?”. Fragt mich!

Hallo an alle! Hier ist Jordan Prentice. Ich komme aus Kanada und bin seit 1986 Schauspieler

Zur Zeit bin ich auf dem Filmfest München, wo wir die Filmpremiere des Kinderfilms “Auf Augenhöhe” feiern.

Ich fand, es wäre eine gute Möglichkeit, ein AMA zu machen, weil es gerade die #KeinZwerg-Aktion in Deutschland gibt, die gegen die Diskriminierung Kleinwüchsiger kämpft. Also, sprecht lieber mit uns und nicht nur über uns, deshalb: AMA - fragt mich alles!

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tree_beard4202560 karma

Why didn't you wave hello to me earlier today when I waved hello to you?

TobisFilmclub1532 karma

Sorry about that, let's do coffee sometime ;)

ee3k928 karma

my partner is physically disabled and needs to use a walker/wheelchair.

Frequently people will talk to her very loudly and slowly, as if she was deaf or just have no concept of personal space (touching face, hair, etc.) , when they would never consider being so rude to anyone else.

is there anything that you experience from well meaning but clueless people that you wish they would just stop doing?

TobisFilmclub1447 karma

Yes, touching the top of my head - I can't stand that!

xscott71x809 karma

In your personal opinion, do you feel that the Hobbits should have been played by short statured people?

TobisFilmclub962 karma


unplugged89627 karma

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for doing this AMA. In Bruges is one of my all time favourite movies! My questions are as follows:

  • The film has become, in my opinion, a bit of a cult classic. Were you and the rest of the cast aware of the impact the film would have? Did the reaction match your expectations?

  • I thought your performance in the film was very funny, but your place in the plot seemed to hinge entirely around your stature. What are your thoughts on the representation of small people in this film?

  • Peter Dinklage's role in a recent x-men film had very little, if anything, to do with his stature. Do you think that there is more scope for these sorts of roles in film, or are the roles always going to focus in some way on the stature of the actors?

  • Who is your favourite actor?

Thanks again!

TobisFilmclub903 karma

  1. I had no idea that it would become that popular, but it will remain one of my favourite roles!

  2. The perspective on little people was meant to be ironic. And I think it succeeded.

  3. All actors by definition will feel a focus on something they can not control. Such as their appearance or gender or age. This is just life.

  4. Well, I don't have one favourite actor but I love Christopher Walken. I had a chance to work with him and it was a pleasure!

And thanks for your questions.

AntithesisD445 karma

If you could play any character, already existing or entirely new and original, what character / what kind of character would you want to play?

TobisFilmclub936 karma

I've always wanted to play a romantic lead.

EggplantCider245 karma

Two questions.

Do you have any rituals to get in character before a scene?

Do you have any rituals to get in character before a scene when you play a giant bag of weed?

TobisFilmclub296 karma

Every character is different, so: no.

No, just climbing in to a giant bag of weed. (The costumes really was so small and hot)

EggplantCider74 karma

Cool, thanks for answering my questions Mr. Prentice.

TobisFilmclub113 karma

My pleasure.

LatvianLion196 karma

What's your favorite beer? And does being of your stature influence your alcohol tolerance?

TobisFilmclub565 karma

My favourite beer is "Duvel". Have a drink with me an find out!

FineFlowingTableSalt188 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Peter Dinklage sized duck or 10 duck sized Peter Dinklages?

TobisFilmclub232 karma

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

janlaureys9186 karma

Have people ever told you that you look like Vince Vaughn ?

TobisFilmclub220 karma

Wow, I've never been told that but my interviewer agrees ;)

HattersNotMad176 karma

Here's to hoping someday you get a breakout role big enough that one day people tell Vince Vaughn he looks like you...

TobisFilmclub170 karma

Thank you. That's clever.

blaisepiaf131 karma

What are your favorite movies?

TobisFilmclub317 karma

Blade Runner, Midnight Run and The Incredibles. Just to name a few.

TheHoundInIreland134 karma

Oh for fucks sake, not only are you in my favourite movie, but you also like 2 x movies from my top ten list of all time favourites. Dad???

TobisFilmclub201 karma

Hi, this is Jordan's interviewer. Unfortunately he had to leave for another interview, but I will tell him that ;)

MichelAr125 karma

What do you think about the the fact, that little people always play roles where their size matters?

TobisFilmclub160 karma

I think I'd like that to change one day!

MichelAr95 karma

By the way, I´m the founder of the german #keinZwerg campaign. How do you think we can change it? Is it our (I´m little, too.) task to change it?

TobisFilmclub114 karma

No, unfortunately it's up to everyone to change how we treat each other. But stand strong! I wish you luck!

MichelAr43 karma

How do you think "change" will come? What should we do? Rejecting roles? Producing own movies? Talking in public about this?

TobisFilmclub78 karma

Hi, this is Jordan's interviewer. Unfortunately he had to leave for another interview, but I will collect all the questions and try to get his answers later. Thank you very much for your interest!

HeraldOf91 karma

Is the discussion about discrimination in Germany happening because there's a big problem with it generally in that country, or is it just because there's currently a "moment" where the discrimination has come to light and is being examined more closely?

TobisFilmclub117 karma

I think it's clear that someone made a mistake with an interpretation of people of my hight. But i visited Germany before and now and I have always been treated quite well!

TheTimespirit83 karma

What was it like breaking into acting? And how do you determine the films you wish to be a part of? Does your agent help guide your career, or do you play a more instrumental role?

TobisFilmclub125 karma

I broke into the business by accident. I always pick my own roles. And I will agree to the work if it doesn't offend me.

shadowfax100779 karma

What do you feel is the biggest challenge actors/actresses of short stature face in your industry?

Also thanks for In Bruges, incredible movie.

TobisFilmclub133 karma

Not being given a chance to be thought of just being an actor rather than a short actor.

And I agree about "In Bruges". Thank you.

smallerthanhiphop72 karma

How's the ketamine treating you?

TobisFilmclub125 karma

I love having a good time, but I do not recommend ketamine ;)

Deannaleee59 karma

Hi! Thank you for doing this AMA! My question- I know someone of shorter height who is interested in acting but she is afraid her height will not help her. Any advice? By the way you are so handsome!

TobisFilmclub89 karma

In this business be prepared for a lot of rejection. But when things work it's one of the best feelings ever!

And: thanks!

IKingJeremy36 karma

What was working on Howard the Duck like?

TobisFilmclub33 karma

It was my first film, so it was exciting but also challenging. Mainly because of the costume. And I was quite young but it taught me a lot about the business.

PlanksterMcGee25 karma

Glauben Sie, dass ein Krieg zwishen Weiss und Schwarz kommt?

Also, I loved In Bruges and really wanted to see more of your character.

TobisFilmclub44 karma

Unfortunately, there already is a war. And well, I am very different from the character i playes "In Bruges" and like the idee of everyone just getting along.

rhabarberbart24 karma

I loved AUF AUGENHÖHE, and was wondering: - Did your young co-star have trouble adapting to your height as much as his character? - How did you actually film this when you were speaking in English, which he probably doesn't understand? - I found the relationship between your character and his sport buddies particularly interesting, because it was full of possible misunderstandings, hurt feelings and experiences. Did your personal experiences influence the script, or did you feel it adequately represented some of your experiences as a person of short stature?

TobisFilmclub30 karma

No, my co-star had no trouble to adapt to my height at all!

And the language barriere: We worked with intuition.

The charakter of Tom is sadder and shy compared to me. I've been lucky to have good friends and good experiences. But I still understand Tom's pain.

IKingJeremy17 karma

Do you have any entertaining stories about anything that happened on set while filming your latest picture?

TobisFilmclub29 karma

Every second we weren't on camera my co-star and I we were making ourselves laugh at everything....for a month. We had so many inside jokes that I can't explain but it was really funny.

IKingJeremy15 karma

What motivated you to become an actor?

TobisFilmclub29 karma

I really love the work and when I found out that I might be good at it I just kept doing it. People told me that they liked my work, and I enjoyed connecting with people's emotions.

midwifejess9 karma

What was your least favourite role?

TobisFilmclub26 karma

I always try to focus on roles I liked than not the roles I didn't like.

IKingJeremy5 karma

What can American citizens do to help fight this kind of discrimination both here, and globally?

TobisFilmclub20 karma

It's up to everyone individually to find a way to care about everyone!

DanBezbik2 karma

Hi. Who was your favourite actor to work on set with in In Bruges and why?

TobisFilmclub3 karma

Hi, this is Jordan's interviewer. Unfortunately he had to leave for another interview, but I will collect all the questions and try to get his answers later. Thank you very much for your interest!

HooperDrivesChief82 karma

Hi! Loved that movie! What everyday task would average height people not believe is such a pain in the ass for people with dwarfism?

TobisFilmclub12 karma

I'm happy you liked the movie! Finding clothes that fit is really the biggest pain in the ass.

midwifejess2 karma

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you when on set?

TobisFilmclub14 karma

It's hard to say, because as an actor we teach ourselves never to be embarrassed.

Crab_Johnson1 karma

I did not know that the German version of "In Bruges" was titled "Bruges seen... and die?"
As for a question... hmm do you think the word dwarf is offensive? I'm aware the word midget certainly is, and are you aware if Zwerg is offensive?

TobisFilmclub11 karma

No, I didn't!

I always prefer to be called by my name but I do have a form of dwarfism, so the word is not offensive. But you are correct about the "M-Word". I do understand that "Zwerg" is not terribly nice.

burgerdog0 karma

Are you that guy from Game of Thrones?

TobisFilmclub67 karma

Are you that guy who doesn't read tag lines?

GreyHexagon-3 karma

So how did it feel when you smacked Joffrey in the face?

TobisFilmclub6 karma

Ask Peter!