Hi again Reddit! I Am Dolph Lundgren, back for another AMA. Maybe you’ve seen me fighting in movies, but I’m also fighting against human trafficking with the Coalition To Abolish Slavery (CAST LA).

And I’m helping CAST LA by giving you a chance to win a trip to spend a couple days on the set of my next movie. We’ll train you in stunts and combat, get dinner together, and you’ll perform a stunt in the movie.

Up for the challenge? Learn more here: Prizeo.com/DolphAMA

I’ll have the Prizeo team on the phone helping me out when I'm back to answer questions at 11AM PST, so AMA!

Thanks for all the questions! You all are great. I'm leaving now but I'll check back in later to see if I missed anything. And please check out my Prizeo page to learn more about CAST LA and enter to win a trip to be an action star with me. Thanks again!!


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DADDYYANK3521 karma

Dolph, How would you like to play a crime smelling scientist?

IamDolphLundgren2485 karma

A crime smelling scientist sounds like a great idea...

xL02DzD24G0NzSL4Y32x497 karma

Can you fly out to Philly tomorrow? I've got a couple of aspiring actors and actresses willing to use their bar to take out a loan for the movie. They've already pretty much wrote the script. Let me know.

IamDolphLundgren608 karma

Let me read the script and then I'll get back to you...

Ghost_all1657 karma

Would you be up to playing Cable in Deadpool 2? I'd love to see you in that role.

IamDolphLundgren1814 karma

Of course. It's a cool role. I'm sure there will be a lot of guys wanting to do it. But yeah, why not?

Anonocat1159 karma

So, Sylvester Stallone says you put him in the hospital for 6 days after punching him in the chest filming Rocky 4... True story? How were your experiences working with him again after all those years making The Expendables films? He seems like a pretty genuine kinda guy....

IamDolphLundgren1830 karma

I think it's a true story. I wasn't there for the diagnosis. But we definitely hit hard. Here's what I know -- I came back to LA from Vegas and found out I had two weeks off. I asked why and they told me Sly was in the hospital.

It was great working with him again on Expendables. It was great working with all the guys he brought in. From Statham to Jet Li to Arnold to Chuck Norris. It was an honor.

JBeauAuditore1066 karma

How do we stop human trafficking from happening? The stories I've read are awful and they're all way too young.

IamDolphLundgren1419 karma

It's difficult. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try though. And the place to start is building awareness. 100 years ago women couldn't vote and that was the norm. But society changes.

I hope that people will wake up to the truth of human trafficking and the enslaving of human beings. Once governments start paying attention, it's the beginning of the end.

And CAST LA is a great way to start learning more and building that awareness.

dssx898 karma

Dolph, I applaud you using your resources to help fight slavery. What can average, non-celebrities do to help the effort besides donating money?

IamDolphLundgren1408 karma

Obviously the money helps the cause, even just $10. It goes to people who know how to use it. (Plus you can win a chance to come do a stunt with me through my Prizeo campaign!)

But if you inform yourself on the topics, you start to have more informed conversations with your friends. And then it spreads throughout society that this needs to be stopped. You can literally change the energy in the universe about this if you start talking about it. I don't know how it happens, but it happens. One person changing their attitude affects the structure of society in ways we don't even know...

formachlorm733 karma

Hi Dolph, thanks for doing this. How prevalent is human trafficking in the first world, specifically America. What can we do on a local level to help make a difference in this problem?

IamDolphLundgren998 karma

Thanks for doing this with me!

It's more prevalent than people think. No one has absolute statistics. I think it's around 200,000 people in America being trafficked. All we really know are the arrests that are being made.

I was at an event for CAST LA and met a girl who had been trafficked and was kept as a prisoner at a diplomat's home in Brentwood in Los Angeles. They even had security watching over her. Point being... they could afford to hire someone, they just wanted to control her. She got the help of another nanny and eventually she was rescued. That's just one story, but knowing that CAST LA is helping save lives is huge. Helping support them with a contribution is a great start. Or finding other organizations doing this work.

andor_drakon625 karma

Hi Dolph! You've been called one of the smartest people in Hollywood. I know you've finished a Masters at MIT (I think anyway) in chemical engineering (I'm a mathematics university instructor by the way). How has your deep education in a mathematical science affected your career as an actor. Have you been able to apply your skills to further your career in any way? I love your movies, especially Masters of the Universe!

IamDolphLundgren968 karma

I don't know if it helped my career. But it got me to the States.

Any education connects you to reality and plants your feet firmly on the ground... which is a good thing especially in Hollywood.

And as I've gotten into producing and directing projects, it's helped me with a lot of problem solving.

sed_base299 karma

TIL Dolph Lundgren has a master's in Chemical Engineering from MIT*

  • Edit: It's actually from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, but close


IamDolphLundgren747 karma

Long story short... yeah, this is where I got my Master's, at the Royal Institute. But I also spent some time at MIT for research... also some time at Washington State University... then did some time at Clemson... and then the University of Sydney in Australia. Got all that?

mdg_roberts1560 karma

Dolph, you are often on lists of the smartest (most educated) actors in Hollywood. Who would you consider as the smartest actor you know?

IamDolphLundgren1118 karma

Arnold's really smart. He's a real estate mogul and just one of the smartest guys in the business. Sly's as smart as it gets, too. He's created three massive franchises (Rocky, Rambo, Expendables).

None of us ever play smart guys though, but that's what we do...

Oh! I also worked with Ethan Coen when I did a cameo in Hail, Caesar! and he was definitely a smart guy.

keoke916485 karma

Do you ever say "I will must break you" anymore?

IamDolphLundgren1813 karma

I held a graduation party for my 20-year-old daughter here in Sweden. When I went to give a speech, someone started playing the Rocky music. So everyone started cheering and I told them that if they didn't quiet down that I would break them. That was a few days ago...

Hobo-man484 karma

Hey Dolph what is your ideal breakfast?

IamDolphLundgren1525 karma

I've got two answers, a healthy one and one I'd actually want...

1) Oatmeal with sliced bananas and a little cinnamon + two hard-boiled eggs.

2) Mel's Diner on Sunset for a stack of pancakes and scrambled eggs and sausage.

JMS442409 karma

Who's the funniest action star you've worked with?

IamDolphLundgren1084 karma

Well I've worked with them all, so I'm trying to think of who's the funniest... oh wait, I've got this... Terry Crews. No one's funnier. When I worked with him on the Expendables movies, he'd always do impersonations of the other guys.

Arnold and Sly are funny, too. Sly will actually rewrite on the set.

He'll do stuff like this in the middle of a scene, "Cut... hey Dolph, say this, "I want a Viking funeral"" and I said "What?" and he said "Say "I want a Viking funeral!!" and then it works and it just cracks me up.

PBRboozecruise255 karma

Dolph what is your favorite meal? Also what are your best tips for working out?

IamDolphLundgren569 karma

A big, terrific steak. Medium. Charred on the outside. Spinach. Baked potato. Cheesecake for dessert.

Cross-training is the key. Hit your body with different types of workouts so that it's never boring. For me I do martial arts and then I'll mix it up with swimming and I'll add in weight training. Mixing up those activities is better for you in the long run.

halupki235 karma

Dolph! How was the process of making Kindergarten Cop 2? The original is a beloved classic - was it daunting to take on that role? I haven't seen it yet, but it just hit Netflix, so I'm gonna check it out tonight!

Also, do you have a current favorite fighter? I'm a big Nieky Holzken fan, personally.

IamDolphLundgren410 karma

Excited for you to watch it, thanks!

I didn't want to do it at first because that's Arnold's deal. And he's a friend of mine. But I read the script and it was funny and a new take on it. The original came out over 20 years ago so I figured there were a lot of kids who hadn't seen that one who'd like this one.

It was also my first time doing all out comedy in a movie, so that was a blast!

Favorite fighter? I've always liked Lyoto Machida. He was respectful and had a good attitude. He didn't clown around and he had great timing. Sometimes when you mix the martial arts and money, it takes away some of the purity, but he was always true to it.

porkrolleggandsleeze150 karma

Kind of an obscure question, but I saw you on the Eric Andre show a while ago. Are the rumors of them making their guests as uncomfortable as possible true?

IamDolphLundgren276 karma

Well I don't remember it, so he must not have made me too uncomfortable...

curry-ious149 karma

Wow, in shock that Im "talking" to you right now! I first saw you in Rocky IV and was blown away with both you and Stallone.

My question is, what did your training consist of during that time? Meals, hours trained daily, specific exercises you personally enjoy etc. You both are carved from stone by the final fight, it must have been quite a demanding schedule.

Otherwise I just want to say its great to see you get involved in so many causes important to you. Its nice to see you use your image to create a better world. Keep it up! Respect.

IamDolphLundgren275 karma


Yeah, it was very demanding. I was already a martial arts champion, so I was in pretty good shape. But the audition process took six months so I was training all during that, too. Then when I got the part, I moved to LA and trained with Sly twice a day, six days a week, for five months. I was on a strict diet the whole time.

But here's one takeaway that Sly said to me "Once you get in shape, you'll never get out of shape."

suaveitguy69 karma

Ever do stage work?

IamDolphLundgren142 karma

I did a little bit of theatre back in the 90s in NY. I did some one-act plays off, off, off Broadway... haha... maybe I'll get back to it though. It takes a lot of time. But I was actually thinking about an idea for a play centered around human trafficking. We'll see what happens.

invictusmonkey41 karma

When are you playing a villain next?

IamDolphLundgren95 karma

Hopefully soon! I've been playing a lot of good guys lately. It's fun. But it gets a little boring. I have a little bit of a leading man look, but I've also got a dark enough edge that makes it really fun to play with that balance and play villains. Some possible projects coming up where I'd do that...