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Dolph, I applaud you using your resources to help fight slavery. What can average, non-celebrities do to help the effort besides donating money?

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How do you determine the charge for the job?

How much do you charge per job?

What's something you take for granted that you do every job that would make an average joe/jane throw-up or freak-out over?

Thanks for the AMA!

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This explains a lot.

I grew up dreaming of universal studies getting slimed at Nickelodeon studios and being chased by Jaws.

When I finally made it out there some 7-8 years ago, Nickelodeon was long gone and the jaws ride was remarkably lacking in special effects. Now I wonder if this was one of those days where the flames were out or maybe we had a weenie hut jr on board because there was zero boat rocking.

I still had a blast because it was freaking jaws and a cultural pilgrimage for the nickolodeon generation.