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Met him once. Was a piece of shit.

Raab was a good friend of mine though.

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Dolph! How was the process of making Kindergarten Cop 2? The original is a beloved classic - was it daunting to take on that role? I haven't seen it yet, but it just hit Netflix, so I'm gonna check it out tonight!

Also, do you have a current favorite fighter? I'm a big Nieky Holzken fan, personally.

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I remember that Reading show, and this is why: I scored two bundles of heroin right across the street on the corner.

Confirmed, I live just outside of the city. This sounds like Reading.

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As a guy with no background in gaming at all (I'm a writer and work in marketing), I've always dreamed of somehow getting into games. I love to see when people can live that dream, so congrats.

I also just nabbed the game on my phone yesterday, and it's awesome. Hard as nails, but really fun.

As for a question - How much of an emphasis is their on storytelling on a game like this? What is the process like? As a writer, it's something I would love to know more about.

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weird seeing my area code on reddit....