Dolph Lundgren

is a Swedish actor, director, and martial artist.

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I hear reddit is having some issues...

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Stallone made me do it. And he had a big mouth. I didn't appreciate his dance number with James Brown.

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A crime smelling scientist sounds like a great idea...

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You did it yourself. Congratulations.

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Something like that... They did steal a couple of things, but brought some back.

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Not yet, but I'm on board if they ask. Maybe not the mesh shirt though.

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I think it's a true story. I wasn't there for the diagnosis. But we definitely hit hard. Here's what I know -- I came back to LA from Vegas and found out I had two weeks off. I asked why and they told me Sly was in the hospital.

It was great working with him again on Expendables. It was great working with all the guys he brought in. From Statham to Jet Li to Arnold to Chuck Norris. It was an honor.

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Of course. It's a cool role. I'm sure there will be a lot of guys wanting to do it. But yeah, why not?

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My masters is actually in Chemical Engineering.

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I held a graduation party for my 20-year-old daughter here in Sweden. When I went to give a speech, someone started playing the Rocky music. So everyone started cheering and I told them that if they didn't quiet down that I would break them. That was a few days ago...