Dolph Lundgren

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is a Swedish actor, director, and martial artist.

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I hear reddit is having some issues...

IamDolphLundgren2914 karma

Stallone made me do it. And he had a big mouth. I didn't appreciate his dance number with James Brown.

IamDolphLundgren2218 karma

You did it yourself. Congratulations.

IamDolphLundgren2050 karma

Something like that... They did steal a couple of things, but brought some back.

IamDolphLundgren1919 karma

Not yet, but I'm on board if they ask. Maybe not the mesh shirt though.

IamDolphLundgren1813 karma

My masters is actually in Chemical Engineering.

IamDolphLundgren1782 karma

Whatever the maximum incline on that thing was. Probably close to 40 or 45 degrees

About this much:

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I need my gig in Expendables 3 so I can't do that.

IamDolphLundgren1406 karma

That's good. I'll suggest it to Stallone.

IamDolphLundgren1405 karma

There are few that I can tell on the internet. When I first came out here for training and fight choreography, Stallone was going through a divorce. One piece of advice, don't get in the ring with a guy who has come from divorce court.