I was in a few tv shows like Wonder Showzen and Rescue Me. I was also in a few movies like Gracie, Totally Awesome and The Love Guru. I recently posted a photo from Wonder Showzen on r/funny which blew up. A lot of people there wanted me to do an AMA so here it is!

Heres the proof: http://imgur.com/T6Obr7b

Ask away!

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BabyRabiesVaccine336 karma

Would you kick a pony in the face to end world hunger?

heinst336 karma

Hell yeah I would

HanglidingMinstrel75 karma

That poor pony though

aimlessfocus29 karma

Would you eat a pony to end world hunger?

Advorange48 karma

That'd end 1/7,400,000,000 of world hunger for a few days if I ration it out.

By that math I need to eat 7,400,000,000 ponies to fully end world hunger for a few days.

heinst66 karma

Thats pretty good math

viewerdoer35 karma

Would you kick a kid in the face to end pony hunger

heinst50 karma

Nah man that aint me

TangoZippo10 karma

What about a really happy beagle?

heinst41 karma

Nah maybe like a yappy poodle or something

Gertonification6 karma

Did you have a response set up if she went with this answer instead?

heinst19 karma

No I would have just thought on my feet and came up with something

lilblovesyou153 karma


You don't even know..... When I was 18 ....lived in a flop house. Lots of drugs. Junkies. Just fucked up shit....Wonder Showzen would come on at like 2 or 3 in the morning on MTV2 and we would all stand still for those 30 min. It became a weekly thing..one of the only things that was "normal" about that living situation was a bunch of fuck ups would sit and watch this show.

I have the two seasons on dvd and still watch them. Brings me back.

You were always the best beat kid. ( kids on the street kids on the street beat kids beat kids). I can do an impression of you ...oh yea whats that ? Gamble gamble gamble DIE ! Were they telling you what to say in your ear ? Jesus if they were don't tell me. Man, the butcher shop lol. And the fucking horse apples episode...." I've been manipulated "

Also....what do you think is wrong with the youth of today ?

Seriously. Good job. You have no idea the homes you were reaching.

heinst134 karma

Thanks it really makes me feel good to hear this and the impact I made on people. Even if people laughed and forgot their problems for a few seconds, that makes me feel good. Thanks for the post!

fl_beer_fan152 karma

How many classes of med school do you have to flunk to become a pharmacist?

heinst148 karma

Im dying. I forgot I said that

organic_crystal_meth91 karma

Did your parents steal all the money you made acting? Are you gonna go all Gary Coleman and start collecting trains and acting weird soon?

heinst107 karma

No they didn't steal it and I hope I don't turn out to be the next Gary Coleman...

LargeCzar67 karma

Was there ever any backlash from your local community from your portrayal of Hitler and the other odd humor portrayed in wonder showzen or did it fly under the radar far enough?

heinst95 karma

It pretty much flew under the radar. No one from school or anything ever said anything about it

SoberFuck65 karma

Did you get sunburned today?

heinst84 karma

Luckily no, thanks for the concern ;)

kellenthehun63 karma

Was it hard to convince your parents to let you do the show?

heinst86 karma

Nah they didn't really need any convincing to be honest.

martinw8937 karma

Did they ever express any regrets about some of the crazy shit that happened on the show while you were working? Did they ever consider backing out?

heinst63 karma

No, we always knew we had the option to say that something wasn't ok. Which was really nice of them to work with us like that. Really easygoing crew

crumbbelly23 karma

Did you ever say anything wasn't okay?

heinst6 karma

Yeah that guy who's wife died in the race track episode. I didn't know that but recovered well with a high five.

AkashicRecorder56 karma

Who added trivia like "Had his hair dyed and wore contacts for the role he played in the film Second Born(2003)and for the character he played in the Mike Myers film Love Guru (2008)." to your imdb page?

Stuff like that always makes me wonder.

heinst110 karma

I think my mom did or my manager. Pretty sure my mom though

BigGrayBeast80 karma

Troll dads of actors could have so much fun in IMDB. "Had an invisible friend, a six foot cocker spaniel, that pooped real shit in his bedroom."

Aesopin5 karma

Pretty specific..... makes me wonder if you pooped on your floor, and then blamed it on an imaginary Dog

badfan5 karma

Absolutely not, but while we're on the subject it happened again.

heinst3 karma

This should like a personal problem

lomo22849 karma

Why former?

heinst181 karma

I gave it up to go to college and become a software engineer! More of a stable career then acting, unless you make it huge...then its a different story..

eclair415166 karma

Software Engineer? NERDDD

heinst79 karma

Thanks anon ;)

dempa10 karma

Lame question, but what sort of software work do you do?

heinst20 karma

I work for a marketing software company called Monetate

LargeCzar25 karma

I saw you flying in some of your posts. Is that just a hobby?

heinst50 karma

I actually just started flying this past fall. I'm making some pretty good progress. Im almost done with the training, but yeah it's just a hobby. I may become an instructor one day though. Flying is the best feeling ever!

lomo22819 karma

Fair enough, I'm not one for taking risks, I'd only do acting if I had a stable fallback, like software engineering. Good on ya!

Second question, once you graduate and have that stable fallback would ever consider going back to acting? Do you have any passion for it?

heinst30 karma

Probably not, once you're out for a while its hard to get back into it. It's basically like starting from scratch, unfortunately.

FyourFeelings13 karma

That cubicle life though

heinst50 karma

Surprisingly no, my office Im at right now is completely open. People shoot each other with nerf darts across the office and play ping pong all the time. We can work from home or take time off whenever. Its pretty awesome

coffeesalad11 karma

It's not uncommon for software. We don't have nerf guns, but my pod is open and we (5 of us) can all see and talk to each other without moving

heinst22 karma

Nerf Guns are where its at man, get some

aimlessfocus43 karma


Do you hangout with Tyler?

heinst41 karma

Never even met him

necro_clown24 karma

Tyler was a fucking tool. Trevor always kept it real.

heinst40 karma

Still do

Kristic7440 karma

Trevor. Thanks for making me laugh with your clips of Wonder Showzen.

I'm curious, in Wonder Showzen, how did they go about feeding you questions for the Beat Kids clips? Was it just an ear piece? Were you aware of how much of a smartass you were being at the time, or just repeating what you heard?

heinst66 karma

We would actually cut and I would go over to the directors and see what question they wanted to say. I would ask that, then improvise a for a little until it rode its course, rinse and repeat.

Nah I knew I was being a smartass, but I thought it was fun. How often do you get paid to be a smartass?

tehReno30 karma

God Damn. I loved Wonder Showzen. I got a (now ex) girlfriend to watch it a few times and one actually made her cry.

I have to ask, what was your favourite segment of Beat Kids to do?

heinst37 karma

Had to be the race track one, that was too fun

Flo_Bro29 karma

Is Mike Myers a nice guy behind the scenes/offset?

heinst86 karma

Not at all. He was a complete jerk. He was one of those method actors that was always in character. Guy wouldn't even take a picture or sign an autograph for me. And you think he would since he was playing the love guru....

HanAssholeSolo24 karma

How aware were the kids of the result of the questions they were being asked or like in skits like the Slaves video where kids are dancing around to people singing about slavery?


heinst27 karma

I dont think they were really aware at all. Those kids in the video were dancing in front of the green screen and probably were having the time of their life...little do they know what was actually going on lol

baraqiyal22 karma

When making Wonder Showzen, did you think you were making a kid's show?

heinst64 karma

Not at all. I knew there were puppets in it and things and my parents didn't let me watch it so I knew it had to be bad.

sassysaba9 karma

Surely youve seen it all now?

heinst24 karma

Nah but I have the dvd sets

Pacsh17 karma

Who's going to pay for these steaks? I mean spirituality

heinst17 karma

I do everyday

nvidrine17 karma

Can you ask me a question like your former beat kid self?

heinst53 karma

Can you donate $5 to the catholic church to help with plumbing?

Sniglet500016 karma

Did any of the people you interviewed ever become hostile towards you? Did you ever in the slightest feel threatened by someone?

heinst35 karma

Only that one guy in the Hitler episode, but I had plain clothed body guards that protected me. One was a badass woman lol

moneymcsimpson15 karma

Did your parents help you save the money you made from the show or did they spend it on you then?

heinst26 karma

No they helped save and my dad invested it

moneymcsimpson8 karma

What did they invest in?

heinst19 karma

Stocks and stuff

neosporin3 karma

Majority shareholder of Blockbuster

heinst17 karma

Yeah they sent me all their excess inventory. If anyone wants a copy of legally blonde, I have a thousand...

nygmattyp15 karma

The butcher episode - What was the "blood juice" fluid you really swallowed?

heinst21 karma

Nah it was Kool Aid

BrutallyHonestDude14 karma


heinst30 karma

Nah he was actually a really nice guy to work with!

BrutallyHonestDude6 karma


heinst17 karma

I think thats just his persona, and yeah he could have been nice to me too since I was a kid, thats true

awrf12 karma

When did you know you probably wouldn't make it big as an actor? How did you decide on software engineering in particular? Did you ever consider moving out to Hollywood and giving it a shot?

heinst19 karma

I never really wanted to make it that big and when it came time for college I knew I should further my education as a backup, before I do anything else. I actually know two kids who did and it worked out well for them. One was in the new Jurassic World movie and Iron Man 3 and the other did a few other movies.

I-Code-Things12 karma

How can you afford such a sweet apartment? Was it money from acting, money you're making now, or something else?

heinst23 karma

Both from acting and the current jobs I have

quasicoherent12 karma

Has your Wonder Showzen fame ever gotten you laid?

heinst19 karma


BrooklynHipster11 karma

Can you tell me more about your trip to the race track? That was one of my favorite BEAT KIDS segments, but i worried that it might have been legitimately depressing for you to experience as a kid.

Fav quote, because i'm heartless: "I'm gonna do an impression of you: gamble, gamble, die."

heinst17 karma

It was just like any other segment, just interviewing random people. As a kid I thought it was pretty cool since Ive never been to a race track before. I also thought the idea of winning money was cool...now I think a lot differently...lol

Aimless_Precision10 karma

Do you still get income from the shows you've been on? If so, is it sizeable? Which was most lucrative? How much is lucrative, exactly?

heinst23 karma

Yeah I did previously but its been a while since Ive been in anything so they send me like less then a dollar checks now. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. We make jokes that it cost more to send the check, then the check is worth

Ardy4Prez10 karma

What is your go to story when talking about the worst production experience when making a movie? Whether it be with background, talent, or crew?

heinst36 karma

There was this one really mean director when I was shooting the Viva paper towels commercial. I kept flinching every time the soda would come out of the bottle, because it was pressurized, it kinda hurt. He said that the next take would have no soda in it. I believe him and sure enough he lied and it came out more powerful then before to really get a good shot of it. Never trusted him after that

racingschoolguy8 karma

Are you still contractually obligated to use Viva?

heinst43 karma

Nah tbh Viva sucks ass

gimpisgawd9 karma

Looking at your IMDb page it says you were on Blues Clues. Did you ever meet Steve? Also what is your favorite Cam'Ron CD?

heinst21 karma

Yeah man I met him, cool dude lol and have no idea who that is

wedgeex9 karma

I think you might be one of the most quoted people by my group of friends to this day. So here's my only question...


heinst13 karma

Thats a question for the writers I think lol

adultdoug9 karma

How did your parents like John and Vernon?

heinst10 karma

They really liked them, they were good guys

_sxb8 karma

what do you eat for breakfast on tuesdays? also, how low do you wear your underpants?

heinst14 karma

Always a granola bar and as low as anyone else lol

blairblair278 karma

How bad did that pharmacist want to beat the fuck out of you?

heinst14 karma

I dont think he wanted to lol

NoviKey8 karma

What was life like?

heinst14 karma

It was and still is amazing

driftwood68 karma

What are some of your favorite TV shows today?

heinst28 karma

I have to say How I Met Your Mother is my favorite, but right now Im watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bobs Burgers and Rick and Morty

Flyersguy19929 karma

If you haven't yet, you should watch Archer. I just finished what is on netflix and already want to rewatch it.

heinst9 karma

Yeah thats on my list!

Cleveland_CKCS8 karma

Where's Clarence these days?

How did you find out about wonder showzen and how were your parents cool with lil dead pope and lil hitler?

Horse apples.

heinst13 karma

Hes probably annoying people from his grave and we found out about it from my agent. She got me an audition for it. I don't think they really cared. They thought it was funny

CrunchyNappyFap7 karma

What were the people like behind Wondershowzen, behind camera? Such fantastic weirdness must come from fantastically weird people? After reading here you improvised after the questions, well done man we always looked forward to your part. Laugh out our ass off thinking this kids got some balls

heinst12 karma

Yeah they were some of the best crew to work with, really nice down to earth people. A little weird sometimes but generally awesome

Nightwing37 karma

Hey Trevor!

Long time fan here! Your post on r/funny made me remember wonder Showzen and I showed my girlfriend the Chewties episode. Her own words was "Wtf was that?" Haha. She's a keeper!

My friend Traise showed me Wonder Showzen years ago. I took to it immediately and we would have weekends binge watching episodes so thanks!

He doesn't have an account but he would like to ask you "How did you even get on the show?"

Thanks Trevor and hope that your software engineering job goes well for you!

heinst27 karma

Thanks man! I actually auditioned for it. The question they asked me was "If you ruled New York City for a day, what would you do?". My response: "I would go up to the naked cowboy, pull down his underwear and say 'haha who's naked now?'" They told me I had the job a few days later

Libtarderace7 karma

The Beat Kids where you drank the blood from the Styrofoam deli tray. What was the liquid really?

heinst12 karma

It was really Kool Aid

n0i7 karma

Did/does acting get you laid alot?

heinst18 karma

Meh not really. I didnt like to tell people and seem like I was bragging

maymay15666 karma

Did you meet mike myers?

heinst16 karma

Yeah and he was not a very nice guy

eroln6 karma

Do you ever go back and watch Wonder Showzen? What did you think (if anything) of the show when you were in it as opposed to now?

heinst18 karma

I never was allowed to watch the episodes when I was younger, but I watched an episode a few months ago with my friend and that it was really dark

cole1999107 karma

They aren't all dark, you should go back and marathon it

heinst10 karma

I may one day. I have the set in front of me lol

PM_ME_YOUR_A-S-L6 karma

I just saw your post in /r/funny and I can't describe how happy that made me.

In Wonder Showzen: What was your favorite skit that you were in and your favorite you were not in?

heinst12 karma

I have to say the racetrack skit was my favorite that I was in and my favorite that I wasn't in was probably the slaves skit

mistercath6 karma

I think your segments in Wonder Showzen were the best, how did your parents feel about the show?

heinst10 karma

They were a little iffy about it at first but they warmed up to the idea of me being on the show.

mistercath6 karma

how old are you now, dude?

heinst7 karma


super_calman5 karma

What would you say is the 18th best country?

heinst11 karma

Lol these questions are great. Id say Italy

BuckleUpBuckar005 karma


heinst5 karma


scarypandas4 karma

Do you have the source video to that screen shot? i wanna see her reaction lol

harbingerofsalvation4 karma

Is the "thinking chair" real?

heinst7 karma


harbingerofsalvation5 karma

Oh come on! I know you were young at the time, but really, was it a stool against a green screen?

heinst6 karma

Yeah pretty much :[

TheCosmicHippy3 karma

Honestly one of the best comedies I saw growing up. It was bizarre, fucked up humour & having the kids say all that random shit was almost revolutionary for a show in my mind.

What was it like at home around that time? As in, the fact that you would go on a show like that, say all that messed up shit... You hardly acted like that when you were around your parents, or was some of it the kind of humour you did have at home?

Just wondering because at that age I would never have acted like that at all.

heinst13 karma

I knew that it was a job and that I could only say and get away with that kind of stuff on set. My parents made sure I knew that pretty frequently

GripRipApeShit3 karma

What kind of direction did you have from the producers? Most of your beat kids lines look improvised.

heinst6 karma

Just had a few pages of questions to ask and they would tell me which lines to start off with

xStereo3 karma

Do you smoke weed?

heinst8 karma


splorf3 karma

Wonder Showzen was so great! Did they let you keep that tiny McGruff style trench coat?

heinst5 karma

Nah I think they reused it for all the kids

philbill233 karma

Just recently exposed my younger brother to Wonder Shozen and he has fallen in love with the humor that is offensive to almost everyone. The beat kids segments are his favorite

My question is how hard is it to actually become a child actor and get a roll in a show like Wonder Showzen? Also side question to you miss acting now that you have chosen to follow a different career path?

heinst6 karma

Interesting question. I think that you have to establish a name for yourself in the industry, which takes some time, before you get the chances at different roles. Having people know your name and your agent being able to be like "Yo this kid is good hes been in X, Y and Z. He needs to be on this audition". I also at one point had 13 running commercials at one time. Everyone wanted me to be in their ads. And I do miss it sometimes, it was fun work. I don't particularly like sitting at a desk all day, but do like programming.

cole1999102 karma

Two things. 1. How involved were you in the bits you were in? 2. How did you apply or get involved with them in the first place?

heinst4 karma

I was just involved in shooting it and feeding off of the interviewees responses. Not much else though. And I just auditioned and they liked me from the beginning, which is how I got involved.

byraq2 karma

Are you friendly with that punk tyler?

heinst3 karma


RebelLion_HalfBrain2 karma

How much of the shows writing did you understand?

heinst7 karma

Very very little since I was so young

felonydumper2 karma

What do you think of other shows by PFFR? Like Xavier Renegade Angel?

heinst4 karma

I didn't really watch it, only a few episodes. I thought it was ok

Undeadgamr192 karma

How was it working on the set of blues clues? That show was a huge part of my childhood.

heinst6 karma

It was alright, I never actually saw the set unfortunately. The part I filmed was at some like indoor play place for kids

applause87772 karma

Hey Trevor what were the puppeteers like? Clarence (I think that's his name blue dude) had awesome interviews. Also, were your parents cool with the show? I thought it was hilarious but my parents never fans.

heinst6 karma

Im pretty sure the puppeteers were the writers and the camera crew, I think, could be wrong though. Clarence was definitely one of my favorite characters and my parents didn't really care for the show either.

Theeshades2 karma

What is your current job?

heinst5 karma

Im a software engineering intern, still have another year left of college. Im in a 5 year program

MadatMax2 karma

Would you ever consider going back to acting?

heinst4 karma

Nah probably not, but you never know!

MaevaM2 karma

Do people you meet sometimes already have an idea of what they think you will be like based on your roles? How does that work out? Was it ever embarrassing?

heinst5 karma

No not really many people know who I am, which is good because they don't have an expectation of me, its pretty nice.

heinst2 karma

Never had to worship the devil

MaevaM1 karma

Do you think your experience as an actor means you make long term plans different to our friends? Like did it lead to doing things differently?

heinst4 karma

I think that it definitely lead me to be a more humble individual. I absolutely hate it when people brag. And Ive been working since I was three so Im used to it. I just think it made me grow up faster, but thats about it

jamesbmadison1 karma

Would you eat a pony to end world face kicking?

heinst2 karma

That sounds really painful so yeah definitely

1asshole1 karma

What do you think of the recent spike in visibility of child abuse allegations in Hollywood? Did you have any weird experiences?

heinst3 karma

No never had any experiences like that, thank god

wantsomechips0 karma

How are you today?

heinst1 karma

Not bad, how are you?

hughmcbriefcase0 karma

What weighs more, a pound of brains or a pound of muscles?

heinst1 karma

A brain is a muscle, isn't it? Those questions I asked that guy were ridiculous and loved how he answered them with a straight face.

RemoteViewingTrainee0 karma

do you still have any Hollywood contacts, or have you left that world entirely?

heinst1 karma

Nah I have a few friends who still are in the business

Apopkalypse0 karma

sighs Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

heinst3 karma

Definitely the horse sized duck

MrGoogle5earch0 karma

If you had to kick that cat in the face to end world hunger would you?

heinst2 karma

It depends on if its my cat or not...

Edit: Missed the "that" then in that case still probably would

wangers_is_asian0 karma

Have you been mindfudged?

heinst1 karma

Yeah I did unfortunately

ghostbrainalpha0 karma

How much cocaine? ⛄️

heinst1 karma


AYY__LMA00 karma

Any plans for your future?

heinst1 karma

Not acting wise, just working, playing soccer and flying

black_flag_4ever0 karma

Favorite podcast?

heinst1 karma

Definitely Hello from the Magic Tavern. Hands down. The first 30 episodes are gold, after that it gets iffy.

suaveitguy-1 karma

Any memories of Cosby?

heinst2 karma

Nah never met him

brisketbiscuit-7 karma

Why do gingers all seem to be annoying douchebags?

heinst8 karma

I've never heard or seemed to notice that before