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Mac Miller just psyched us out...


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Trevor. Thanks for making me laugh with your clips of Wonder Showzen.

I'm curious, in Wonder Showzen, how did they go about feeding you questions for the Beat Kids clips? Was it just an ear piece? Were you aware of how much of a smartass you were being at the time, or just repeating what you heard?

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Hello Mr. Webber. I am a democrat living in Albuquerque NM. I've followed your stances on various issues and find that I line up with you on many things. As a small business owner who moved his business and self to Albuquerque 2 years ago, the local economy is very important to me and my state of business. Though I have one very important question for you, Mr. Webber.

If elected into office, where does your priority stand on getting Albuquerque an In-N-Out burger?

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I'm not....just a New Mexican vegetarian with a passion for animal rights :-)

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Oh I like you. Keep up the hard work!