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CaptainCaucasian19 karma

When did you realize that Dude Perfect was no longer a hobby, but a job?

DudePerfect20 karma

3 years ago we quit our other jobs (couldn't keep up) & pursued it full time. Things blew up.

fuckswithducks13 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! In your video with the Dallas Stars, what was the inspiration to have Tyler Seguin try to score a goal with a rubber duck?

DudePerfect5 karma

haha walking through the aisle of Toys R Us & picking it out plus 20 other toys

connor1t2p13 karma

How has your faith helped you with everything you've done and how far you've come? As a Christian it inspires me to see how much of an influence Jesus is in your lives! God bless!

DudePerfect25 karma

it impacts almost every decision. Most people say go into business with friends and it doesn't work out. We're the exception cuz of our faith. Have a huge platform & love spreading the hope of Jesus


What did you guys study at Texas A&M University? Giggem Aggs 👍

Any campus stories would also be appreciated.

DudePerfect14 karma

Twins: Communications Garrett: Architecture Cody: Business Tyler: Wildlife & Fisheries

SyckGamer8 karma

When doing long/high shots off buildings and structures, what is your procedure? You obviously only show the one ball in your video, but do you bring a rack of them up?

DudePerfect11 karma

Camera man at the top & bottom. 2 rebounders. Someone to carry bags of ball back up top. Then the shooter. Like clockwork.

asharkey37 karma

Some real talk here. How many takes does it actually require for some of your stunts? I mean...I have a hard time believing you can throw a basketball off of whatever building and nail it first try lol.

Keep up the kick ass videos guys.

DudePerfect14 karma

10-15 minutes tops. World Record took 1.5 hours.

Zomgzor6 karma

Did Garrett help design the DPHQ2 with his architecture background?

DudePerfect9 karma

He did indeed. Ty helps fill it in with toys

IHateRunning225 karma

Hey Dude Perfect! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Will Coby ever win a battle?!

DudePerfect11 karma

NOPE -Cody One day! -Coby

Frentis4 karma

What's the one shot you just couldn't make work?

Also are you guys always so enthusiastic? I feel I need to lay down after I watched one of your videos, due to the high energy output in your videos.

Edit: how would you guys make a trick shot work with someone that's not too mobil, like Stephen Hawking? Thanks!

DudePerfect5 karma

haven't found one yet. We almost gave up on the Goodyear Blimp shot but came back out the next day & Garrett drilled it

Be_Mu4 karma

What's it like the take a tennis ball where the sun don't shine from Serena Williams?

DudePerfect9 karma

You know... It hurt. Hurt bad. Here's the behind the scenes incase you wanted to see the welt on my hamstring:

Whatnow813 karma

How many shots have you guys actually made on the first try like the blindfolded shot from the world records video?

DudePerfect9 karma

I think about 7. It's definitely RARE but most trick shots happen pretty quick.

Halestorm453653 karma

How do I get to be a part of your squad? I can aim things.... so aim much good

DudePerfect6 karma

If you were a roommate in 2009 at Texas A&M. (Time machine?)

bmayo473 karma

Who is your dream celebrity or athlete to work with?

DudePerfect16 karma

Cristiano Ronaldo. Steph Curry. Dirk. LeBron.

etjacobson33 karma

Hardest trick shot you guys have done?

DudePerfect8 karma

Worlds Biggest Sling Shot.

QGsnipes3 karma

Could any of you have gone pro at any of the different sports/ Played for A&M? or were you all just pretty good high school players?

DudePerfect8 karma

twins & cody won state championships in high school. Ty just about every sport in high school. Garrett was a lights out bball shooter. We're not good enough for the league lol

HyperactiveBolt3 karma

Twins- Are you sad that McInnis no longer exists? Remember getting schooled at the garbage basketball court in front of it?

DudePerfect5 karma

Mcinnis doesn't exist??

DudePerfect8 karma

Had no idea!! That place was super old though and I know for a fact that we never had a fire drill the entire time we lived there haha

connor1t2p3 karma

Asked this on the other thread but not sure if it was legit you so I'll as again.. What were your thoughts of England when you visited? (I'm from Manchester)

DudePerfect6 karma

It was awesome. We're big fans of fish and chips too. And our other answer on the other thread was legit too haha

codii233 karma

Howdy guys! Fellow Ag here. How did y'all get started in college? Did y'all just have a random idea to start shooting videos one day? Love the videos! Keep it up.

DudePerfect4 karma

pretty much. Filmed in the backyard & loaded it to youtube for fun. GIG'EM

Taytaybrown0772 karma

Cody how excited are you to have a little girl?! Will you guys ever do a video with your kids when they get older?

DudePerfect2 karma

SO STOKED! She'll be here any day. And most likely!

rac19982 karma

Have you guys thought of having a fantasy football league with some fans? Think it would be awesome. Love the videos btw. Keep up the great work!

DudePerfect8 karma

we always do a march madness group. Good idea on fantasy football

ryan18742 karma

Favourite athlete you've ever worked with?

DudePerfect4 karma

literally all of them have been incredible.

timmyt33332 karma

Huge fan from Massachusetts. A friend showed me a video a few years back and I've recently rediscovered and been a huge fan for about a year now. What can we expect to see from you guys in the future? Also, what will happen to DPHQ v1 when v2 is completed?

DudePerfect2 karma

Thanks for watching! We're hard at work on a whole bunch of stuff! Our tv show has been a blast so we're excited about making new episodes for that. We're already hard at work on some new iPhone game ideas. We're also pumped to keep working with great athletes and celebs on some upcoming projects!

And the DPHQ will be retired when DPHQ2 is operational! Onwards and upwards!

thecaveallegory2 karma

What has been the hardest part of making the transition from Youtube, to cable tv?

DudePerfect7 karma

It's a different pace. YouTube is all about lots of funny or exciting little moments. TV is more about telling a story. Both have been really fun but we're learning to treat them differently!

williamnylander392 karma

Did the DP team ever think that u guys would be this big?

DudePerfect10 karma

Absolutely not. God has blessed us in a big way and we definitely didn't expect this at all. Very grateful.

EtherealHarvest2 karma

So um, how about them world records? (that is really the best question i can come up with right now)

DudePerfect6 karma

pretty fun haha

BlizzardVortex2 karma

how far can you guys throw as hard as you can?

DudePerfect3 karma

Ty and Cody throw the farthest. Probably 60 yards.

brojan152 karma

Are you guys planning on doing any other stereotypes video soon?

DudePerfect4 karma

of course. we have a pretty solid list of the ones we want to do. any suggestions?

DudePerfect3 karma

Not sure about soon. Definitely have a growing list

Sam69772 karma

I have three questions for Dude Perfect.

Q1: How many world records have you guys as Dude Perfect broken?

Q2: What are some of the world records you guys have broken?

Q2: Where do you guys see yourself a in 10 years?

DudePerfect2 karma

  1. 14 i think 2. SO MANY 3. In the DPHQ 3 filming videos

BlizzardVortex2 karma

Who came up with the idea to go to TV Show?

DudePerfect8 karma

We had been approached about TV for about 4 years. Finally felt like it was a good time & found the right partner: Rob Dyrdek. It's definitely been a ton of fun

DudePerfect2 karma

team decision. we waited a long time to try it and have had a blast with it so far.

ryan18742 karma

What trickshot was the hardest to hit/did you feel most relieved after hitting?

DudePerfect5 karma

the boomstick is up there and Ty's reaction afterwards says it all (end of this video)

TheAnswer002 karma

Do you guys still get excited after all these years of hitting insane tricks, or has the magic worn off?

DudePerfect5 karma

We try and always think of new ideas so that keeps it fresh and exciting. Definitely love changing it up when we can

BlizzardVortex2 karma

Why does Ty always shoot the most in the trick shot vids and not Garrett and the Twins?

DudePerfect14 karma

just kinda the way it works. Tyler is more passionate about the trick shots & has a strong arm

SyckGamer2 karma

Oh a second one 😂 which shot took the longest to make? I feel like it's ones where two of you are doing it simultaneously

DudePerfect9 karma

Our original slingshot video 4 years ago! Oh my gosh that one was brutal!! VIDEO:

joec90002 karma

How many attempts/takes to perform a trick?

DudePerfect2 karma

not many.

SyckGamer2 karma

On really hard shots it seems like it's usually Ty making them. Do you guys take turns at all? I can only imagine how frustrated one can get missing so many in a row!

DudePerfect6 karma

We actually try not to take turns. It's hard to get in a rhythm that way. But every once in a while if we need to put the pressure on someone we threaten to take turns and pull in a reliever

adamwayne_gravytrain2 karma

Have there been any shots in the past that you've made on the first attempt?

DudePerfect3 karma

world's longest blindfolded shot

jobi1kenobe2 karma

are you guys good at actual sports? and if so what sports and what level?

DudePerfect7 karma

Yes. And above average. 3 of us won state in basketball in high school.

Jort05242 karma

If you weren't in Dude Perfect what would you be doing right now?

DudePerfect5 karma

Hmm... (Cody - Rodeo clown). (Ty - Whip master). (Twins - Working for Apple) (Garrett - designing buildings w/ his masters degree)

cooldude345122 karma

Your videos look like they take a lot of time to make. During an average week how long do y'all spend filming/planning your videos?

DudePerfect3 karma

each video takes about 1-2 days to film & only launch 2 videos a month. Quality > quantity. (aka We play a lot of golf).

Rohantipper2 karma

What is your golf handicap?

DudePerfect3 karma

Ty - 5 // G - 12 // Cody - 15 // Twins - 25+

6StringsAndABike2 karma

All of you guys seem so down to Earth. What makes you incredible dudes modest?

Btw been loving your vids for years now!

DudePerfect4 karma

love for jesus i guess. We're just scrubs that love having fun and making videos and people just started to enjoy them

Leshwee2 karma

Hey DP... The question everybody wants to get the answer to

Will Panda ever take his Head off?

DudePerfect3 karma

We we retire in 2050

No_H8_M82 karma

What do you plan on doing in the future after DudePerfect?

DudePerfect3 karma

More videos. (different kinds). TV Shows.

LilShpeeThatCould2 karma

What's the worst thing that happened during a recording of a video?

DudePerfect6 karma

we broke the back window of Ty's truck once

FearTheTooth2 karma

What video was the most fun for you guys to make?

DudePerfect3 karma

That 1st video (Backyard Edition) was still just the most fun & shocking for us in person bc no one knew trick shots could be done. Crazy to see how lame they are now but in the moment we were like: "OMG. TY JUST MADE A SHOT FROM THE ROOF OF A HOUSE"

KnoxHarrington302 karma

Do you have groupies?

DudePerfect6 karma

lol yeah

pdompier2 karma

hey guys! have you guys ever heard of spike ball? Its like a mix of foursquare and volleyball played on a mini trampoline! here is a link to a video of how to play it and here is some people playing it! its really awesome and fun to play and i hope you can incorporate it into your videos!!!!

DudePerfect2 karma


awesomeness2432 karma

You guys are fantastic, love the show. When you have a guest celebrity in a video, do you typically reach out to them, or have any come to you? Also, is the panda actually the Twins' secret triplet?

DudePerfect3 karma

sometime we reach out to them but most of the time their agent reaches out to us or a brand brings the relationship together.

UK_Dirty_Bird1 karma

Can you guys still really believe that you do this for a living? Also can us fans in the UK get to watch the DP show at any point?

DudePerfect8 karma

It's an absolute dream come true. Could not have dreamed up a better job. We're very fortunate