After years of chronic issues I finally went under the knife to fix my nose and sinuses. I had bilateral endoscopic surgery, reduction of interior turbinates, removal of concha bullosa and bone spurs, and some other reconstructive work done on the size and shape of my sinus cavities. Please feel free to ask any questions about the process- I know I had so many before hand!

Some proof: bones spurs removed

Surgery photos: before and after bone spurs, concha bullosa and -[restructuring]((

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ballinlikewat24 karma

What were the symptoms that led you to the surgery? I have had sinus issues all my life and have been seriously considering it.

GinLibrarian32 karma

I have chronic sinus infections. We're taking every 2 months or so. I also snore, and due to blocked airways get VERY little sleep, so the fatigue I was experiencing was out of control. My ENT also had me do allergy testing, which was part of the problem. But after having a CT scan he round 2 bone spurs and other blockages, which made surgery the best option.

Definitely talk to an ENT about surgery. It's been a rough 2 days, but I can ALREADY tell a difference with my breathing

blynn197514 karma

I had sinus surgery several years ago for chronic sinusitis. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I would do it again if necessary without hesitation. I felt better than my previous normal within 2-3 weeks. Breathing is awesome.

GinLibrarian6 karma

I'm so glad to hear this! Recovery has been rough, so it's great to know that it'll be better in the long run! Hurray for breathing!

ajford5 karma

How bad were the infections? I think I have chronic sinus problems. Constant sinus headaches, about twice a week to once every two weeks, and nasal congestion and colored phlegm about once a month. Seems like a mild cold, but no aches or fevers.

But I've never had good enough insurance to bother going to an ENT. I have just started a new job with good coverage (which kicks in July), and perhaps I should start scheduling to see an ENT.

GinLibrarian4 karma

I had the same sort of daily sinus issues you have. Then he infections on top, which feel like a really horrible head cold, and your brain being in a vice grip. His recovery hasn't been fun, but I'd do it all over again with even the slightest chance itll help my sinus problems.

You can always go see your GP and talk through your symptoms. They could recommend an ENT through your provider that may be more affordable. By I hope your new insurance will help! It's SO worth it.

Bigbadsuthy2 karma

Did you have headaches ?

GinLibrarian3 karma

I did! And one day post- op i already have relief. It's been wonderful.

burstaneurysm1 karma

I did a septoplasty, turbinate reduction, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy in one go.
It wasn't a particularly fun recovery, but well worth it.
I rarely snore anymore and everything is open enough that, while I still have the occasional allergy/congestion problem, it's never bad enough that I'm totally knocked on my ass.
First few days were tough, but it got better. Fatigue will be a definite thing you deal with for probably a couple weeks before you're back to normal.

GinLibrarian1 karma

Thanks for the encouragement! You're right- fatigue so far is really THe worst.

lifecraze18 karma

How are you anticipating the first time blowing your nose is going to be?

GinLibrarian43 karma

So this is gross- but it's going to be cussing amazing. I've had quite a bit of bleeding, and because I have splints in until Friday, I haven't messed with any of the dried blood in my nostrils. That first blow is going to rock me world.

97Chocoholic26 karma

The moment all the blood clots come out feels AMAZING! I had turbinate reduction, endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty in December. I was using the sinus wash in the shower when all of a sudden I had to sneeze. So I did and out shot blood and guts everywhere. My shower looked like a murder scene but dang my eyes rolled back and I had a mini orgasm the relief was so good!

GinLibrarian6 karma

Hahaha! I haven't had any big clots come out yet. Still waiting for that glorious moment.

I actually just spoke to my doctor bc I have heard from numerous people about doing sinus washes, but he hadn't put that on my home care instructions. He confirmed not to do it. But I was to SOOOO bad. I'm so clogged with dried crud. Did the sinus washes help you with that?

gsneezy3 karma

Hey I had a sinoplasty about a year ago. The blood clots lasted a lot longer than I anticipated, I think due to the dry climate I lived in. Anyway once I was allowed sinus washes, I found a squeeze bottle I could shoot through my sinuses Netti pot style at the drug store. What worked best though, was using a sort of reverse gargling type technique to keep the water in my nose. Basically run the water through til it comes out the other nostril, then tilt your head forward and inhale through your nose. If you do it slowly the water will just bubble in your sinuses. That's by far the best way to loosen everything up. I found the blood clots to be too massive and well attached to remove by traditional methods for weeks.

GinLibrarian2 karma

Wonderful advice!!! Thanks so much. The clots are driving me NUTS.

97Chocoholic2 karma

My surgery wasn't as intense as yours, since you had the bone spurs removed and stuff, mine was a very run of the mill surgery. I know that Mum can't because of how much work she had done, so that might be why your doc has advised against it. Do you have a time line before you get to blow your nose? I was told 2 weeks

GinLibrarian3 karma

Yep, same here, 2 weeks. Such a long wait! My doc suggested warms bath along with running my humidifier to help with getting stuff to slowly drain on its own.

kyleb3502 karma

Wait, what happens if you have to sneeze before then?

GinLibrarian1 karma

They said to make sure you sneeze through your mouth. Amazingly, I haven't sneezed yet. But I'll have to be extra diligent bc I'm def one of those people that holds sneezes in.

Ulti2 karma

What happens if you do accidentally sneeze, do you like... blow out all the stitching and just bleed your head dry? D:

GinLibrarian3 karma

I haven't sneezed yet, but it feels like if I did a whole lot of bloody gunk would come out and yeah, I may bleed my head dry. I have no stitches, but I do have splints inside my nose, so I'd be nervous and them moving if I sneezed.

iSo_Cold24 karma

How many of the blood clot boogers are you planning on tasting/eating?

GinLibrarian43 karma


sensetalk2 karma

I have had surgery twice, once for simple deviated septum and again for polyps and clean out 10 years later....holy shit, the best thing that has ever happened to me

GinLibrarian1 karma

I can't wait to feel the full effects! But even day 2 post-op I can feel the difference!

Bigbadsuthy2 karma

Hey so I get headaches regularly doctors think this is whats wrong gonna get a CT scan thenhopfully they figure it out ... Did you have headaches?

GinLibrarian6 karma

I did!! Constant, day and night headaches. That, along with fatigue from restless sleep (couldn't breath well), were the two main reasons I decided on surgery. And no lie- one day post-op and I'm headache free.

Def get the CT scan! Takes 5 mins tops and will help the docs know what's going on. Here's mine where you can see how deviated my septum was in the middle. But also- that white square in my nostril is the bone spur, which is one of the main reasons I have chronic headaches too.

rosickness122 karma

Did you break your nose at some point? Before the surgery did you always feel like not enough air was going up your nose as if something was there blocking it? I feel this and always thought it was small nostrils.

GinLibrarian1 karma

I don't have any memories of breaking my nose, but I played competitive soccer for many years and it's possible I may have been whacked in the head enough to cause some of these problems. And yes- my entire left nostril let NO air in.

If you feel like you aren't getting enough air, def chat with an ENT. it took a quick CT scan to see that bone spurs were what was blocking my breathing.

PinkUnicornPrincess1 karma

This sheds so much light on things! Thanks for posting this. I have sinus issues and am over it and this helps understand potential root causes! (Swelling and structural)

GinLibrarian1 karma

Thanks, I'm so glad. I had so many questions about everything before hand as well, so I hoped this might be of some help to people considering the surgery in the future!

guinnesssynd1 karma

I had something similar done a couple of years ago. My dr had me use a Neti pot after. Fucking amazing

GinLibrarian1 karma

My doctor didn't have sinus rinsing on my home care sheet, but I'm DYING to do it anyways. I bet it's amazing!

runyoudown1 karma

is going to rock me world

In my head I pictured you being Irish and cursing that it feels so good.

GinLibrarian1 karma

Hahaha! I'm a run of the mill American white girl, who apparently is struggling to spell, all hopped up on pain pills. But just for you, when I blow that first time, I'll do an Irish jig.

Oquela309 karma

Have you considered using cpap or bipap to help with your difficult breathing at night?

GinLibrarian9 karma

It's absolutely something my doctor and I will discuss in the future. Because he was able to find some serious blockages that could be (and needed to be) removed, he wanted to do surgery first and hen take it from there. But yes, I foresee also probably needing some sleep intervention in the future as well.

Oquela302 karma

I guess its better to hold off until your surgery site heals, the increased pressures in your nose could actually cause trauma, causing you to bleed. Best of luck

GinLibrarian2 karma

Thanks so much!

Draymond_Purple7 karma

Are you still able to do blow?

GinLibrarian5 karma

All the better now, I have so much more nostril to suck that shit up with.

thedracle5 karma

There is a surgery that inflates small bags of air in the sinus cavities.

I'm in the same boat you are, except my doctor did not suggest surgery.

However my sinuses are always inflamed despite treatment with multiple medications.

The only thing I've found that helps is basically sleeping under a humidifier.

Why did you opt for the full on surgery instead of trying less invasive surgeries?

How is the recovery? Do you feel yourself having less secondary effects like anxiety?

GinLibrarian2 karma

I'm not positive, but I believe the balloon surgery is just for enlarging sinus cavities that are too small. I had the more invasive one done because they needed to remove the bone spurs and concha bullosa, and the structural issues that were corrected were boney and had to be drilled away.

I'm so sorry you have similar issues. Its a real pain in the ass. Humidifiers helped me a lot as well, and also doing saline rinses every other day. But the breathing issues really could only be fixed with surgery.

Recovery has been pretty tough. I struggled quite a bit immediately post- op with breathing and pain, so I ended up having to stay at the hospital longer than expected. Today I'm just super fatigued, still a bit bloody, and very sore. It literally feels like someone punched me in the nose. Haha! Plus my nostrils are full of crap, so I can only breath out of my mouth with is pretty uncomfortable. I have packing and splints taken out at the end of the week and that will do wonders with breathing and pressure!

And yes- my anxiety in just the last 2 days has decreased significantly. It's amazing actually.

thedracle2 karma

They gave me this anti-inflammatory that made me feel like a normal human being for about a week- but it was only temporary.

Everything else just doesn't seem to do anything at all.

Honestly I wish they'd had found something more serious in the scans so I could just get it over with. The anxiety is the worst part of it- it's great to hear that it alleviates that quickly after surgery.

The recovery sounds like a friggen nightmare though.

GinLibrarian2 karma

Recovery is NOT fun. But worth it.

I'm so sorry your anxiety is an issue. I've totally been there and it's just exhausting. I hope you can find some relief soon!

hellaasballs5 karma

How long did it take?

GinLibrarian7 karma

The surgery itself was around 2 hrs. Then I spent about 4 in recovery, which is a bit longer than usual. I was having trouble getting my breathing back under control, and the pain was unbearable to I was given morphine which both meant staying at the hospital longer than hey had expected (originally I was told 2 hours in recovery).

hellaasballs2 karma

Wow, they really got busy to get all that done in 2 hours!

GinLibrarian4 karma

Right?! My doctor said he has it down to a fine art. I was wheeled into surgery around 8:30 am, and he had already done TWO kids' tonsillectomies before hand.

Srirachafarian4 karma

Hey there fellow sinus sufferer! Last year I had a a balloon sinuplasty that ended up including a septoplasty because my septum was too s-shaped and they couldn't fit the balloon in past it. Upshot is that the recovery was WAY harder than they told me it would be.

After the swelling went down, I took a big breath through my nose, and I COULD FEEL AIR MOVING AROUND IN MY FOREHEAD. It was incredible.

I'm mostly just chiming in for solidarity, but I do want to ask: other than this AMA, how are you keeping yourself entertained? And (relatedly), what are you on right now?

GinLibrarian3 karma

Sinus suffered band together!!

I can't wait to be able to take a breath like that. I can only imagine how wonderful it was. How has surgery effected other things, like your sleep?

I've been resting quite a bit and also reading. I'm into this new author named Charlton Mellick, who writes the weirdest shit. The title of my current book of his is "My Haunted Vagina". It's made for some hilarious side-eyes from my mother who is staying with me while I recover.

They gave me tramdol for pain, which isn't the best, but I'm allergic to most others so I'll take what I can get!!

Srirachafarian2 karma

How has surgery effected other things, like your sleep?

Honestly, the only reason I knew I was having sleep problems is because my wife told me. Apparently I had some serious apnea going on but no memory of my wake-ups. I always attributed my sleepiness to the fact that I stay up till 2 playing video games a lot--which hasn't changed.

Also, they gave me hydrocodone, which gave me moderate pain relief but extreme loopiness to the point where I couldn't even read. I stopped taking it after about 36 hours.

Anyway, good luck with your recovery! Get some rest!

GinLibrarian1 karma

Thanks so much! Back to bed (or chair, bc I have to sleep sitting up, haha) I go!

NinjaBullets3 karma

Does this fix a snoring problem?

GinLibrarian7 karma

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'm certainly Hoping it'll help my problem! But I won't really know until all the packing and splints are out of my nose and I can breath regularly. My mom has been staying with me post surgery and she said she can here me snore a little- but already it's like 90% better

NinjaBullets2 karma

Very cool. Wish you a speedy recovery!

GinLibrarian2 karma

Thanks so much!

bricbasher3 karma

So quick question. I've had sinus related issues for years and have had the balloon type surgery twice with no relief. I have frequent sinusitis or always keep it. I also have ridiculously bad headaches brought on by pressure changes with the weather. My question is, did you have bad headaches before the surgery and if so are they gone now?

GinLibrarian4 karma

Yes and YES. Thats been the most immediate change. I had constant sinus headaches, and even only one day post- op....nothing. Truly a miracle.

meridon1 karma

OH GOD. This gives me so much hope. I suffer from HORRID sinus headaches frequently (the past 2 months have been hell because the damn weather can't make up its mind!!). Now I'm going to find a good ENT to go to and talk to them about this.

GinLibrarian1 karma

I'm so glad this helped! Good luck and hope you find relief soon!!

Elmrada3 karma

Did you suffer from sinusitis like clockwork every year with your allergies? My boyfriend gets sinusitis twice a year at the same time. Would a surgery like this correct that?

GinLibrarian3 karma

I did! I would get sinusitis every two months or so. Sinus surgery really works to either enlarge, or create passages ways for stuff to drain. So absolutely it should help. The way my doc explained it to me was- the infections just had so where to drain, so that's why I was getting them for so long and so frequent.

Def have your boyfriend speak to an ENT. Even if surgery doesn't end up being the best option for him, they can give some tips to ease his chances of infection. Also tell him to get allergy tested if he hasn't been already. Treating allergies can also help with the frequency of sinusitis.

Elmrada1 karma

Thanks for your reply! I am going to talk him into it. He absolutely abhors doctors, but if it could relieve some symptoms it would be lovely. He suffers for nearly half a month, the only way I can help him is by boiling water to let the steam clear his sinuses! Thanks so much and congrats on reaching comfort with your sinuses!

GinLibrarian2 karma

Thanks so much!!

If he had more questions tell him he's more that welcome to reach out to me. I know doctors suck, and the recovery hadn't been fun, but it's truly a life changing experience, esp if he is getting chronically sick like that.

LucrativeLlama3 karma

Are you in the U.S.? If you are, I would be curious about approximate cost of the procedures.

I've always been curious about turbinate reduction since I tend to have a lot of sinus pain most of the year.

GinLibrarian5 karma

I am in the US. My insurance covered it all, including the ore-surgery scope, CT scan and allergy testing. I'm very lucky to have great insurance as a state employee. I'm not sure what the actual cost of everything was, but if you'd like I can make a note to update this comment when I find out.

JDre3 karma

Have you heard of Empty Nose Syndrome, and were you worried at all?

GinLibrarian1 karma

I had just a few days prior to the surgery. Normally I'm a total worry wart, but for some reason I wasn't too concerned.

97Chocoholic3 karma

How much medication have you needed post-op? I went under for a turbinate reduction, endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty in December and all I needed was 3 mg morphine when I woke up and paracetamol/codeine on day 4 when the brushing came out. I had little to no pain for most of mine, unlike you from the sounds of it (sounds like lots of fun...). My mother one the other hand had a brain fluid leak when the surgeon busted through the membrane and she needed oxycodone for a week or so (she needed a fat graph and had a turbinate reduction, septoplasty, sinuses drained and then the passages widened and scraped out). How is your pain management post-op?

GinLibrarian2 karma

I had morphine about an hour post-op yesterday at the hospital because I was nearly delirious with pain. At home now I'm taking tramdol, every 4 hrs. The pain isn't TERRIBLE, but it's definitely sore, and I'm mostly keeping up with the meds to help rest. I expect to not need it after tomorrow or Thursday.

What was the brushing like? I have that in Friday.

Oh my gosh- your poor mother!! That sounds miserable.

oppoh2 karma

Are those Doritos in the picture?

GinLibrarian8 karma

Yep. My doc was so shocked when he found Doritos in my nose. I made him take photographic evidence.

sea-change1 karma

How long were they there? And why/how?

GinLibrarian4 karma

Not sure how long, but my ENT said they grew off of my deviated septum. I used to be a competitive soccer player, and was whacked in the head more times to count, but I don't have any memorable nose injuries. So it must had just been a fluke. I asked to keep them, but he wouldn't let me. That asshole.

htran41792 karma

I've been considering doing this as well, how long will it take you to fully recover? Like go back to your normal routine? I work most of the week and when I don't I go to school so I'm hesitant because of losing too much time.

And from one sinus sufferer to another, did you ever have the issue of only being able to breathe through one nostril? Either I'm completely blocked up or I can breathe through one and it feels really weird.

GinLibrarian1 karma

Depending on the type of surgery you get, as well has how much work they do, it could be 1-3 weeks recovery. I took 2 full weeks off work and expect to not do much physically until AT LEAST mid- next week. You'll just feel very sore and tired, and movement will cause yucky drainage the first few days. Also, you'll absolutely need someone to stay with you/ help post-op. My mom has been with me and has been amazing, even setting her alarm every two house day and night to make sure I'm keeping up on pain meds.

And yes! My left nostril was COMPLETELY useless. If I plugged my right nostril, I would have no way of breathing through my nose. I'm cry stopped up currently, but with the internal splints in my nose I can already breath through my left nostril. It's honestly an amazing feeling.

qwell1 karma

I get to drive two hours away on Friday to see my ENT about having a third nasal surgery.

  1. Septoplasty + turbinate reduction (cautery on inferior turbinates)
  2. Turbinate reduction (internal reduction of middle/inferior tubrinates) + uvulectomy (it was over 3" long) + polyp removal
  3. Turbinate reduction (snipping superior turbinate)

So, to the question! Where were your bone spurs? Did they show you the CT? How much did they contribute to the issue?

GinLibrarian1 karma

My goodness! So sorry you ha e to keep going back for work done. I'm sure that's frustrating.

I'm pretty sure my bone spurs were a highly high percentage of why I couldn't breath. In my CT scan, one takes up nearly my entire left nostral- you can see it there, the large white box in left left Nostral.

autumnology1 karma

Has it affected your sense of smell?

GinLibrarian2 karma

Not entirely sure yet because I'm still packed and splinted. I get all that taken out on Friday and can update you then!

Zhaltan1 karma

Wow this is actually incredibly relevant to me. Within the next week or so too will be going under the knife for a sinus and nose surgery. It was mainly trauma related however. I have to have my turbinates restricted, my deviated septum is getting fixed, and a plastic surgeon comes in after to do some reconstruction work on my nose valve. Give me all the juicy deats, was it more painful than you anticipated when you came to? How bad was the discomfort post-op? And what pre-op things should I be aware of that took you by surprise?

GinLibrarian1 karma

Ok- well truthfully- immediately post-op was TERRIBLE. Nausea and extreme pain. I remember it hurting, but my mom said I was writhing in pain. Thankfully she was able to wrangle a post-op nurse who gave me some morphine. I'd never had morphine before, and Jesus, I can totally understand why people get addicted. It was instant relief.

After coming home, I've just been very sore and tired. It's almost more uncomfortable than painful- because depending on what they do, they make pack your sinuses or put splints in (I have both) and it's just annoying. Sleep is tough, but I have a really comfy chair that I've made my bed so I can stay upright. You'll also have quite a bit of drainage- so make sure you're wearing comfy clothes the day of surgery and the few after, so you don't get blood on things.

The only thing that took me by surprise was how much help I needed. I'm single and live alone, and am quite independent. So I figured my mom would stay the night before with to get me to the hospital for my early surgery, then stay one night with me. But she's going to stay longer because yo really can't do shit. Even standing up or moving around makes my nose bleed. And the congestion makes you pretty winded.

But- all that said- it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, honestly. Good luck with your surgery!! Hope it goes well. And remember- just try to rest as much as possible!

HereticBG1 karma

Did you ever try OTC meds for the sinus infections out of curiosity? I have some cysts in my sinuses that make me get sinus infections once every few months like you but I've been taking Allegra/fexofenadine daily and I maybe get one once a year now. I'll probably have to get surgery eventually but it's a pretty good quick/cheap fix for now.

GinLibrarian3 karma

I did! I also took daily sinus control medicine, but when my main issues was bone growth and concha bullosa that made drainage impossible, even with antibiotics and OTC meds.

picattaofchicken1 karma

I have sinus problems all the time and get sinus infections every few months. Did you (or anyone else on here) ever get that sinus pressure when laying down where you feel like you are drowning? It's hard to explain, but when I am laying down I sometimes get this weird pressure in my sinuses that feels like I'm drowning and can't move. I've told my doctor about it and they said it just sounds like my sinuses have too much crap up there and can't drain. I started taking Mucinex D every night and it stops it.

GinLibrarian1 karma

Yes!!!! Sinus pressure can do some really strange and uncomfortable things. Mucinex can work some real wonders with that!

idog991 karma

Hey! Great post and information.

I will be seeing my ENT this summer and considering possible surgery. My issue is that I can't breath through my nose when supine. My snoring is ridiculous and i want to sleep with my wife again... my sinuses are always blocked and have been for as long as I can remember.

Is the surgery worth it? I'm in Canada, with a good work plan, so no cost. But would you do it again if you knew then what you know now?

Is the relief worth it?

Lastly, how long will you be off work? I have an option at work for administration duties while I recover. What should I bank on?

GinLibrarian1 karma

It's only one-day post op, and I can already say it's 100% worth it. Recovery is tough, but it's more discomfort than pain because you nose is full of junk and sleeping is hard. I just keep reminding myself that there's an end in the near future. I also struggled with breathing, and even with my nose picked and splinted, holy crap, my breathing is already better!! I'd do it all again in a heart beat.

I took 2 weeks off of work, which is probably a bit much. However, surgery was yesterday and my post-op with packing and splint removal isn't until Friday, so I def couldn't go back this week. I took the extra week really to rest. I've gone so long with such shit sleep due to all my chronic sinus issues, that I wanted to have an extra week to sleep for the first time in ages. Haha! But I would bank on AT LEAST a week, longer depending on what they do and how you feel.

waynster1 karma

I'm trying to get sinus surgery and throat surgery for my chronic apnea/snoring. My ENT specialist took one look and suggested that's what I needed (CPAP no good). Couple of questions:

  1. I guess you had no issue due to the sinus problems. Apart from avio-sinusitus and a runny nose a lot my Insurance company keep pushing it back such as tests and so on. Any hints to help me get this critical surgery?

  2. How much time in hospital and recovery time are you expecting?

  3. How bad is the pain?

Hoping I will get mine soon - god I would love a good nights sleep

GinLibrarian1 karma

1.) I thankfully didn't have any issue at all with insurance, but you do have to jump through quite a few hoops. You'll need a nasel scope (done by an ENT) and a CT scan most likely. Perhaps i would have had more pushback from insurance if things weren't so obvious from the scope and CT. But I'm not too sure. I would just REALLY push your ENT to note that your symptoms cannot be treated with anything other than surgery. Esp if you've been trying other methods and they've failed.

2.) surgery was 2 hours and recovery should have been about 2. I had a few complications that extended my stay yesterday, by the general time frame is 2 hours. They just want to get you to the point where you can stand and walk post-anesthesia. I took 2 full weeks off of work, one def necissary bc my post- op appointment isn't until Friday, and the another week just to rest. But I'm sure that's a bit on the long side at home compared to how much time other people take.

3.) the pain immediately post- op was HORRIBLE. But they pumped me full of morphine and I instantly felt better. I kept telling my mom "I feel deceptively good", haha. Now I'm on tramdol, and the pain is manageable. Mostly just sore and uncomfortable from packing and splints. The way I'd describe it is if you've ever been hit or smarted in the nose. That's what it feels like.

Hope this helps! Good luck to you and I hope you get some relief and sleep!

SweetAndLowenstein1 karma

My wife is going in for sinus surgery next Thursday. She is having second thoughts about it. Like "Have I exhausted all my options? Di I get enough opinions?" (She got 3 opinions). Did you have any feelings of cold feet?

Also, any words of advice to significant others on what we can do to help?

GinLibrarian1 karma

Totally had cold feet like 20 mins before being wheeled back. But I just kept reminding myself that a few days of pain/discomfort could potentially change my life as far as consistent sickness, headaches, lack of sleep, etc. feel free to have her PM me of she needs some encouragement. But being nervous is TOTALLY normal. And it'll be worth it, I promise.

As for help- the first few days post- op, she may feel decent, but she really needs to avoid bending down, lifting things, etc. so just try to be as helpful as possible with keeping her upright. Also- she'll need to sleep sitting up- so make sure she has a cozy chair ready right away when she gets home from surgery. My mom has been staying with me and prepped that all the night before. So all she had to do was walk me in my house and get me seated and comfortable. The main thing will just be reminding her to take it easy. My mom keeps getting on my case to just fucking relax and let her do stuff. And each time I try to do something on my own, bleeding starts or I feel dizzy, etc. so having someone there to kinda take the lead and force her to relax will important.

Good luck to her- and you! Hope her surgery goes well.

NYMetFan2471 karma

ironic this is going on right now as I have a doctor's appointment today to find out what is wrong with me. I believe it is something similar to this. I keep feeling lightheaded, getting headaches, can't sleep through the night ever, apparently i breathe really loud when I sleep, I gag really easily, and i keep getting sinus infections. What were you symptoms like?

GinLibrarian2 karma

Almost identical!! Hope your doctor apt goes well and you can get the ball rolling on some relief. He/she will probably do a scope today and schedule you for a CT scan in the future.

NYMetFan2471 karma

thanks i feel reassured i'm not the only one going through this! hope your healing goes quick!

GinLibrarian1 karma

Thanks so much!!

liesthroughhisteeth1 karma

Why is there not a banana in these pics for scale? These pics are damned near useless.

GinLibrarian5 karma

So, no lie, the doctor sent those photos to my mom when I was out of surgery. I don't remember this (anesthesia/morphine haze), but my mom showed them to me. And I guess I said, "who am I supposed to know the scale without a banana?" My mom thought it was some sort of hilarious drugged up comment.

Killa2dahead1 karma

What is that title picture of?

GinLibrarian2 karma

Not sure what pic you're referring to- but I posted pictures of the actual bone spurs taken out, and then some before and after of my nasal passage ways

DakkaDakka241 karma

I have fairly persistent sinus issues, and I snore like a motherfucker. How did they first come to think that your sinuses were physically out of whack?

GinLibrarian1 karma

Mainly it was my chronic infections. For the last 2-3 years I was getting sinus infections every other month. So that's really what lit the fire under my ass to have it checked out. I've also struggled with breathing and getting a good nights rest, and all that became obvious sinus issues after the scope and CT scan showed how deviated my septum was, narrow my sinus cavities were, and then the existence of bone spurs.

stupid_medic1 karma

How long were you seeing your ENT before the decision for surgery was made? Did you try different remedies first(nasal spray etc.)? if so, which ones?

I ask because I just started to see an ENT(only have had one appt. so far) for my deviated septum and nasal polyps. I can only breath out of my left nostril and it feels like I'm breathing out of a straw, it's been like this for nearly a year and is just getting worse. I'm thinking about just bringing up surgery at my next visit but I don't want to step on the doctor's toes.

GinLibrarian1 karma

I saw the ENT the first time about a year ago, and spent one full year staying vey diligent with OTC remedies and life style changes. When that still didn't help I went back at the end of May. From there, I had a scope, CT scan, allergy testing, and a few pre-op appointments (one with my GP, one with the hospital and the final with my anesthesiologist). So, from start to finish when we decided we were going to do surgery it was about 2 months.

meridon1 karma

I just wanna say this whole thread makes me want to have this done even more than I already do. I've had horrible allergies and sinus issues all my life, including polyps. I'm strongly considering having this done in the next year or so (now that I have MUCH better insurance).

So, my question: how long did the whole surgery take and how long is the typical recovery time (if there is a "typical" one, as I assume it'll vary between scenarios)?

GinLibrarian2 karma

I feel ya- sinus and allergy issues are just such a pain, and can really negotively impact your life in ways non-sufferers can never understand.

The surgery was 2 hours. In hospital recovery was listed for another 2, but I had a few complications and stayed a bit longer. Even so, all in all, I think I was in and out from 6am until 2pm in the afternoon yesterday.

Recovery time totally depends, but I think the average is 1-2 weeks of non-strenuous behavior. And a few more weeks after that avoiding exercise and the such. I have enough time to take 2 weeks off of work, so I'm just going to relax and binge watch Netflix :)

Joshtheatheist1 karma

Are you gonna keep those wet Dorito looking things? Maybe like in a jar or something?

GinLibrarian1 karma

I asked the doctor if I could! But he said no. What an asshole. He did agree to take that pic of the Doritos (bone spurs) for me, which I guess is consolation enough. Sigh.