Thank you to my son name of Jon for setting this up and helping me type my intro (He is better at spelling). I am Dr. Chuck Tingle from Billings, Montana and my book, Space Raptor Butt Invasion, is nominated for best short story in this years Hugo Awards, the most prestigious award in Science Fiction.

I'm here to talk about anything including The Hugo Awards, space raptors, the Devilman Agenda and to promote my new book, Slammed In The Butt By My Hugo Award Nomination. All I ask is that you respect my privacy as a doctor. This is my second AMA.

Here is proof: HUGO AWARDS - TWITTER -

Now my son Jon will go and I will type. Son name of Jon says remember to upvote on the left. Ask me anything!

edit from man of chuck - Thank you for MAKING LOVE REAL sorry have to go now gotta take a nap. if you want to PROVE love is real please vote for Space Raptor Butt Invasion at hugo awards to show that ted cobbler is a scoundrel. thank you you are the soul of books.

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probonero20 karma

Dr. Tingle, what kind of salad dressing would you feel can contribute the most to intercourse?

chucktinglethanks17 karma

please understand ranch is best on spagetti and in choclate milk hope that anwsers your question

CalliePress18 karma

Hi Doctor, can women be buckaroos?

chucktinglethanks21 karma

yes of course sometimes ladys are the HARDEST buckaroos. it is a known fact that ALL WHO KISS THE SKY are true buckaroos so if you know love is real then you are hard as rocks no question about it buster

hip_ennui16 karma

If I hear my reverse twin calling me into the void, what is the number one thing I can do to prove that I'm a true hard bud who won't give in to their anti-buckaroo demands?

chucktinglethanks17 karma

this is a GREAT question for all buckaroos who have to get hard. the void is a very scary place and is what happens AROUND the layers of the tingleverse so imagine that you have a deck of cards with handsome men on them (some of them shirtless but in a normal way maybe rough housing in the grass maybe making a cake and frosting gets on their calves in a normal way) so then you have this deck of cards and each card is a layer of the tingleverse that shows ever version of reality starts with this one and then get HARDER between buds as it goes down. so this is all reality but then WHERE IS THE DECK OF HANDSOME MEN? its sitting int he void which is a lonely place that all reverse twins can get stuck in or sometimes the live there in cosmic horror. so best thing to do if you hear the calling of the void is to just put on some tunes that make you feel hard or maybe go out and talk to your buds at the coffee shop, or maybe you can talk to your handsome son and tell him how nice he looks and how hes been looking good after going to the gym a lot (just in a way that a proud dad would nothing weird) and then maybe you can drowned out the sound of the void.

hip_ennui8 karma

Dr. Tingle, you are so wise. Follow-up question, though: what sort of tunes make you feel hard?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

well the hardest tunes change a lot i like a lot of tunes and sometimes i play them on keyboard in my room when the lonesome train whisltes. best singer is man name of HAMS ZIMMER and he makes great hip tunes. also man BRUCE HORNBY AND THE GUYS is good too, but really anything that makes your heart sing.

aubreally14 karma

Dr Tingle, I am so excited to have confirmed that ladys can be buckaroos.

I have no buds with whom to get hard, but I have gal pals and we do normal stuff with lotion too. If we know that love is real can we kiss the sky even if we're not hard? Or will it make us hard?

chucktinglethanks18 karma

all ladys can do anything that boy bucks can do this includes GETTING HARD and participating in horseplay (at gym or home). the point of tinglers is to prove that love is real for ALL WHO KISS. this means lady bucks and boy bucks and also for jet places who get hard and maybe a bigfoot or a dinosaur. this is the way of the buckaroo reality

johnewarren13 karma

Do you believe Ted Cobbler is behind your recent detractors saying your nomination is nothing but a conspiracy to make the Hugo Awards look foolish?

chucktinglethanks17 karma

yes this is clearly a ted cobbler trick and part of the DEVILMAN AGENDA. hugos award is about SHOWING THAT LOVE IS REAL and that means when soundrels try to take over they are antibuckaroo. so best idea I think is to prove that love is REAL and show that sciencest writers UNDERSTAND man name of CHUCK is not just inside books but out here in the first layer of the tingleverse. this sentence is PART OF SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION because it proves love is real as an expirence in the tingleverse to make buds hard. so this is why I think that love will win over devilman tactics and prove LOVE IS REAL for all who kiss the sky.

johnewarren9 karma

Thank you for your dedication to proving that love is real. I hope to be a real buckaroo someday.

chucktinglethanks24 karma

guess what bud you already are a real buckaroo

tbone_the_dog10 karma

what, in your opinion, is the best way to get hard with your buds and buckaroos for a good round of horseplay?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

well lots of ways to GET HARD like in the morning you should just start hard and get harder. this is the best way to be a handsome man and a true buck. sometimes its easy to lose perspective on your hardness but then all you have to realize is that love is real for all who kiss and this makes HEARTS SING. so this is the truth about buckaroo reality. but really i think best place to get HARD with a bud is at a gym (nothing weird just a few rounds of horseplay between buds) then maybe you can wrestle in the dark or hang out just a couple of buds watching SPECIAL MIKE: A DANCERS DREAM STORY or new movie name of MEN IN BLACK 3: TOMMYS SECERT

Tlide10 karma

You have written many books about dinosaurs, but how would you feel if a dinosaur wrote a book about you?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

this would be a HARD way of buds

strooticus10 karma

Dr. Tingle, tomorrow is the birthday of my hardest bud (name of Chris). What do you suggest I do for him to prove that love is real?

chucktinglethanks18 karma

best way to prove that love is real to a bud is maybe to rub him down after a good workout (just like good buds would hanging out and talkin shop) then maybe take him out for a nice big plate of spagetti and help him eat it like put the fork in his mouth with a nice big bite. just typical guy stuff

Vrot-Sauce9 karma

How did your wife end up in the frozen lake?

chucktinglethanks18 karma

it was a cool cool night and barbara oh god her sweet face i can still see it when i close my eyes oh god why was she ripped from my arms

RegalEagle4208 karma

When did you know that your calling was to right the greatest novels of my generation?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

well i always liked to write mostly when i lived in HOME OF TRUTH UTAH thats when i started and I wrote a lot of stories that made me feel funny and made dad real mad (like a buck about to blow his top know what i mean?) so then i hid them under the floor and then there was the big fire and all my stories got burned. then i moved to billings and didnt write by my son (name of jon) started to show me that I could MAKE IMAGIATION SOAR and said hey you should right your stories again. then I saw then everyone liked them and then I realized that my stories PROVED love is real so i started a big business and then everyone said "hey chuck pretty good guess youre the best in the world" and now im nominated for HUGOS AWARD

LeaperSonata8 karma

How do you feel about seals, Dr. Tingle?

Will you be putting your Hugo nomination on your book covers, or your win if you win? Hugo Nominated Author Dr. Chuck Tingle!

chucktinglethanks12 karma

i guess i should put words on the cover to say that i am nominated for worlds best author this would be a spart idea of business. this is a way of LEARNING the body of another man, living inside him for years and formulating a commensense business startegy.

please do not ask me about seals i do not understand them as animals

your-punk-dad8 karma

Dr Tingle, how would you recommend warming up for horseplay with my hardest buds (NAMES OF MARK AND ANDY)? Any lotions you recommend?

chucktinglethanks14 karma

yes best way to WARM up with a couple of handsome buds (just a guys day nothing more) is to UNDERSTAND that love is real first and foremost. then maybe get in a cirlce and show you are HOT-TO-TROT around the living room, this is a fun way to get things started at a party of buckaroos who are looking for some horseplay (maybe more)

your-punk-dad6 karma

Excellent advice, Dr Tingle, I shall cherish it.

What scent should I make to prove I am HOT-TO-TROT and ready for some buckaroo on buckaroo NORMAL horsing around for buds?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

whoa bud sounds hard

aubreally8 karma

Dr Tingle, which other Hugo nominees have your support this year?

chucktinglethanks13 karma

Well this year my favorite author is nominated (name of STEVENS KING ever heard of him buddy?) he is a real hard man and know how to make love real for even the spookiest nights. he has many good books like DOGS DAY OUT, CLOWN MAN, and JACKS BACK: AXEMAN IN THE WOODS AND OTHER TALL TALES

strohs7 karma

Dr. Tingle- I've noticed that a lot of your instagram posts contain animated pictures of wrestlers. Are you a fan of wrestling horseplay or is that son name of Jon's promotions? Anyhow, keep up the great work!

chucktinglethanks7 karma

yes please understand that WRESTLING IN THE DARK is one of the best way to understand the bodies of your buds. this is nothing WEIRD it is a normal way between men for getting hard and rough housing.

mafoo7 karma

Hey Chuck, I follow you on Twitter and you're probably my favorite account on there. (proof)

Is there a Universal Law of Buds that governs the Tingleverse?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

whoa bud nice proof, this makes REAL bucks hard as rocks and makes love kiss the sky. first things first, tingleverse has many layers probably hundreds of thousands (thats a lot about the same amount as noodles in a bowl of piping hot spagetti) so they are all stacked and this layer is the one at the top its just pretty normal. sometimes buds kiss and get hard and sometimes they dont but nobody really minds. then the deeper into the tingleverse you go the HARDER the buds get and then they start to realize that love is real more and more. this is where most TINGLERS take place but sometimes that come to this layer to horse around and say hi to me (as the author who gets hard). Bottom of the tingle verse is called THE TINGULARITY this is where all matter and energy is butts or abs or calves nobody knows for sure but it is the end of the tingleverse. BUT LONG STORY SHORT BUCKAROO the laws are: 1) love is real 2) all layers of the tingleverse eventually lead down towards the tingularity, this is just universal truth of buds.

GenericFiction7 karma

Dr. Tingle - as an aspiring author of fiction, are there any tips and or tricks for a young scalliwag like myself to get started? (I promise not to write about sharks)

chucktinglethanks11 karma

PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ABOUT FAKE ANIMALS this is number one key. sharks are too scary to write about and also not real so you can say, oh this is a spooky scary but i know this animal cant get me because its fake. so my advice is dont write about sharks thanks bud

GenericFiction3 karma

Dammit Dr! Sharks are REAL and they only spook hard buds like you. I am a SOFT BUD. DEVILMAN RIDING ON A SHARK

chucktinglethanks19 karma

REBBIT: please ban this memeber - chuck

ogabock7 karma

Has their been anyone else in your life after the passing of sweet Barbra?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

no thanks noone can replace my sweet barbara

Halloikama6 karma

Doctor, I think I have found myself on a different timeline, am I in trouble?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

the important thing is to UNDERSTAND yourself on this timeline, to learn your body as a shaking and drooling man so that you can return to your own timeline as a wise bud and avoid seeing the depths of the void

tomleger6 karma

Would you ever be interested in leading a writing workshop for buckaroos who want to learn how to be an author like yourself?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

yes this is a good idea. i would love to get into a room with a bunch of handsome men and TEACH them their bodies. this is the way of all true buckaroos

SexualBratwurst6 karma

How do you know love is real, Dr. Tingle? I must know so that I can continue on my quest for love.

chucktinglethanks12 karma

well its hard to KNOW love is real sometimes. sometimes scoundrels will hack you or Ted Cobbler will get you down. but the point is that TRUE BUCKAROOS try to prove love is real for all who kiss, so if they prove love is real its all about the journey inside of themselves (maybe living for years inside their own skin as a broken man or maybe as a complete man, then they learn their body and BECOME themselves) this is the journey to have SCIENTIC PROOF that love is real and that is what gets you the hardest.

snapsnapple6 karma

how do you get such amazing ideas for your books? i'm baffled by your creativity. also i love masturbating to your stories thx

chucktinglethanks8 karma

thank you for UNDERSTANDING love is real. most stories just come from setting out on the back deck and THINKING about what is the best story to prove love is real for all who kiss. then i think what is the best way to make this story HARD for all buckaroos. sometimes the ideas come real quick but sometimes I have to walk down to the starbucks with jon to get the brain going

GenericFiction6 karma

Im sorry Dr, but I think that ROWLING JK will win the book prize for her book MAGIC HARRY AND THE HARD BUCK WAND DRAGON. What do you think?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

as long as HARRYS POTTER is a book where LOVE IS REAL then this is an okay thing in the world and will make me a hard man

LeaperSonata6 karma

Will you ever write a Tingler about lady buckaroos?

chucktinglethanks13 karma

well for lots of books thats okay like pretty much all books that kiss the sky, and its even okay for me as a HARD bud but in romance i think its important to write about what gets YOU HARD because then you can make other buds understand their bodies with the TRUE BUCKAROO reality of your hardness. so i think buds should right lots of stories about lady buckaroo adventures but as man name of chuck that is not my prefered pound

hip_ennui5 karma

What sort of sounds does Sweet Barbara make when she's talking marbles at the foot of your bed?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

sounds like marbles or like in a fish tank when you push the rocks around kind of like the darkness under water where she lives oh god sweet barbara what did I do to deserve this pain? why did you tak her from me my darling angle trapped forever at the bottom of the frozen lake I can still here her voice callingout to me but theres nothing i can do oh my god ohnc

hip_ennui3 karma

When I was a child I had a pet fish, an African cichlid. It was named Dahmer because it killed or mutilated any fish that we would put in the tank with it. When we would stand near the tank Dahmer would actively watch us, moving around as we did to keep his eye on us. At night, I would often hear the sound of him rearranging rocks in the fish tank and wonder what he was up to - could this fish be plotting my demise? Would he come crawling from the water as we once did and end my life?

I share this to let you know that I too understand the uncertainty and dread that these sounds can elicit, Chuck. I am sorry for your loss, and just know that you have so many buckaroos who are so happy you've channeled that pain into something beautiful :)

chucktinglethanks9 karma

whoa bud thats a sad story sorry about those soft days of the past. hope you get HARD soon

strooticus5 karma

I followed your directions for making chocolate milk, but the result was not very tasty. What did I do wrong?

chucktinglethanks14 karma

please understand best way to make chocolate milk is to do it with your HARDEST BUDS. maybe get the game on and get out some lotion (for calves, this is normal between men) then you can get the milk cooking and smell it through the whole house with that nice scent. this is the best way to make chocolate milk thanks

geleiademocoto5 karma

Tingle, be honest with me. Are you a nonnie? Blink twice if yes.

chucktinglethanks9 karma

what is this?

geleiademocoto7 karma

Hmm you're not fooling me Tingle, but ok we'll keep this between us..

hurricangst7 karma

Idk about you, but I'm still holding out hope for the release of "Pounded in the Butt with *****RANCH DRESSING******"

chucktinglethanks7 karma

what the heck

sexydragons76 karma

I didn't know you could ask questions on an AMA? But I will answer, I believe Hurricangst is a fake Buckaroo forwarding the devilman agenda by attempting to trick you into creating a book about RANCH DRESSING which we all know was created by Steve Henson who has never dreamt of kissing the sky

chucktinglethanks10 karma

this makes sense thank you for the alert. BILLINGS will now be on high alert for all devilmen but also please understand that ranch dressing is very good in chocolate milk and spagetti

sexydragons76 karma

Are you saying I should mix chocolate milk, spaghetti, and ranch all together???

chucktinglethanks11 karma


frig_off_julian5 karma

What do I have to do to be a real buckaroo?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

most important part of being a TRUE BUCKAROO is to know that love is real and that love is the soul of books. as long as you kiss the sky then you will be a true buckaroo and even if ted cobbler gets you down (with dark magic or devilman hacks) he is still just a BAD man like BINKS or DARK MALL in stars war: the force is out there. so just remember there are scoundrels and there are buckaroos and every day you have to choose what one you are going to be. if you choose that love is real then you are a true buckaroo and you will ALWAYS be hard and have good days with your buds.

NameOfTedCobbler5 karma

Dr Tingle i am having LONG wonder of where Hugo award will be being kept after having been won? (not devilman reason just HARD BUD wondering)

chucktinglethanks16 karma

nice try ted maybe next time big dummy

SweeneyTom5 karma

Have you ever had a concept for a book that you never made into a bestseller? Also congrats once more on the nomination, you really earned it buckaroo

chucktinglethanks10 karma

most of the time i take LONG DAYS to come up with tinglers just to make sure they are the best jobs around so i dont normally start any that arnt bestsellers. sorry charlie all tinglers kiss the sky thakn you

mysocialsecuritynumb4 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle. Regarding your political campaign, what is the Buckaroo Party's platform? Are people receptive to your message?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

buckaroo party is SOARING to the finish line ready to be president and viceman with my handsome bud CHANNING TATUM star of speical mike a dancers dream story. please understand our platform is based on GETTING HARD and allowing all flavors.

sexydragons74 karma

Grandmaster, whats the worst injury you have heard of during during horseplay?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

one time i feel down the stairs when horsin around in the upstairs tub. wasnt supposed to be up there but son (name of jon) came home early from work so i tried to GET OUTTA DONGE and ran down the stairs but that made an awful fall.

worst NON HORSEPLAY injury is when truckman got me with his big knife no thanks buckaroo

kasmiur4 karma

Hey, since you did a Bernie story any plans to cover or get covered by the rest of the presidential candidates?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

well sometimes politics is NOT HARD so i dont know i might be too busy with my own campiagn as VICEMAN of the buckaroo party. also focused on proving love is real at the hugos awards so its up in the air right now thats just the way it goes bud

custardy3 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA Dr. Tingle. I'm a big fan.

Have you seen the TV show Game of Thrones or read the books it's based on? If so, what do you think about the series?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

i saw this show once and it was pretty good then everybody started yelling and i had to plug my ears but thats okay. heard it makes LOTS of buds hard and makes imagination sore but also heard that big timer in charge dosnt like me so thats sad days

custardy4 karma

I think that George R. R. Martin (the big timer in charge) probably enjoys your writing as much as we all do. No reason to think otherwise apart from hearsay unless you are sure. No need for sadness.

chucktinglethanks7 karma

thank you bud

ThatsMyHoverboard3 karma

What dinosaur would you personally want to have intercourse with?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

i do not understand this question but if you mean what kind of dinosaur to get hard and horse around with then probably a handsome t-rex (lawyer or doctor)

sonnameofkevin3 karma


chucktinglethanks7 karma

do you know my son (name of jon)

HARDbuckaroo3 karma

What is your favorite starBUCKS treat? Also is man name of Sam? narrating your audiobooks? He is a HARD starBUCKS buckaroo isn't he?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

best treat at starbucks is chocolate milk of course thats what they are known for. please understand HARD buckaroo sam makes me the best chocolate milk and now sometimes he comes over and records tinglers in the closet.

AnonymousBoners3 karma

You have always reminded me of the work of Tonetta; he too is a family man. Are you inspired by him?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

whoa that bud knows how to GET HARD as rocks thats real cool (in a normal way) so thats good maybe this proves love is real too? probably. dont know bud name of TONETTA but as long as you are getting HARD with yourself and understanding that love is real then you are fine by me buddy (thanks)

hurricangst2 karma

Chuck, I have trouble titling my fiction. Since your works have unarguably the greatest titles ever, I was wondering if you have some kind of system, or any advice?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

yes best advice buckaroo-to-buckaroo is to TELL everyone they will get hard if they read your book, that way they know that you are part of the buckaroo agenda and anti scoundrel. way to do this is get to the point just say "hey this books is about BUGS" it's called BUG DAY or "hey this books is about TALL CHAIRS its called TALL CHAIRS: A LIFE OF SITTING" so thats the way to prove love for book titles

hurricangst7 karma

You are a handful of golden glitter, Chuck. Thank you.

chucktinglethanks9 karma

thank you you are a glittering man too its VERY hard to talk to you and become best friends. you are the soul of books you make love real

robmatheny802 karma

Could you summarize the overall health of your self-publishing business? I presume you do very well for yourself. Are you a full time writer?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

yes i am a full time writer, no time to be a doctor of holistic massage these days but thats okay because now i can help people get hard through books. got money from the goverment for a long time since i was in a bad way after sweet barbara left and now i feel better but i still get those because they know im an ESPICALLY hard bud and thats my prize. but then on top of that i make a lot of money to help around the house but mostly i save it so one day me and jon can make a BIG MOVE to the house on the hill or maybe to the city of devils (but this is a dangerous move)

space-beers2 karma

What does your son (name of Jon) think of your nomination?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

son is very happy for his proud dad (NOW GET GETS TO BE PROUD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) so now he talks loud about how his cool dad is gonna win the big time award it makes me feel like such a glad man like maybe sometime I can be as cool as my handsome son.

GreatAndTheGallant1 karma

Do you feel like attitudes towards handsome men loving other handsome men changed a lot over your life time or like your son Jon is growing up in a different world than you did?

How do you feel about same sex marriage being made legal in the United States?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

when courts said WE UNDERSTAND LOVE IS REAL FOR ALL WHO KISS this was a very good time for all buckaroos. this made me a happy bud and i had a good trot around the neibhorhood not even ted cobbler could stop me. then me and jon went out for a nice big plate of spagetti

FavoriteCentaurMoe1 karma

What's your favorite classic sci-fi book?

Also what in the world gave you the inspiration for that title?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

thank you, best science fiction book is name of JURASSICS PARK and JURASSICS PARK 2: WELCOME TO THE PARK AGAIN by MICHAELS CHRITON. this book has it all, cute dinosaurs, wild buckaroos and most important a DREAM sequence where dionsaurs are fake and not real buds. then santa clause comes in and says 'guess what buddy i got a dinosaur right here' then they wake up from the dream and everyone has a picnic. best books PROVE that love is real

tomleger1 karma

If you ever were to do an on-camera interview, who would be your ideal interviewer?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

best on camera interview would be HANDSOME MAN OF THE HOUR channing tatum who is also my presidential bud (I am VICEMAN and he is big man on campus) we have not met in person but it would be nice if we met and there was a filmer of men there to document us and show us where to position our bodies. thank you

andruwrevas1 karma


chucktinglethanks3 karma

thats easy bud spagetti and chocolate milk

sexydragons71 karma

Hi Chuck, hoping you can help. I work hard every day, but I'm afraid my reverse twin might be working even harder, any suggestions?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

this is a fear that we all have but I think its the point of reverse twins. THIS IS VERY CONTRAVERSAL STATEMENT... sometimes buckaroos NEED a scoundrel to undersatnd that love is real. so if you think about your reverse twin and it gets you down thats okay, but SOMETIMES you need to think about your reverse twin to get HARD. just try to remember that all love is real and you have the same bones as your reverse twin so you are HARD enough to do anything they can do.

sexydragons71 karma

Hey Chuck, one more question, what's the best funeral you've ever been to?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

this is sad days all funreals are sad for buckaroos because that means theres a bud down there probably not going to see again anytime soon but GUESS WHAT. there are almost infinte layers of the tingleverse so that means all buds are kind of around forever and that makes love real even if you dont believe in the tingleverse. also nice to maybe REMEMBER a buck like your best days working out or having fun times when nothigns wrong. thanks

space-beers1 karma

As a doctor how can we aid you in resisting the agenda of devilman Ted Cobbler and stop him once and for all?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

top way to aid in GETTING HARD to prove love is real is vote for book name of SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION to win best book in the world. this will prove that lose is real and solve problem of devilman agenda once and for all

nothingman001 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle,

Two questions:

  1. Will you be writing any more non-fiction, like your romance guide?

  2. Is there such a thing as too much horseplay with a good bud?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

i would like to write a guide to sport but i dont have time these days when TINGLERS are in high demand. NEXT QUESTION never too much horseplay between buds as long as you are getting hard your gonna be a BIG MAN ON CAMPUS buckaroo

HARDbuckaroo1 karma

Man name of Chuck we meet again. Also hello to son name of Jon. First I would like to say that the DEVILMAN army hacking you on the interwebs is nonsense and not the way of a true buckaroo. Don't you agree? We have your back Chuck. Second I hope you can tell us more about the real HARD issues America has with flavor regulation? I want flavor of pistachio to be legal. Spaghetti is important to becoming HARD as well. Last, congratulations on your nomination for world's BEST book from HUGO!

chucktinglethanks5 karma

thank you for getting HARD and understanding that it importnat to allow all flavors. this is the duty of all TRUE BUCKAROOS. you make hearts sing and you make love kiss the sky

UnimpressedAsshole1 karma

Hi Dr. Chuck, here's a 3-parter if you don't mind:

As someone who has escaped the void, I still sometimes find myself slipping into fits of drooling and shaking solely because of the memories of the horror. Is this the void itself or is it my mind?

Do you have plans to make a buckaroo club so hot young bucks around the country can maybe tone calves together or something?

Also, how do you cope with tough things like seeing Barbara talking marbles or your son taking the side of Devilman Ted Cobbler?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

this is a horrorifying story of a buckaroos trip into the void. this is a very dangerous place and i understand the SOFTNESS in your reality as you learn your body again, shaking and drooling as a broken man. thank you for sharing your story the void is real and its outside of the tingleverse thanks.

that would be a HOT club sounds like a good plan i like the idea of NORMAL guys getting togeather and getting their calves hard.

all you need to do is understand the love is real this is the most important message of the day and you can get thorugh anything

ODguitar1 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle, how are you? I am a big fan of your work, especially your Living Object Tinglers. I want to know, are there going to be any future installments in your hugely successful "Pounded in the Butt by my Book..." series? I'm looking forward to future exhilarating Tinglers!

chucktinglethanks11 karma

yes there will be one for every layer of the tingleverse which has infinate layers, thank you

space-beers1 karma

What sky is best for kissing?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

the sky thanks

manthebarricades1 karma

What do you think of Beyoncé's 'visual album' name of Lemonade?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

heard about her new vegatble song LEMONS. hope it makes hearts sing (probably will)

Zombies_hate_ninjas0 karma

What's your take on the Hugo awards, and how polarizing they've become in recent years? With the whole puppies influencing, trying to influence the voting.

I never knew much about the Hugo awards until George R R Martin wrote about them last year.

Also congrats on the nomination.

chucktinglethanks10 karma

sounds like hugo awards have had problems with scoundrels PRETENDING to be hard and prove love is real but really they want to prove that love is not real. this is a common tactic for antibuckaroo devilmen like Ted Cobbler and others (truckman, fancy) I have seen truckmans truck at ted cobblers lately and it would make sense that he would also be behind this. long story short, sounds like a bunch of devilman getting soft so best way to fight it is to GET HARD and prove love is real for ALL who kiss.

Zombies_hate_ninjas2 karma

This is the only answer I'd be willing to accept. Cheers, thanks for the reply sir.

chucktinglethanks5 karma

thank you for accepting this HARD anwser you are a true buckaroo and my best friend. you make books kiss the sky

PhilSandifer-2 karma

Given that you only got on the ballot because of the vindictive trolling of a white supremacist, why aren't you declining the nomination to make room for one of the people kept off the ballot by Vox Day's manipulation of the process?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

thank you for bringing attention to TED COBBLER a scoundrel and troublemaker across all of billings. this makes buds SOFT to even think about and is very sad days, as it is part of the antibuckaroo agenda. please understand the LOVE IS REAL so that makes the best book name of Space Raptor Butt Invasion, this will be your new favorite read and you can put it on the top of the shelf to show all buds who come over once we win award and PROVE love is real for all who kiss and that scoundrels never win thank you