EDIT Thanks for all your questions! Keep listening to the Koy Pond and check me out at the end of the month in Seattle, WA. Link to tickets are below!

You may know me from "The Adam Carolla Show" as a weekly regular guest, and my Comedy Central specials “Don’t Make Him Angry” and “Lights Out." I also appeared on the "Chelsea Lately" show as a series regular for the round table. I started performing stand-up at a Las Vegas coffee house and in 2005 had the opportunity to perform on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” My comedy is inspired by my family, especially my son. I’m currently performing stand-up around the country and will be filming my next special on April 30th at The Moore Theatre!

Please visit my website for tickets and a list of my full tour schedule at http://jokoy.com/. You can also catch me on my podcast "The Koy Pond" Tuesdays & Thursday at http://www.podcastone.com/the-koy-pond-with-jo-koy.

My Proof:http://i.imgur.com/bghXXVL.jpg

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Schnawsberry13 karma

Do you prefer Joy or Joi?

IamJoKoy14 karma

neither, it's Jo Koy. But you can call me Herbert (Thanks for listening to the Carolla podcast)

CoastalTW11 karma

Does your son still run around telling everyone to look at his ting ting?

IamJoKoy9 karma

Unfortunately yes but this year I'm going to take a stand and tell him to stop :)

juggilinjnuggala5 karma

Do you ever feel that Adam stepped to much on some of your Bung-lo-su bits?

IamJoKoy9 karma

No I mean it's Adam's show so he's controlling that conversation so he's not walking on anything we're just improvising. I'm just trying to find the funny in whatever way I can.

SirLenzalot4 karma

As I understand hecklers are part of the job, do you have any stories about best/worst encounters?

IamJoKoy17 karma

I think I was in Idaho one time and I was making fun of this obnoxious lady in the corner of the club and then right when I said something this huge cowboy silhouette figure stood up in the back of the audience and said "That's my sister!" It was like a scene out of a movie. I was able to play it off and the guy ended up buying me drinks at the end of the night so I didn't die in Idaho.

darknight10143 karma

I'm a college student who loves comedy and stand up. I've performed a couple of times and have done pretty well, what recommendations do you have for me for furthering my dream?

IamJoKoy3 karma

Go up as much as you can. Find the place to go up. And if you can't find a place to go up make one. Start your own comedy show. Do whatever you can do to get stage time.

unmined3 karma

Jo, thank you for making me laugh on a weekly basis!

My favorite material is the banter you describe between you and your mom. Has this ever lead to issues in real life; has she or any of your family ever taken offense to their portrayals in your comedy. If so, how did you resolve them?

I need to know for ... reasons.

IamJoKoy13 karma

The stories that I tell are actually true stories so no one can get offended. My mom likes when I use her as the subject of my jokes. In fact she doesn't get enough of it. There's been times that I've gotten off stage and she'll say jokingly "There's a couple of other stories you forgot to say."

suaveitguy3 karma

What is the trick to engaging an audience? Any overlap between stage and podcast?

IamJoKoy4 karma

My approach on stage is very conversational whether it's my crowd work with my audience or actually delivering a joke. I want the audience to feel like everything was just coming up off the top of my head. With my podcast, I pretty much improvise the entire time. I try and give a little structure but there's nothing more fun than improvising with my guests.

adub8872 karma

Thanks for doing so many shows in San Jose. We love you here. What are your favorite spots to go to in San Jose?

IamJoKoy2 karma

The mall. I go to the mall because I want to eat the best pizza at Pizza my Heart. I also try to find a place to get good Filipino food. Basically I just try and find a place to eat.

lovelife18812 karma

What's your favorite thing about being on tour around the country?

IamJoKoy2 karma

Going to places where I don't think they'll even get me. But then I end up loving the place because the fans love me. Like Nashville or Kansas City: Places you don't think would be comedy towns but they end up being the best comedy towns.

hawaiiboyblue8081 karma

Do you have future plans of becoming an actor in movies such as the greats like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, etc.? If so, who would you like to do a movie with?

IamJoKoy1 karma

Eventually of course I'd like to make it to the big screen.

And anyone, it's my movie! :)

Snowbank_Lake1 karma

Josep! lol. Does your mom still kick your butt on Wii sports?

IamJoKoy2 karma

No I think my mom stopped playing with the Wii and I think the whole country stopped playing with the Wii. lol

two_off1 karma

What prep do you do for a joke before you use it in front of a large/national audience?

IamJoKoy2 karma

I continually work it out but life just writes me jokes. Whatever my son does or whatever someone does in my family I like to tell it on stage and get the funny out of it. If it makes me laugh at home then I like to get it on stage.

NickJLV1 karma

I see that you're from Tacoma an I got a real question....

Is the Puyallup Fair 10x better than the Las Vegas strip? I mean those elephant ears take it over the top!

Lol congrats on the success!

IamJoKoy1 karma

Yes I miss the Puyallup Fair but I don't miss the rain so I guess the Las Vegas strip wins.

dancechick0931 karma

What's it like having your own podcast and who's your dream guest?

IamJoKoy1 karma

I loooove my own podcast. My dream guest would probably be Michael Jordan. I think that's every guy's dream guest.

rallish1 karma

How did you start off with this job?

IamJoKoy3 karma

I started doing it right out of high school. I went to every open mic, every coffee house, every stand-up competition I could get on. As long as I was on stage I was happy.

I_Boop_Noses1 karma

As far as sneakers... what are your grails?

IamJoKoy1 karma

I'm still a 90/91 Air max fanatic.

suaveitguy1 karma

How many of your comedian friends have podcasts? Is it a good thing for the community?

IamJoKoy3 karma

Well one, all of my friends have podcasts. And I think it's a great thing for the community. Everyone has a different voice. Everyone has a different point of view. And what's wrong with variety?