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Who was the highest profile VIP that you have taken care of? Were there a lot of illegal activity you witnessed? Can you give an example not naming any names? Thanks for doing an AMA!

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If you could change the criminal justice system to give fair and adequate representation to all defendant how would you do this without giving overwhelming case loads and the outrageous plea deal system?

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What do you think the decision to reverse net neutrality is going to have on the effect of education and particularly colleges that have online classes? Do you foresee a system in which we pay to have extended content services for access to certain websites (cost more to visit sites like Netflix, YouTube, etc) like how cable cost more for Starz, HBO, etc..?

Thank you for your service!

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What is your thoughts on this current climate of political attacks on our intelligence community? What do you think the outcome of the Mueller investigation will be?

Thank you for your service!

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What's your experience with dealing with time warner and their billing? Also do you use their intermittent lag spikes on their internet service as leverage? Thanks!