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I think I was in Idaho one time and I was making fun of this obnoxious lady in the corner of the club and then right when I said something this huge cowboy silhouette figure stood up in the back of the audience and said "That's my sister!" It was like a scene out of a movie. I was able to play it off and the guy ended up buying me drinks at the end of the night so I didn't die in Idaho.

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neither, it's Jo Koy. But you can call me Herbert (Thanks for listening to the Carolla podcast)

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The stories that I tell are actually true stories so no one can get offended. My mom likes when I use her as the subject of my jokes. In fact she doesn't get enough of it. There's been times that I've gotten off stage and she'll say jokingly "There's a couple of other stories you forgot to say."

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No I mean it's Adam's show so he's controlling that conversation so he's not walking on anything we're just improvising. I'm just trying to find the funny in whatever way I can.

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Unfortunately yes but this year I'm going to take a stand and tell him to stop :)