Hi Reddit, we’re Rob Brydon and Nick Frost, who star in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, which is in UK cinemas on Monday. https://twitter.com/nickjfrost/status/715162683436318720 https://twitter.com/RobBrydon/statuses/715163339656192007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXWQX3FiXZg

Edit: That's all we have time for. Thanks so much! Don't forget that The Huntsman: Winter's War is in UK cinemas on 4th April.

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jack0rias27 karma

Nick, did it hurt when you fell through the fence, or was that a stunt double?

RobNickTheHuntsman36 karma

Nick: That was all me and I did it twice. I got badly injured after the effects of adrenaline wore off. I was on blood thinning medication so I didn't get a life threatening clot.

Sdub425 karma

Rob, did you have any idea that Gavin and Stacey would be as popular as it was?

RobNickTheHuntsman30 karma

Rob: Nick, what did you think? Nick: I haven't seen it. I watch a lot of poverty porn. That's my thing. Rob: I thought it was a really strong script and I had some DVDs ahead of it going out, which I showed to friends and relatives and I had an inkling than. Like Little Britain, it seemed to catch on with people in indecent haste.

TGODSe7en19 karma

Nick, no luck catching them swans then?

RobNickTheHuntsman25 karma

Nick: No.

Corabal18 karma

Hi Rob, what has been one of your most memorable moments from filming Would I Lie To You?

RobNickTheHuntsman37 karma

Rob: Nick when he dressed up in a cuddle jumper and Kevin Bridges telling the story of how be bought a horse by accident.

Elgin_McQueen17 karma

Which would you rather appear in. A League of Gentlemen Xmas Special, or a Peep Show Xmas Special?

RobNickTheHuntsman23 karma

Nick here. Can I say neither. Rob here. Can I say both.

IKingJeremy16 karma

What made you want to become an actor?

RobNickTheHuntsman37 karma

Nick: I had nothing else to do so I became an actor. And I realised I was alright at it. Rob: More than alright Nick, adequate. I always wanted to be an actor.

lorenlekker12 karma

Hey guys! What was it like working with my all time woman crush Emily Blunt?

RobNickTheHuntsman23 karma

Rob: Emily is a delight. She's witty as well as being beautiful. She's like Nick but in female form.

thebeautifulsolution10 karma

Who would you rather play twister with?

Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt or Chris Hemsworth.

RobNickTheHuntsman13 karma

Nick: I'm going to say Chris Hemsworth. Rob: Yeah, I would say the same. Nick: Why can't we all play?! Rob: Yes, good answer!

IlCattivo919 karma

Hey Nick!

I love all your work with Simon Pegg, especially Spaced and the Cornetto Trilogy. I noticed that most of the films are written by Simon and Edgar, I wanted to ask if you had any imput on any of these films or if in the future you would like to take a bigger role in writing any future films you do with Simon and Edgar? (assuming) like you had in Paul and Cuban Fury which I both loved.


You are one of my favourite presenters and especially love Would I Lie To You? As an Italian who has been living in Britain a long time, can I ask you what your favourite moments were while filming the Trip to Italy with Steve Coogan? Was there any moment which was particularly funny/amazing or stood out for you?

Many thanks.

RobNickTheHuntsman15 karma

Nick: Obviously I have an input and I'm around from the beginning and I'm there when we finesse the final thing. There was a possibility I could do that in World's End, but they did such a good job on Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead that I didn't want to mess with that. Don't fix if ain't broke. Rob: Yes, thank you. I particularly liked being on the Amalfi Coast, especially Rovello and Capri. Rovello is my favourite place, and the cafe that I filmed in Capri was beautiful. In fact, I was wish I was there now. Oh, and Pompeii, much bigger than I expected!

hunter97 karma

Rob - Any plans to bring back Keith Barret? I'd particularly like to see you remake Tom Hanks' "Cast Away" with Keith as the lead.

RobNickTheHuntsman10 karma

Rob: Lovely thought. Let's make it happen.

mattythedog7 karma

What's the most unexpected thing that's happened on the set of a film/TV show during filming?

RobNickTheHuntsman9 karma

Nick: We wrapped early on the last day. We wrapped on Saturday but the rumour mill said that it would be on Tuesday. Which was unexpected. Rob: Yes, it was exciting! Well not exciting but unexpected.

Sdub47 karma

Nick, which instalment of the so-called Cornetto trilogy was most fun to make?

RobNickTheHuntsman18 karma

Nick: Hot Fuzz was the most fun to make. Shaun of the Dead was kind of frightening in term of nerves and not wanting to get it wrong. In Hot Fuzz, I got to spend time in hot Somerset for months.

sheeplad6 karma

Question for Rob, as an epic Welshman, I'd like to know your favourite part of Wales to visit when you're taking a break from filming and why? Big up the Wales Massive!

RobNickTheHuntsman10 karma

Rob: I would say it is the mid Wales area, especially Capel y Fin. That area of Wales is unsung and all the better for it because it doesn't get too crowded. So much of Wales is so beautiful.

Brem316 karma

Which of you was the most fun to be around on set?

RobNickTheHuntsman9 karma

Nick: I hate being with myself, so I'll say Rob. Rob: Together we were a party. You're making a film with swords and magic, so it's fun. We spent so much time on location, and I knew Nick well, so it was all fun. We never actually worked together, aside from being a voice on Shaun of the Dead.

RobNickTheHuntsman6 karma

That's all we have time for. Thanks so much! Don't forget that The Huntsman: Winter's War is in UK cinemas on 4th April.

YoungDumbass5 karma

If you could be a movie, what movie would you be, and what format would you be in? (Blu-Ray, film reel, VHS etc.)

RobNickTheHuntsman10 karma

Rob: If I could be a movie I'd be Field of Dreams. I'd be a limited edition boxset with a free baseball mitt. Nick: Maybe Bambi. In proper 35 mil ratio.

Seashark0015 karma

opens list of cliché AMA questions

What's the funniest thing that happened on set?

RobNickTheHuntsman6 karma

Rob: We had lots of laughs. Nick: It's difficult to pinpoint. Rob: It was just general contentment and mirth. We looked forward to going to set, even though it was the crack of dawn. Nick: Not necessarily the funniest thing, but the funniest thing was that we rode in a helicopter to work. In a Marine One helicopter. Rob: Yes that was funny.

underhero25 karma

Huge fans of you both... If you could write and star in your own movie together, what would the title be and what would it be about?

RobNickTheHuntsman14 karma

Nick: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Rob: We would be 2 brothers who inherit some money from their parents who died tragically and we would fight over who gets the money. Nick wants to open a nature reserve but I want to start a nightclub and restaurant.

kjhgfd345 karma

Rob, who's your favourite poet?

I don't want Nick to answer this.

RobNickTheHuntsman4 karma

Rob: Dylan Thomas.

jimbobhas5 karma

Nick have you flushed anymore cakes recently?

RobNickTheHuntsman5 karma

Nick: No I have one slice left. It was from my birthday and I'm going to flush it tonight.

unEquals3 karma

how long did it take to adjust to the fact that you will always look uncool alongside Chris Hemsworth?

RobNickTheHuntsman13 karma

Rob: Pretty quick. What a hurtful question. Nick: I think the notion of cool and uncool is a grey are. Rob: Which we certainly clear up! It became apparent after minutes of meeting him. If I were half the man Chris is, I'd be a little taller!

courtiebabe4203 karma

What was your favorite part of making The Huntsmen? What was the hardest part of making The Huntsmen?

RobNickTheHuntsman5 karma

Nick: Hardest part was 3 hours of make-up. Favourite part was hanging out with Rob and Chris Hemsworth and having a laugh.

Rob: I did enjoy that time with the make-up people but having having the technical aspects was hard. I liked doing something that was bigger than the sum of it's parts. You do your part and so much is added into it before you see it.

IKingJeremy3 karma

What's your favorite thing to watch on tv right now?

RobNickTheHuntsman7 karma

Rob: Comedians in Cars Getting in Coffee and The Night Manager! Nick: Life on Benefit Street.

kuirki3 karma

Hi Rob!! Wow, such a huge fan. I loved Human Remains. Have you any work coming up with Julia Davis or Ruth Jones again?

RobNickTheHuntsman5 karma

Rob: No. Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked it because it was one of the favourite things I've done.

ultrachronic2 karma

Hey Rob!

What do you think's the craziest story you've heard on Would I Lie To You?

RobNickTheHuntsman9 karma

Rob: Kevin Bridges accidentally buying a horse in Bulgaria. That one really takes the biscuit!

shubbyshubshub962 karma

Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead?

RobNickTheHuntsman10 karma

Nick: Can't choose. Rob: You shouldn't have to choose. Shaun of The Fuzz, a lovely combination of the both.

SaintAdhoc1 karma

Are you a fan of Wrestling, if so whats your favorite wrestler?

RobNickTheHuntsman1 karma

Nick: Yeah I am a big fan. I think my favourite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

deviantmoomba1 karma

Hello! Hope you're having a pleasant day! I was wondering if you could tell me what's the best way to get used to speaking in public/talking on stages without being nervous? Do you two still get nervous when you're performing?

(Also Rob, your singing voice is amazing. Mega jealous!)

RobNickTheHuntsman3 karma

Nick: I think it's alright to be nervous. I think you'd be a cold blooded serial killer if you didn't get nervous. You just get used to the nerves instead of letting cripple you. Rob: On the surface I think I'm pretty relaxed something but than your mouth will be a little dry, or you need to do a little poo or wee.

SotonSaint1 karma

Rob is there going to be another series of 'the trip?' Nick is there ever going to be more 'well respected man?' It was bullshit that it got cancelled.

RobNickTheHuntsman1 karma

Nick: No more Mr Sloan. I wish I had better news because I loved that character. Rob: Yes we're doing more The Trip but we're going to Sky Atlantic with it.

TAFAisLIFE1 karma

What was the last movie you guys went to watch and how was it?

RobNickTheHuntsman3 karma

Nick: Together. Never happened. Rob: I saw Force Awakens. And we saw The Huntsman together! Nick: I also saw Zootropolis which was really good.

TAFAisLIFE1 karma

Who would win in a fight between you guys and Chris Hemsworth with one hand tied around his back?

RobNickTheHuntsman4 karma

Rob: Us. We would. Nick: I don't think he needs to have a hand tied behind his back. You don't know what we're like as fighters, just because they play a Norse God does not mean they're a good fighter. Rob: I fight low, hard and dirty.

spurs-r-us1 karma

Hi Rob - huge fan of yours from Australia (inexplicably loved the way you played Nugent in BB for years, and couldn't believe it when I saw it was you on WILTY). Is there any chance you might do a third version of The Trip?

RobNickTheHuntsman1 karma

Rob: Yes, very real chance. We're going to Spain and it's happening in autumn.

psyne1 karma

How do you both like working on a non-comedic movie? What's the most different about working on serious movies vs. comedies?

RobNickTheHuntsman2 karma

Nick: Personally no difference at all. Rob: Nick feels we put too many labels on things. Just look at apples, we have the Cox, Granny Smith, and they're all just apples. Comedy people don't see a distinction because they see the world in a comedy perspective. It's all bringing people to life and playing parts.

[deleted]1 karma


RobNickTheHuntsman3 karma

Rob: I love Bob Mortimer! He's probably my favourite guest because his stuff is everything - it's funny, weird, beguiling. Lee is the one I know most because he's a neighbour.

Chogged1 karma

What did you both have for Breakfast?

RobNickTheHuntsman5 karma

Nick: I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. And a coffee. Rob: Porridge with blueberries and raspberries. My favourite of the berries, I also enjoy the straw and the logan.

ACSarahAC1 karma

Any chance the two of you will write and/or perform something together in the future? I'd love to see some more of you both together.

RobNickTheHuntsman1 karma

Rob: Yes, I'd like to I think we had a lovely back and forth chemistry and worked really well together. Ideally without 2 or 3 hours of make-up every morning. Nick: Even with that!