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deviantmoomba2 karma

You often say we should live the best life we can: whatever that entails (being a gardener/scientist/philosopher, etc). You also promote a naturalistic world view; do you think disbelieving in gods is best for everyone as individuals? Why?

What if it was proved (it is certainly believed) that some people require belief to maximise their life's 'goodness'? Would you still hold that atheism/humanism is best (even if these people don't push their beliefs on anyone), perhaps for humanity in general rather than for individuals ?

deviantmoomba1 karma

Hello! Hope you're having a pleasant day! I was wondering if you could tell me what's the best way to get used to speaking in public/talking on stages without being nervous? Do you two still get nervous when you're performing?

(Also Rob, your singing voice is amazing. Mega jealous!)