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How much element of pokerface is there when you gamble like that? Do you ever catch other player's bluffs based on their expressions, or give your bluff away by looking nervous or too amused?

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I think you're thinking of transgender people -- "hermaphrodite" isn't generally used for humans these days, "intersex" is the preferred term. Intersex people are born with at least some aspects of both bits. Sometimes, especially in older days, the parents/doctors of intersex babies would decide at birth to surgically alter them to have one particular set of genitalia, but now it's considered mutilation to do that before the child can identify as a gender. That's also why some intersex people have to transition genders, because their parents chose a sex for them that wasn't what they ended up identifying as.

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My mom's friend had her email hacked and the scammers sent out a fake plea for help saying she was trapped abroad with her passport and wallet stolen and needed someone to wire her money. Nobody fell for it, thankfully, but it wasn't preying on greed, it was preying on helpful gullible people.

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Just out of curiosity, are you meeting people online, or do you mean people attracted to you in real life? No judgment, I met my current long-term boyfriend online, but that was an issue I ran into that almost made me give up on dating sites completely before I met him. I'm supportive of poly relationships but it wasn't what I was looking for. If you're mostly seeing that online, I think it's more a factor of the online dating scene than anything else -- it's one of the few places that average polyamorous people can find someone open to that kind of relationship without causing awkward situations.

As far as the rest of your question, I think it really depends on the situation. It's always hard to balance things, especially if someone has a certain level of need for attention, so it really depends on the personalities and desires of the people involved. If you feel you really need to be the center of someone's world and attention, it's probably not for you. But I think there can be a certain level of balance achieved, especially for people who don't need singleminded focus from their partner.

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She just means keeping her eyebrows raised constantly, with muscles (which is probably why she got headaches, from the constant tension).