Ever since graduating from the Maryland Institute of Art in 1982 with a degree in graphic design and illustration, Mike has worked as an artist. From a five year stint doing architectural rendering to a lucrative freelance art career, Mike has successfully navigated the stormy seas of making a rewarding career as an artist. After being a freelance artist for such companies as Nintendo, Micro Prose, Sega, Goddard Space Flight Center and Westinghouse, his path led him to become a full time artist at Microprose software where he became Project Art Director on many successful video games such as; Across the Rhine, M1 Tank Platoon II and Gunship! He then transitioned to Firaxis software, where he has worked on Civilization based titles, including being Project Art Director for Colonization, Gods and Kings, and Brave New World, and Beyond Earth.

Currently, he is at Firaxis in game development and continues to freelance as his time permits. He spends his down time working on his farm with his family, where they keep chickens, goats, honeybees and orchards.

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FishyJizzSmell9 karma

Have you ever hidden a penis in any of the designs?, and if not, why are you lying?

loslobos22218 karma

there is one in every picture

MeatheadMilitia6 karma

Does it bother you that most people don't know what Colonization is? It was the first game that my brother got me into seriously when I was younger than I can remember. It still, to this day, one of my favorite games of all time.

loslobos2223 karma

I am glad that one of our games still resonates with you. I was lucky enough to direct the art on the remake. I understand we could have been move inovative with the design, but we were trying to please the original fans.

dan45055 karma

http://jude2000.imgur.com/all/ - error message says not publicly available.

As a life long gamer, I just want to say thanks. Did you work on the original X-Com art?

loslobos2224 karma

No, that was originally made in England. I loved that game it was one of the first times I played a well crafted game all the way through.

jerry1212123 karma

Do you play any of the games you work on? Any favorites?

loslobos2227 karma

Yes I enjoy the Civ titles

potatoguy2 karma

What was the most rewarding project you worked on and why?

What was your favorite box art nintendo/sega to create and why?

What was the worst box art you worked on and why? Either too many client changes from your original idea or whatever?

loslobos2222 karma

I really enjoyed working on the Micropose simulation games The f-15 series was fun to do. There was really no horrible experiences

whiskyart2 karma

Any easter-egg which you added to a drawing?

loslobos2222 karma

They are sort of looked down upon these days, GTA had some controversial content that was Easter egged

DavesNewAccount2 karma

Hey Mike - if you weren't at Firaxis - where would you want to be?

loslobos2222 karma

Probably working at home digging in the ground and forging metal

todayIact2 karma

Where do you see gaming going?

loslobos2223 karma

I see it being voice and motion controlled and of course VR. Dont underestimate the VR revolution- it will change everything

oh_horsefeathers2 karma

What was the crappiest cover art you ever saw make it to production? Anything particularly egregious?

loslobos2221 karma

Nothing that stuck in my mind as being that bad

chtucker182 karma

What is your favorite box art cover?

loslobos2222 karma

Military themed ones.

KingPetunia1 karma

Your LinkedIn also states you work at 2K Games, is this true?

loslobos2223 karma

Yes I have been with Firaxis games for 15 years now

Oaknash1 karma

Do you have any advice for an industrial designer who wants to transition into an illustrator or concept artist role?

loslobos2221 karma

yes, become proficient i a 3d program like 3dmax or maya. There is a lot of industrial or mechanical design required in the more realistic games. Many concept artists use a 3d program to start a concept or help with difficult or complex subjects