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It's cool to know something RoboRally might come down the pipe. Has there been interest to revive any other older games? Any chance in seeing a new version of Heroquest or older games back in print? Kind of like what Fantasy Flight has been doing with older games.

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Questions for both.

Which game/toy was the most enjoyable to work on and why?

What is your favorite hasbro and non-hasbro game to play?

RoboRally. No expansions. Why?

Favorite pizza topping?

Ben, what warhammer army did you start with and do you still play?

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What was the most rewarding project you worked on and why?

What was your favorite box art nintendo/sega to create and why?

What was the worst box art you worked on and why? Either too many client changes from your original idea or whatever?

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What are some really good programs/techniques to use to recover data from a harddrive that has turned raw? Or how to make it not raw. I'm not that great with computers. Im 99% sure all the data is still there. Also how fucked am I and should I just format the damn thing?

Additional info: 4tb wd green. Maybe two months old. Was using it in an external case and hooked in via usb. Turned raw on me because who know why. I ran test disk and it found nothing. I tried another program that at the moment I cant remember the name and it found a few mp3s but not much else.