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oh_horsefeathers7667 karma

We consume energy in the service of our existence.

You make my consumption of cheeseburgers sound delightfully majestic.

oh_horsefeathers1163 karma

I feel like Legolas would get really whiny and passive aggressive after a couple years.

oh_horsefeathers866 karma

This conversation was getting real weird until I realized you two were at comic-con.

I was thinking, "No, Yvette! Just run! RUN!"

oh_horsefeathers619 karma

I imagine he smells of old library books and warm cider.

oh_horsefeathers549 karma

Let's be honest, though: if I started flipping through channels right this moment, odds are strong I'd find Seinfeld reruns currently airing on no fewer than two.

I'm pretty sure cable channels collude to ensure that there is never a timeslot in which Seinfeld isn't playing somewhere.