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Have you done anything to ease your daily life, perhaps with regards to difficulties you might face given your physique?

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Sorry to hear about your conditions mate. I'd reckon finding an apartment with ease of access is definitely a wise decision. It'd be great if you can reach out to others online who share the same plight as you do, I'm sure they'd be able to give you sound advices (from the perspective of someone who faces similar difficulties) to help improve your life! Stay positive!

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Huge amount of respect for what you're doing Dr. Dan.
Any plans to turn this into some sort of movement so it will be a continuous, progressive and collective effort instead?

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Any easter-egg which you added to a drawing?

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Great to know more are joining the cause.
Your son definitely isn't wrong either, environmental degradation is prevalent everywhere but it'd quite literally require a global effort to make a change.
Start small, propagate the cause, influence more people and achieve the goal.