Edit 8: Putting this first because the thread has been trolled hard and there's a lot of misinformation.

Short version: I upset a taxi driver. He grabbed at me from behind. I reflexively turned and put my hands up, pushing him back. He came at me again and tried to fight me. I said, "What are you doing? I could kill you." warning him not to attack me. He came at me anyway. I grabbed his phone from him and threw it behind him so he'd have to go get it and leave me alone. It worked. I walked away, but he caught up. He grabbed at me from behind and managed to punch me. I pushed away from him and walked away again. He came at me again, and this time when I pushed him away he fell into a water fountain. He followed my gf and I for nearly a kilometer, shouting and trying to fight me. We got to a crowded area and I told him to call the police. Police came and they talked to him. He put on a show, and an ambulance came and they wheeled him out on a gurney. Police weren't interested in my side of things. They arrested me and charged me a few months later with the Singapore equivalent of assault, having not checked CCTV cameras, witnesses, or considered the lack of his injuries and the existence of my injuries.

TL;DR: I pissed off a local taxi driver by accident. Guy lost his cool and attacked me. Police/Attorney General/ Judge took his version of events at face value despite a lack of evidence and witnesses, or the contradictions in testimony. I was convicted in Nov after being stuck waiting ~18 months for the trial. Still here now because I'm appealing.

If this story sounds unlikely, keep in mind it just happened here to another foreigner. From second hand information, in that case, the foreigner was convinced to go to the police by his wife to report the assault. The police arrested him instead, and convinced him that they had eye witnesses saying he brutishly attacked the taxi driver in a totally one sided manner. That was apparently a lie, but not trusting his own memory, the foreigner plead guilty and offered the taxi driver $30,000 in compensation, which the bastard happily took.

DISCLAIMER Below is a more in-depth account of what's happened, but far from all encompassing. I've written bullet points of the testimony and case in the first person, so when you see something like

"Falls to the ground each time."

that's the case or testimony that was made, not necessarily what actually happened or my version of events.

I don't want to persuade anyone that I'm right. I want to fairly put forth the evidence and documents and let the public see what's happened here. Everything is available in this Google drive.

I'll keep this going till I'm imprisoned or released, or the government orders it down.


The original post in it's entirety below:

My short bio: Forewarning, I'm 13 hours ahead of EST (11am EST = 12am for me), and my girlfriend, before leaving on a business trip, gave me a water bottle full of Japanese whisky, so this might get ugly.

I'm a former SEAL (it's going to come up anyway) who left the military in '13 to see a bit of the World. In March '14, I went to Singapore to see my girlfriend (same one). On May 31, we had a small run in with an angry taxi driver who spastically attacked me and chaased the two of us about a kilometer. Somewhat unsurprisingly police charged me with assault, apparently without making any attempts to investigate beyond taking the statements of the taxi driver, myself, and my girlfriend.

I was (I'm pretty damn confident, wrongfully) convicted in October 2015, after a 5 day trial, in which no physical evidence, footage, or even witnesses to the event were produced by the State. I am currently appealing that conviction to the High Court.

While fighting the charges, the authorities are preventing me from leaving the country or working and my name has been run through the mud by the local media. Since the trial has concluded and all of the documents are available in the public record, feel free to AMA about the case. If my answers sometimes sound insincere, understand the political climate I'm in.

If there's any interest about my time in the SEALs, AMA about that as well.

Note: There is very high chance this AMA will be brigaded by Singaporeans. I've said some unflattering things about the country before, and last time I tried to do an AMA about my case it went down like a lead balloon.

My Proof: News article about my conviction; imgur

A little background: This is a bit dense, more than 500 pages of testimony,etc. I'll try to keep it brief.


  • 2014

    • March 25: I fly to Singapore to visit my Australian girlfriend who is working there.
    • May 31: Incident with taxi driver. The responding Officers ask me to come to the station, where they arrest me for Failing to Furnish Particulars.
    • Later that afternoon, I'm questioned by Investigations Officer (IO) Ismail, who then re-arrest me for Misconduct in Public by a Drunken Person.
    • Mon, June 2: Case is handed over to IO Fadzly.
    • Week of June 23: New IO contacts me by phone and request followup interview later in the week.
    • Realize the SPF would not be asking for additional statements if they had CCTV footage. Start making direct request for CCTV myself. Totally stonewalled.
    • Meet with IO Fadzly and give second statement. Informed of possible additional charges. Unhappy with second statement as typed by IO, refuse to sign.
    • July 1: Finalize Further Statement and sign it.
    • July 25: Called in and informed I was to be charged with Mischief and VCH for first time. Sign charge sheets.
    • July 29: Charged in Court
    • Aug 1: Go to walk in clinic to get a Doctor's assessment of my now healed cheek, expressly for the purpose of the impending case.
    • Sometime in July or Aug, the case is handed over again, this time to IO Adrian.
    • Sep 8: IO Adrian checks w/ Mr Lim about value of walkie-talkie.
  • 2015

    • Feb 6: Post request for advice on CCTV systems to /r/RBI. using this alt account This starts the Singaporean brigades.
    • May 12: IO Adrian visits the scene (ostensibly for the 1st time).
    • May 27: 1st Day of Trial. Testimony from:
      • IO Adrian
        • IO for the case.
        • Role in case was to conduct the following investigations:
          1. took pictures of the scene (May 12).
          2. asked Mr Lim the value of the walkie-talkie.
          3. tried (and failed) to prove I was lying about not being seeing by a Doctor while in custody.
      • Mr Lim
        • taxi driver/ 'victim'
        • Judge offered him a Chinese interpreter because his English is bad. pg. 47
        • didn’t have a booking. Dropped passenger at OUE. Wanted to go to MBS.
        • went to throw away rubbish, thought I was stealing his things, ran back and grabbed them.
        • claims I slammed car door on his right leg when he got back in car. Judge uses the bruise on his left knee as evidence of this.
        • calls Police at this point and tells me not to leave. Tugs on my shirt to stop me from leaving.
        • is pushed "at least" three times next to the taxi. Falls to the ground each time.
        • gives chase when I attempt to walk away. Somewhere near the bushes, I turn suddenly and punch him, and push him.
        • at this location I throw his walkie-talkie into the water.
        • Judge to Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP),”you are telling the story yourself.” pg. 58
        • wanted to stand up to foreigners bullying locals. pg. 97
    • May 28: 2nd Day of Trial Testimony from:
      • SSSGT John
        • senior responding Officer
        • admitted to being briefed on his testimony. Judge stops proceedings to explain that Singapore isn't that kind of country and to warn Defense counsel against making accusations.
        • the First Information Report (FIR) that SSSGT John wrote hours after the incident is considered by the Judge to be a confession by me. He testified he took no notes while talking with Mr Lim or myself.
        • repeatedly says I wouldn't answer him about the assault and that I said nothing.
        • claims not to have had access to P8 (the FIR) before giving his testimony, repeatedly states that "it's all in the FIR" when questioned on his testimony.
        • wouldn't testify that I was drunk, only that I smelled of alcohol.
      • Cpl Muzaffar
        • junior responding Officer
        • filed the arrest report.
        • essentially same testimony: Didn't witness anything. Got Mr Lim's version of events. Saw a "small bump" on his cheek.

Sorry, this is getting hefty.

Just the highlight reel, aka TL;DGet Justice:

edit: I suppose I should give a quick recap of my perspective of events.

  • Met gf and friends who were in town at another friend's apartment for cocktail party at about 7.
  • About 10:30 we go downtown, my first time in the area at night.
  • I'm burned out on socializing so I sit downstairs and people watch.
  • Friend gets me and tells me gf is sick upstairs.
  • Get her and we start heading home.
  • Walk to closest street to hail a cab. Two guys are already there, looking dejected.
  • After a few minutes of no success, start stepping out into the road so the cabs can see me.
  • Get one, offer it to one of the guys who was there first, his friend had just gotten another one though so they decline. Let that cab go because gf isn't ready.
  • Get second cab, Mr Lim. Get in behind driver and open door for gf. She gets in. She states the address.
  • Driver stars shouting. She's pleading. I'm not saying anything. Within 30 sec the driver has left the car.
  • She gets out suddenly and starts walking off. I get out, I don't know where she thinks she's going, all the cabs are on this street. I start to try to get another cab, but she's still walking away, and I don't see the driver.
  • Go to turn off his engine, but there's no keys in the ignition (2012 Chrysler's have a remote fob).
  • Leaning into car, confused.
  • Start getting out and I'm startled by someone grabbing at me.
  • Push away with both open hands, turns out it's Mr Lim. Looks like he's falling back to a knee but I'm already turning and walking away.
  • Start going after gf.
  • About 30meters later hear Mr Lim approaching quickly, he sounds angry.
  • Turn around to confront him. We kind of grab at each other's arms, like 8 year olds fighting. I say, "what are you doing? I could kill you"
  • He was waving his cell phone as he approached, manage to snatch it out of his hands it throw it behind him toward some grass.
  • He goes to get it, I walk off. Gf is around the corner of a building by now.
  • I get another 200meters or so and I can't find my gf. I'm looking for her when Mr Lim shows back up.
  • He holds his camera in my face and takes some pictures.
  • I start walking off and he grabs me from behind.
  • We grab at each other some more and this time he catches me with a hook to my left cheek. Break away from him.
  • He approaches me again, now next to a fountain, and now I'm really annoyed with him for having hit me, so I push him hard to the chest with both hands and he falls into the fountain.
  • He appeared to me to be engaged in some epic quest to right a wrong (me reflexively pushing him next to the taxi).
  • I just wanted to get my gf home before she started crying.
  • At no time did I attack him.
  • I never threw a punch.
  • He chased us 830 meters. We couldn't get another taxi because he'd yell at the driver.
  • Eventually I ask my gf if she feels ok going home alone, and send her off to catch a cab herself, while I resolve the situation.
  • Anyway, cops come, I wait while he puts on a song and dance about his neck and arms, etc.
  • Ambulance comes, I wait while they put him on stretcher with a neck brace.
  • Ambu leaves, now I'll get to explain to the cops what happened, except they just want to see my ID, which is in my gf's purse.
  • So the cops are very meek, they ask me if I'll come with them to the station until they can confirm my ID.
  • I say yes, ask to go take a piss real quick before we go.
  • They say sure, frisk me real quick. I piss (in a mcdonald's bathroom). Then get in the back of the car.
  • When we get into the parking garage under the police station they tell me it's SOP that they put cuffs on me before we go in. Whatever, sure.
  • I get cuffed to a bench and left for an hour.
  • It occurs to me that they're not interested in my ID, they're just arresting me.
  • I get in processed and spend the night in a cell. Most of them are cool, but a couple of them were pricks. Cell was clean. They got a laugh out of me sleeping naked and using my clothes as a pillow.

edit: The top voted comment is from /u/decepticle_ronnie, who is running all over the thread spouting off that I'm a liar and full of bullshit. This person hasn't bothered to check the facts. Claims I'm lying about being a SEAL, quotes linked transcripts 180 degrees out of context, makes judgement calls about me personally without knowing anything about my background. Basically the worst kind of knee jerk reddit behavior.

The entire Court transcript is available online. All of the Court documents are available. My name is out there. Take a breath and start checking facts before jumping on board the hate train with Ronnie.

Edit 3: Really degraded Don't call someone a liar just because you have incomplete information.

Edit 4: This is what I meant when I said 'spastic'. Behavior like this and this and this (gym guy threatening to call the cops on me for deadlifting in the gym)

EDIT 5: Been up for 40 hours. I'm going to get some sleep. Hopefully that'll give people time to peruse through the case file and ask more informed questions. I'll be back at about 8 EST tonight. Thanks.

Edit 6: I'm back. Let me clear up some common misconceptions.

  • I've included the highlights of the testimony of other people, as well as the Prosecution's Submissions and the Judge's Decisions. The whole point of my defense is that those statements and conclusions are incorrect and do not accurately reflect what happened. Please don't confuse my writing that Mr Lim said I did something with me saying that I did something.

  • The charges relate to specific instances. I'm not charged with VCH in general, but VCH as it relates to specifically punching Mr Lim with my hand on his left face. To the absolute best of my knowledge, which is supported by an absence of any wound to Mr Lims face, I did not punch him. I also did not instigate physical contact between us. I understand now that the manner in which I stopped his car and my leaning into his car could cause someone to react the way he did. I'm not claiming that he wasn't reacting in a normal way. I am claiming that I reacted in a normal way as well. I am a quite, low profile guy. I did not behave in an aggressive manner towards Mr Lim. I tried to walk away. He chased me. He instigated physical contact.

  • The Judge's GD, which seem to be the most commonly read bit of actual Court record, are the cherry picked bits of the case, which my lawyers and I will argue, are taken wildly out of context and often misinterpreted, in order to justify his decision to convict. That document was written well after I was convicted and sentenced. The Court transcripts for my conviction date are available. On that day the Judge said he based his decision to convict largely on the lack of corroborating evidence from my gf, fundamentally failing to consider that my gf was not at the scene for most of the bulk of the confrontations with Mr Lim and had spotty memory of what happened, and only testified to what she remembered actually seeing.

Edit 7: I have to say I'm disappointed Reddit. I expected the first day or two to be people who wouldn't bother to verify anything flaming me and some brigades. I honestly thought that by day 3 there'd be at least one person who had read the Subs, transcripts, clinical notes, etc. I know it's not the juiciest case, but it's not all that much to sort through. It is a clear case of injustice. I'm not saying that because I'm delusional or arrogant, check the records. It's borne out in the transcripts.

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aatwee10 karma

What has the State Department or the Embassy advised? How long is your sentence?

ussingthrowaway7 karma

They were fairly hands off. They provided a list of attorneys (most were corporate attorneys), and offered to help transfer funds if I had any.

I haven't been in direct contact in months. A rep will contact one of my attorneys every so often to get an update, but I get the feeling they definitely don't want to be seen as interfering, which I totally understand. This shouldn't be political.

edit: sentence is 4 weeks and 4 days (4 weeks and SGD800 (or 4 extra days), but I'm not paying a dime for something I didn't do, so they can put me up for another couple of days)

aatwee25 karma

If the sentence is 32 day and you've been held for 641 days how come you are not free or have left the country because of time served?

ussingthrowaway0 karma

It doesn't count as time served unless I'm in prison. They consider this a lovely holiday in their lovely country.

Hialexander1235 karma

Is it a secret blessing to be trapped there, or do you just want to get the hell out of there as soon as you can?

ussingthrowaway14 karma

I thought it might be for the first few weeks (maybe even months). I was like, "silver lining, more time with my girlfriend." But no, it's the worst thing I've gone through by far, and that includes doing the better part of two hell weeks with a hernia.

Condoozle8 karma

Better part of two? Did you have to drop out 3-4 days in the first time around and then repeat after the hernia? Best of luck to you man, no matter what the fact of the story is, I hope you get home to the states.

ussingthrowaway8 karma

Made it to Wed, got a med roll for SIPE, pneumo, and hypo.

Kept the hernia a secret until I graduated.

SayerApp5 karma

Whoa. Did you seek any help from the embassy? I'm sorry if that was listed in here, it's a long AMA, but I am wondering: can they do anything to assist in the case?

ussingthrowaway7 karma

I did, they're a bit hands off, which is understandable. This should be a legal issue, not an international political one.

bigatjoon2 karma

Hey can someone TLDR this shitshow for me?

ussingthrowaway2 karma

I'm thinking of doing a youtube video. But ultra short sum up, which is going to be biased towards me (in my favor).

Taxi driver and I had a confrontation. I upset him, unintentionally. He tried to fight me. I tried to walk away. I pushed him several times in response to him grabbing me or hitting me (defensive pushes). He got to tell his version to the cops, I didn't. I was arrested and charged with "assault" (called VCH here).

Police did practically no investigation. Prosecutor used testimony out of context. Judge misunderstood basic facts. The system was very happy to convict me and no one seemed to want to actually check if I was guilty.

Funnily enough, similar thing happened to this guy around the same time. Look how his case was portrayed by the government before witnesses came forward to say it was all bullshit.

Edit: they just overturned his original conviction after putting him in jail for 5 weeks and him paying $30,000 to the taxi driver who beat him up. It's really messed up.

dadroidrigues102 karma

Has there been any sort of physical abuse that they put you through or threatened you in any way?

ussingthrowaway5 karma

No threats. One cop during my in processing, while waiting to get fingerprinted the first night, jumped off the ground and put his full weight on my cuffs. Think he was trying to effect a take down, but the little fella only weighed about 90lbs.

edit: sp

elypter2 karma

why didnt you just get out of the country illegaly, like with a fishing boar or a fake passport?

ussingthrowaway13 karma

I promised.

Gjixy2 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

What's a sandwich anyway?

maxillo2 karma

What does the US embassy say?

ussingthrowaway2 karma

Not a whole lot. Offered to print me a new passport (not really that much help since I'd be stopped at the border), transfer funds if I could raise them, and gave me a list of attorney's that are known to work with Americans.

payne7472 karma

Why did you plead not guilty to throwing his "walkie-talkie"? You just admitted it in this AMA?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

You haven't been reading very well. I never saw a walkie-talkie. I've said that over and over and over again.

mcjagga1 karma

Was attacking a taxi driver part of your plan?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Which plan is that?

UghHapyPeepoh1 karma

Sorry for your troubles. Won't the American "Consulate" help?

Not to assume your innocence, since that is an American judicial concept, but many peoples from foreign countries do hate Americans (esp military) and give them a hard time abroad . Especially, if they date a local woman. It's jealousy unfortunately. If they hate American policies surely a lower level civil servant who just takes orders isn't to blame. HOWEVER, people hear an America accent and hate bubbles. It's sad.

ussingthrowaway1 karma

They don't, as a matter of policy, get involved. They offered to wire funds if I had any, gave me a list of attorneys, and offered to sit in on the trial.

Presumption of innocence is supposed to be a tenant of Singapore's legal system, but at least one Chief Justice is on record saying that the presumption of innocence can end at the time of arrest.

My gf isn't a local. I'm not stealing anyone's job. Really they have no reason to hate me, except that I look like people who are stealing jobs and woman.

F-That1 karma

Can't you use your SEAL training and get out of the place like Jason Borne would do?

ussingthrowaway13 karma

I've made some hand shakes, so no.

RazorDildo1 karma

Have you ever seen Brokedown Palace?

ussingthrowaway4 karma

Thailand drug movie right? I haven't but I think I've heard of it.

RazorDildo1 karma

Yep, that's the one. With Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale

ussingthrowaway2 karma

I'll check it out, probably not happy ending I'm guessing?

freddiesehgal1 karma

Had you done anything politically provocative/active with regards to Singapore?

ussingthrowaway0 karma

No. I bitch and moan about the country on reddit sometimes. Nothing serious.

Hobojoebro1 karma

Why doesn't the cab driver come onto reddit and explain his case? (too old?)

Wouldn't you think that if he is innocent he would do that?

ussingthrowaway0 karma

He isn't being charged with anything. His case was made by the government and then put out in the papers. This isn't about him vs. me, this about me vs the AGC, which brought the case against me.

K33P53CR3T1 karma

What was your BUD/S class number and what year and month did you graduate?

EDIT: BUD/S - 275 June 2009


safeforw0rk1 karma

Why not use your advanced sere tactics and remove yourself from the country? Is the US consulate helping at all?

ussingthrowaway2 karma


They're monitoring the situation. They've offered to sit in on the trial (I declined, not wanting it to be politicized, regretting that decision now).

OzymandiasKoK1 karma

What would they be able to do?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Nothing really. I just mean that if they were there, it might make the DPP and others involved feel added pressure to justify their prosecution.

sprucetrap871 karma

OP, you claim that the taxi driver punched you. Do you have any pictures of the mark from where you were hit?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Does this link work: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0miGRQ7uoczalRvcXprRWZhakk

It's in with those files.

sprucetrap871 karma

You said he threw a left hook and in those documents thete are no visible marks or swelling on the right side of you face at all.

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Right hook. He hit me in my left cheek.

I have a photo a friend took from the next day, and there's no visible swelling. It cut the inside of my cheek, but I never had a bruise or visible swelling from it (I remember there being very slight swelling).

sprucetrap871 karma

You claimed in your previous post to RBI that there was visible swelling. Which version are you going with now?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Mind sending me the post.

Space1 karma

What was the reason why you left the teams? Are there any major differences between West Coast vs. East Coast teams (culture etc)? Good luck out there man.

ussingthrowaway2 karma

I didn't like the politics of it and I wasn't invested in our specific mission anymore. When they found out I wasn't going to re-enlist I ended up on the shit list, and then some drama occurred at a school about my hair being too long, which snowballed, next thing I'm in the CO's Office turning in my bird.

WC is more about life outside the Teams. There's space and things to do. Guys live 45min away from each other, plus they have hobbies. EC is more about Platoon life. Everyone lives close, lots of BBQs and just hanging out in the Platoon space. The result is the vibe that you go WC to party, and EC to Operate.

Thanks, you too.

Plagueis_-2 karma

When will people learn to stop going to these fucked up places? I'll get hate for this, but if you travel to a place like Singapore (Thailand, Iran, Taiwan etc), it's on you for going there to begin with. You can lead a wonderfully happy life without subjecting yourself to these ass backwards places.

ussingthrowaway1 karma

That's not really fair. Try visiting some of those places before you write them off.

FitzForShort-2 karma

My comment got removed for not reading/following rules. I met you last year when visiting, we had a couple drinks and played pool, you sent that stuffed animal for my daughter. You were a really cool guy and I hate to see the negative responses here. I hope the appeal goes well for you. My question, anything I can do for you? Need any visitors this summer or you planning to be gone? Feel free to PM me too.

ussingthrowaway0 karma

Heyo! Fitzy. What's up dude? Glad to hear from you. How are you doing? We can talk offline ( I think you had one of my alt accounts, so sorry if I haven't responded).

Don't worry about the negative responses. I get it. On the surface, if you don't know me or the case, I look like an asshole doing asshole things.

I'm supposed to be out of here by April/Mayish maybe, but if you're coming through SEA for another trip, let me know.

Hope the kiddo enjoyed the bunny. I had these elaborate plans to take pictures with it at all the sites in Singapore, but not having a car...

sloe_jin5 karma


My comment got removed for not reading/following rules. I met you last year when visiting, we had a couple drinks and played pool, you sent that stuffed animal for my daughter. You were a really cool guy and I hate to see the negative responses here. I hope the appeal goes well for you. My question, anything I can do for you? Need any visitors this summer or you planning to be gone? Feel free to PM me too.


Heyo! Fitzy. What's up dude? Glad to hear from you. How are you doing? We can talk offline ( I think you had one of my alt accounts, so sorry if I haven't responded). Don't worry about the negative responses. I get it. On the surface, if you don't know me or the case, I look like an asshole doing asshole things. I'm supposed to be out of here by April/Mayish maybe, but if you're coming through SEA for another trip, let me know. Hope the kiddo enjoyed the bunny. I had these elaborate plans to take pictures with it at all the sites in Singapore, but not having a car...

Stop talking to yourself, Ian Damery Fitzgerald.

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Yup, I'm the conspiracy nut.

sergio1394-3 karma

How many skirmishes have you been in? As in fights, I don't know the proper term.

How many people have you un-alived? Hope it's okay to ask that.

How naked were you?

ussingthrowaway1 karma

Since puberty, 3. One I was choke slammed walking home from a wedding party. One was with a platoon mate who was pissed at me (I didn't want the beef to last so I asked him outside, he kicked my ass). One was in college, this dude just kept insulting me to my face over the course of half an hour, so same thing, asked him outside, he started swinging, I choke slammed him. I've literally never swung on someone without gloves on.

None in war.

All the way naked.

chilltrek97-3 karma

Is this an isolated unfortunate incident or is this normal for Singapore? By this I mean, are there any other similar cases where locals go crazy on foreigners and the local authorities choose to side with the locals when there is no evidence?

ussingthrowaway0 karma

It's hard to find good evidence. I know of the one case I linked where that definitely seems to have been the case.

This shouldn't be a big surprise, look at the U.S. and how minorities are treated by the judicial system.

I'm not even entirely sure this is a local/foreigner thing (I suspect that contributes), but it might just be who got to tell their version of events to the cops first. From what I've seen, the system is very much about picking a target and going after it.

auzrealop3 karma

I'm an American with relatives in Singapore and visit regularly. Sounds like you messed up from the get go. In Singapore, its pretty much the law that you have to hail a cab from cab stands especially in a downtown area. You can't just randomly stop one. Another thing, this guy definitely speaks basic English and told you guys to get out. Problem is most Americans when they get to Singapore can't understand Singaporean English, especially the heavily accented ones for their first week there.

So look at it from his perspective, a bunch of foreigners randomly stops his cab illegaly and hop in. He requests you guys to get out and you do not comply as he gets angrier and angrier. He gets out to get you guys out and then sees you messing with the ignition. He goes to get you out of his car, then you push him.

So, by your own admission you've illegaly stopped a taxi, got in and wouldn't leave despite the "crazy" azn man telling you to gtfo and then "assaulted" him when you he was trying to defend his property.

That being said, being held for almost 2 years for what amounts to illegaly hailing a cab and shoving a guy is pretty harsh. Then again Singapore is known for giving out harsh penalties like caning Americans for spray painting cars.

Word to the wise, next time you go to a foreign country, brush up on your surroundings first. Try to be respectful to the locals. Much of your situation could have been avoided if you properly defused the situation(getting out of the cab when angry cab driver is yelling at you is probably a good idea).

On another note, you were in the downtown area, Singapore is lit up by CCTV. I wonder if you could independently track down the video of your confrontation.

ussingthrowaway0 karma

I completely see that side of things now. My beef was never with the taxi driver. I didn't understand why he was so angry at the time, now I do.

The exchange between my gf and him was less than 30 sec as I remember it.

It was:



"Please, we'll pay whatever extra."


"Please, please, I'll pay anything, please.

Out of the cab.

It happened before I had time to understand what he was shouting about.

I spent about 5 months trying every avenue I could to track down CCTV. I even went to mediation with the PDPC (Personal Data Protection Counsel) and the camera owners. Total stonewall.