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for which the video is an ADVERTISEMENT.

I am so pleased you pointed this out. Not that I did not notice, but just nice that you bothered with integrity.

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They called them v-tail doctor killers. They where expensive planes and not many people other than doctors could afford them. The reason they crashed is not because of any design flaw, but because it is a very high performance plane, and the private pilots got behind the aircraft and crashed them a lot.

Source: I worked on A36 flight simulators and flew Bonazas and Barons.

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Poor Hipster! If you get to San Francisco I will hook you up with some Racer 5.

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Introducing your child to the scientific method early seems to help. (This of course is anecdotal, I have not created a double blind study on this.)

When my daughter was younger and she asked me questions, I would try to help her create an experiment to answer them.

We where at the pool once when she was five and asked if sound was louder in the air or in the water. I suggested we find out and asked her how you could make a sound underwater. She came up with clicking rocks together. Well the experiment was easy from there.

She is currently a Biomedical engineering major pursuing her PHD and MD.

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What kind of beer?