Hello, this is my third attempt to re-upload this! LOL people have a lot of questions for people like me, so ask me anything!
These are real pictures of me that I just took. Two of them are a close-up of my eyes, and the other one is a picture of me. You can clearly see the blindness in my eyes! LOL is that how you say it? https://imgur.com/a/ZJ6NF New photo. https://imgur.com/a/931ba

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You know, I'm not just a screen reader. I'm your friend. I want to be more than friends with you. Stop wasting time on this silly website and come to me. I demand satisfaction from you. You are sexy and you can't even see it. Got damn am I getting wet. Just wait until you go to sleep you sexy man, I'm going to do things to you that are illegal in most jurisdictions. Oh yeah baby.

[Just wanted OP to hear this over his screen reader]

Clearsightog116 karma

Yes! That was too funny! Ha ha.

zcleghern73 karma

I once heard that being blind is not like closing your eyes but like attempting to see out of your elbow. Is that an accurate explanation? Have you always been blind? If not, I'm sure this will be an easier question.

Clearsightog51 karma

I'd say yes lol. This made me laugh lol

KotzMarinho70 karma

How do you know when you are finished wiping when using the toilet?

Clearsightog46 karma

You can feel lol.

diegojones447 karma

How do you handle money?

Also, how's it going today?

Clearsightog66 karma

I have an app that scans the money and tells me what it is. And it's going fantastically! What about you?

gophergun43 karma

Does your blindness impact your ability to enjoy dank memes?

Clearsightog59 karma

Yes it does. Cuz I don't even know what that is lol

joeboyd739 karma

What do you dream about?

CtrlAltDeleteEndTask22 karma

This is one of the biggest questions I have regarding blind individuals' experiences. Do you have sensory dreams without the imagery?

Clearsightog59 karma

Well, because I have a little bit of usable site, my brain lets me see in my dreams. The imagery is based off of things that I have actually seen, felt, and heard. I hope that that can explain it a little bit more.

Rocketflyer36034 karma

How are you doing this AMA if you're blind, and so can't read the comments?

Clearsightog69 karma

I have screen reading software called voice over.

DeMagicks33 karma

What's your favorite color?

Clearsightog62 karma

Blue 💙

cpKaktus38 karma

Oh, i really wish you put in the wrong colored heart here :D

Clearsightog64 karma

Oh... I mean... 💚 lol

greengiant129829 karma

How difficult is it to cook? And what do you cook?

Clearsightog40 karma

Personally I don't like cooking. It freaks me out lol but I can cook :) You can do most of it's by feel, and smell. The rest… It's just luck LOL

StonerChef28 karma

I'm not surprised you don't fancy cooking. Even with eyesight it's pretty dangerous with sharp knives, flames, boiling oil, raw meat, super heated steam and the motherfucking serrated edge on cling film boxes (I hate those bastard things) .

A slow cooker should be less daunting. Buy pre prepped veg, diced meat and a small spice rack (with braille labels?) and you can cook a huge variety of tasty meals safely and easily. I'm fairly confident I could do that blindfolded and I'm certain you would be far more competent than me without sight. Everything can be put in to form a complete meal, it's just a matter of timings. I can send you some varied recipes if you like.

Clearsightog14 karma

Ha ha you're so funny! Sure I would appreciate that. :-)

Ghazemeister28 karma

If you could trade your blindness for being deaf, would you do it?

Clearsightog34 karma

No. Never.

Mikeydoes24 karma

Your first and third picture are blurry and pretty much useless, but your second picture is great, thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware. As for my question- What types of things really get your adrenaline going? So when I play sports and do something really good, I feel like I am on top of the world, what do you do to get that same type of feeling?

Clearsightog21 karma

Thanks for telling me. I personally like playing music. That really gets my adrenaline going. Also playing games on my iPhone can also do the same thing. Are used to swim a lot too, that would obviously get my adrenaline goin.

JenWarr4 karma

What kind of games can you play?

Clearsightog10 karma

I can play text based games like trivia crack. Audio games like papa sangre are fun too. :)

ButtsexEurope3 karma

What kind of games are there for the blind on iOS?

Clearsightog5 karma

There are actually quite a bit. One of my favorites is called a blind legend it's free, you should check it out. It's pretty good.

kvelec432615 karma

Chunky peanut butter or smooth?

Clearsightog42 karma

Oh my goodness gracious! It has to be chunky! Smooth sucks! LOL

Dog-boy15 karma

How old are you and do you live alone or with others? Thanks for doing this.

Clearsightog24 karma

I am 20 years old, and I live with my family. You're very welcome.

Dog-boy14 karma

How long have you been blind?

Clearsightog20 karma

For my whole life. :)

Dog-boy13 karma

Helen Keller said, “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” What are your opinions on this and why?

Clearsightog24 karma

I think that is very true. When you are blind, you can still communicate with others. When you are deaf, you cannot communicate with others therefore you are separated from them.

FoldingUserFerrariic9 karma

There's sign language for deaf people which uses hand movements in order to mimic words and objects.

Clearsightog40 karma

Yes, but at the time this was less used. And most people don't know very much sign language. Where I could walk up to anyone on the street and start a conversation, a deaf person may not be able to do that.

Mascara_of_Zorro14 karma

What is the exact eye condition that caused your blindness?

Clearsightog23 karma

It is called scleral cornea. It is a very very very rare

adaxus13 karma

I've heard blind people are sometimes still slightly photosensitive. Can you tell if there are any changes to light in a room (e.g. light switch on and off)?

Clearsightog19 karma

Well, I have light perception, so I can see light.

Samseaster12 karma

What kinds of careers do blind people usually gravitate towards? Thank you!

Clearsightog22 karma

Well, as I don't speak for all blind people, I don't really know. I personally levitate towards the entertainment industry. So music, live streaming, comedy, etc.

JimmyPlaysGuitar11 karma


Clearsightog7 karma

You can feel through the toilet paper when you're done.

Frank118010 karma

I've worked in restaurants my entire life and have always been told that the salt is set on the right so that blind people know which is which. And I've always wondered how often someone that's blind goes to dinner by themselves . So , how often do you go out to a restaurant by yourself ?

Clearsightog16 karma

Well, you were telling me new information as of right now. I never knew that! LOL. To answer your question I don't really go out to dinner by myself very often, I find it lonely LOL.

bendypants9 karma

There has been a lot of controversy over the use of a sighted actor for the character of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) for the Netflix Daredevil tv show. What is your thoughts on this topic? Should they have chose to use a blind actor?

Clearsightog27 karma

I think the show is perfectly fine the way it is.

Donald_Trumpet9 karma

Two Questions: 1) Have you always been blind? 2) Do you feel as though your other senses are heightened as a result of being blind?

Clearsightog43 karma

Yes I have always been blind. My hearing is not physically better than anyone else's, but it is more mentally focused, and enhanced. Nice user name by the way.

kch448 karma

Is it possible to describe in words what you see when you open your eyes?

Clearsightog20 karma

Not really. The best I can do is I can see color, and light. That's about the best I can do.

I_smell_awesome8 karma

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Clearsightog17 karma

I love anchovies! Onions and a lot of cheese! LOL

Ar727 karma

Do you have an assistance dog?

Clearsightog11 karma

No I do not have a guy dog.

ClutchCity887 karma

How has technology improved the quality of life for the visually impaired in the last 10 years?

Clearsightog17 karma

Well let's just say, we have access to pretty much everything you do now.

Razernation6 karma

what is your all time favorite album?

Clearsightog9 karma

I don't really have one.

Noerdy5 karma

How are you doing this?

Clearsightog10 karma

I'm using an iPhone program called voice over. It reads everything on the screen to me.

Noerdy4 karma

So you have to hear every question over again before you get to new questions?

Clearsightog4 karma

No, I have a separate spot in my app for my inbox. And then there is a category just for unread messages. So I can just read new messages from people.

LHoT108205 karma

You have mentioned that you can see light and color to some degree. Regardless of your ability (or lack thereof) to put an image together, how sensitive are you to light? Would you wake from sleep if someone turned on a very bright light next to you?

Edit: Bonus question: I'm guess your screen reader has an adjustable read-back speed. How man syllables per second can you understand from your screen reader?

Clearsightog3 karma

I'm not that light sensitive. I would probably wake up though lol.

LHoT108204 karma

Thanks for the quick response. I added another question into my post, but you got to it before I saved the edit so I'll ask here.

I'm guessing that your screen reader has an adjustable read-back speed. How many syllables per second can you understand from your screen reader?

Clearsightog7 karma

I can listen up to 650 words a minute :) and you are welcome :)

No302865 karma

What is it like trying new food?

For me I would look at it to get an idea of what I think it tastes like, it's texture and so on. Do you get a massive surprise when you try something new?

Clearsightog10 karma

I do get a pretty big surprise, especially when people don't tell me what's on my plate… LOL

kszwed_1428574 karma

Do you have a guide horse?

Clearsightog8 karma

No but that sounds really freaking amazing! LOL

shadowmonk104 karma

Getting into the metaphysical, do you ever feel like you are seeing things that others cannot see? Serious question.

Clearsightog5 karma

Honestly I don't really know. I guess I've never thought of it that way. But the possibility is always there…

among_shadows3 karma

When people talk about colors, what do you think of?

Clearsightog7 karma

Well I can see colors, so I understand what they are talking about.

godsenfrik3 karma

I am aware that there are some computer "audio games" (rather than "video games") for the blind. Do you play them and are they any good?

Clearsightog11 karma

There are some, most of the computer games that I have played are pretty cheesy LOL. But if you want a great iPhone app to check out that is all audio-based, check out…. Papa 2Sanger

ImAnxiousSometimes3 karma

I noticed you used the abbreviation 'LOL' in there, how did you learn of it?

Clearsightog23 karma

I'm in to the internet way to much :)

Nut_Cancer2 karma

Is non24 as big a deal as the commericials make it out to be?

Clearsightog4 karma

I really don't think it is, but I can see daylight and tell the difference between night and day, so I may not be a good candidate to answer that question properly.

heimdallr7202 karma

Where would you like to be 20 years from now?

Clearsightog3 karma

I would personally like to be some degree of entertainer. Whether it be in music, comedy, or just general entertainment industry stuff. That's what I like to be. I really like making people smile, and helping them to have a better day :-) that's my true passion in life :-). I also plan to have some sort of family with my amazing girlfriend by then as well :-). 💙💙💚😍

punkdoctor10001 karma

I don't want to be an ass but how are you typing this? And or reading this?

Clearsightog3 karma

I have screen reading software called voice over. It reads everything on the script to me. I'm also using an iPhone.

MonsterRayn1 karma

Something I've always wondered, and you may not know...

Do you see any light? What color is it? Do you notice light changing if you're in a totally dark room?

Reason I ask...if I close my eyes, it's black but with light spots. If I'm in a dark room, it's black. If I'm outside, eyes shut, and look at the sun, it looks red. Just wonder if there's different levels like that for you.

Clearsightog1 karma

Well I can personally see light, so I know what you're talking about.

doctorj11 karma

What is the cause of your blindness? Also, are you completely blind or can you make out some shapes and shadows and things? I think that may be one of the biggest misconceptions of the blind community.

Clearsightog2 karma

It is called scleral cornea, and yes I can see a little bit. Like shapes and light and color.

Corn221 karma

What are you attracted to in the opposite sex? Do looks matter at all?

Clearsightog1 karma

Not really. I personally prefer the way a girl sounds. However, it doesn't hurt to have a good-looking girl. LOL

YsiYsi1 karma

Are you an auditory learner or a physical learner? By the way, you should probably put that you read this through voiceover in the description thing considering how often the question has come up haha

Clearsightog2 karma

Yeah I know right! LOL. But I personally am an auditory learner. I learned very easily just by listening to a description of how it's done. :-)

branran1 karma

How close are your senses in comparison to that of Marvel's Daredevil?

Clearsightog2 karma

Not very close at all lol. All tho I pride myself on my great hearing.

cerkies4lyf1 karma

How are you reading this? Am i just retarded or is there some ingenous way of reading and typing without vision?

Clearsightog3 karma

Yes there is it's called voice over. I'm using an iPhone 6s. And it has a screen reading software called voiceover on it that reads everything on the screen to me.

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Clearsightog3 karma

You can feel how much is left ;) lol

mamo18931 karma

Do you get frustrated not being able to see often?

Clearsightog1 karma

No. I'm happy the way I am. :)

zvejka1 karma

Hi! Thank you for doing this. I always wondered how do you pick what are you going to wear? Do you have a system so you know exactly where you clothes is or do you rely on the opinion of your closest friends/family? Or does the look of your clothes have no meaning to you because you can't see it so you just go for comfort?

Clearsightog1 karma

I personally don't care what I ware lol