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Oh gosh. As a slightly out of shape american, that gives me quite a bit of hope. 3-4 days a week I go biking for 20 miles. One time a year, I go on this trail that's 200 miles long, and just see how far I can go in a day. My longest was 40 miles (when I first started going, about 5 years ago, 10 miles was nearly insurmountable). But I keep improving. 60 would be amazing to me. Even if it's something I only did once a year, let alone every day.

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Honestly never knew Bootsy Collins was anything other than an occasional backing vocalist for Buckethead. Listened to about 25 songs via MOG. Backed that $1. Christ, that's good music.

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Of those that have survived (or died), are there any patterns? Like, is it mostly just killing the young/elderly/people with pre-existing issues? Are "healthier" people surviving it?

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Something I've always wondered, and you may not know...

Do you see any light? What color is it? Do you notice light changing if you're in a totally dark room?

Reason I ask...if I close my eyes, it's black but with light spots. If I'm in a dark room, it's black. If I'm outside, eyes shut, and look at the sun, it looks red. Just wonder if there's different levels like that for you.