Hello, my name is Vermin Supreme. I am here to answer some questions . It is Sunday 2/14 12pm EST. Hello. Is this thing on ? Am I redditing???? Once again, I am a two finger typist , so bear with me. Also , I may go back and elaborate on some answers later on. Thanks for joining this very special IAmA. Hello, my name is Vermin Supreme. I am here to answer some questions .
proof https://twitter.com/VerminSupreme/status/698906823894700032

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YesLikeTheJeans651 karma

How do you feel knowing that your sex appeal plays such a big role in your following?

verminsupreme2012812 karma

I'm too sexy for my boot.

polymerwitch510 karma

When you win a second term will we receive a second pony?

verminsupreme20121028 karma

No, but your pony may receive a second human.

GravityCat1501 karma

Do you believe you may be called to service by Obama and the Republican dominated senate to replace Scalia as the 9th Supreme Court Justice?

verminsupreme20121189 karma

All things are possible, except probably that.

SapientHorse405 karma

Since you have admitted that the free pony program was a ruse to get more votes, what is your plan to sway voters you way?

verminsupreme20121654 karma

I will keep on lying, and promising the people what they want.

AlabamaJesus361 karma

Who would you appoint to the Supreme Court?

verminsupreme2012908 karma

The Kardashians.

jibcage325 karma

As an anarchist, what message are you hoping to send by running for president of the US?

verminsupreme2012831 karma

To show that the emperor wears no clothes. Emphasizing the ridiculous aspect of the spectacle. Offering mocking as an alternative tactic to screwing with the system.

myracksarelettuce323 karma

Do you plan on suing Trump for stealing your idea

verminsupreme2012504 karma

Can't steal a free pony....or can you?.....

GotDangItBill86 karma

How would you separate being worthy of ridicule and senseless disdain?

verminsupreme2012269 karma

There will be a multiple choice checklist.

Toshiro46277 karma

Will you run against Kanye in 2020? What will be your platform?

verminsupreme2012697 karma

Yes, Harnessing the awesome power of the Kardashian's asses as an energy source.

kfk4life263 karma

What do I need to do to become your running mate? I want to be your VP so I can be president in 2028.

verminsupreme2012695 karma

Being a meme would be a good start.

bigfootplays249 karma

Can I be your Secretary of the Interior when you become supreme emperor overlord?

verminsupreme2012630 karma

How aboot Secretary of Interior Monologues?

ceramicfiver222 karma

How do you keep the boot on your head from falling off?

verminsupreme2012623 karma

A combination of Gravity and friction.

hggdsdfr45678765211 karma

What if I lose my federally appointed pony?

verminsupreme2012413 karma

See Dental Reeducation Centers.

DayoftheDead160 karma

Why are you an anarchist?

verminsupreme2012499 karma

Because I love people.

ReginaldLADOO135 karma

How much drugs do you use on a daily basis? And where do I get some of whatever your on?

verminsupreme2012496 karma

The mind altering drugs I did, did their job many years ago. I do like to keep my cannabinoid receptors happy on a daily basis,tho.

Senno_Ecto_Gammat131 karma

Which of the various flavors of anarchism do you most identify with, and what do you imagine an anarchist society of the future might look like?

verminsupreme2012269 karma

I am an anti-state, anti-capitalist, Kropotkin style, Mutual Aid type of anarchist. I have learned much from the Rainbow Family of Living Love and Light and their annual Gathering of the Tribes. I suspect the anarchist society of the future will be full of ponies.

ceramicfiver93 karma

Come visit us in /r/anarchism some time, we'd love to hear from you!

verminsupreme2012130 karma

thanks for the invite!

Empty00Eyes1 karma

If you are anti-capitalist, does that mean you are also anti-savings? Or do you think the two are somehow different?

verminsupreme20124 karma

well, once again i am a pragmatist. the current system requires certain things to gat by. A Pony Based Economy on the otherhand....

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verminsupreme20123 karma

s'pose. I hate the commie state, also.

loucatelli122 karma

Why don't you return to Baltimore and run for Mayor again? The time is ripe!!!

verminsupreme2012173 karma

When is the election?

loucatelli107 karma

Primary is on April 26

General is on November 8

If you need more time, i'll see if they can postpone it for a bit

verminsupreme2012198 karma

where am i now?

ceramicfiver116 karma

What are the top five books that have impacted you the most? And why?

verminsupreme2012230 karma

The Can't-itates - Craig Tomashof http://www.com.washington.edu/2015/12/the-cant-idates-craig-tomashoff-82-tells-story-of-those-who-run-for-president-in-new-book/ He included me in a chapter and we got to promote it together. Johnny Got His Gun - Dalton Trumbo Showed the horror of war. Catch 22 - Ken Kesey Showed the absurdity of war. Mutual Aid - Peter Kropotkin Informed my anarchism. Go Dog Go - PT Eastman Great ending. good party.

ceramicfiver165 karma

Made it easier to read :)

The Can't-itates - Craig Tomashof, He included me in a chapter and we got to promote it together.

Johnny Got His Gun - Dalton Trumbo, Showed the horror of war.

Catch 22 - Ken Kesey, Showed the absurdity of war.

Mutual Aid - Peter Kropotkin, Informed my anarchism.

Go Dog Go - PT Eastman, Great ending. good party.

verminsupreme2012111 karma


Occasionally_Girly111 karma

How important is it for me to brush my teeth?

verminsupreme2012291 karma

Super important. Many diseases, heart , dementia, etc. have been linked to shoddy dental hygiene . True story.

wiwom1108 karma

Who would u vote for between all the people in the republican and Democratic Party?

verminsupreme2012249 karma

martin O'malley.

GravityCat1119 karma

Your endorsement will pay dividends for his campaign

verminsupreme2012208 karma

endorsement of what now?

chefboyardeeman93 karma

What life advice would you give a 15 year old Vermin Supreme?

verminsupreme2012274 karma

I would suggest he learn an actual trade and attend voke.

U5efull92 karma

Why do this on Valentines day?

verminsupreme2012288 karma

Well, my middle name is Love.

yzgncx77 karma

You have suggested in a 2016 interview that if your 'pony identification system' and 'pony based economy' policy propositions should pass, that a pony currency might follow, provided we can make the ponies small enough.

What is the state of pony-shrinking research today; can we expect a pony based currency within your four-year plan?

verminsupreme2012130 karma

Progress marches on.

clintVirus74 karma

Holy shit, the real vermin supreme!

What candidate do you feel is most likely to adopt your universal dentistry or free pony platform?

verminsupreme2012175 karma

Donald J Trump.

BenMcKeamish72 karma

Good afternoon, Mr. Supreme. If you had to pick one, would you consider yourself more a satirist or a performance artist?

verminsupreme2012219 karma

I would choose the one word description of clown.

jibcage71 karma

Would you rather wear one horse-sized duck boot, or 100 duck-sized horse boots?

verminsupreme2012147 karma

I think I should try them on. See what looks best.

elypter63 karma

The german party Die Partei promises a unicorn for everyone. What do you plan to keep pace with germany?

verminsupreme2012133 karma

This will not stand !

Sherk3357 karma

whom is paying for all these ponies? the proposed zombie energy? i understand we will eventually transition to a pony-based economy, but someone needs to pay for them in the short-term.

verminsupreme2012192 karma

au contraire ! No one pays. They are absolutely 100% FREE !!!!

Sherk3352 karma

follow-up question, what if at some point the value of the ponies falls below the value of the raw materials used to make them? will we gradually remove them from circulation? will we ban melting them down to preserve our traditions and our history?

verminsupreme201298 karma

something like that.

stabbinfresh55 karma

Mr. Supreme, how could one go about getting you to speak at my school? I really want my students to know that there are other candidates out there worth voting for.

verminsupreme201299 karma

drop me a note. crazycircusdogs @ yahoo. com

Bocui55 karma

What is the art to glitter bombing?

verminsupreme2012150 karma

having enuf glitter and being aware of the person being bombed not getting any in their eyes or lungs. Glitter, like any particulate can also be flammable. gotta be careful of that.

Frentis55 karma


What is the ultimate goal for, if you ever become president?

Also how do you go about brushing your teeth and what boot do you recommend for wearing on one's head? I've been looking for a while now and can't make up my mind, so I'd love an experts advice. Thanks.

verminsupreme2012131 karma

  1. a.Ponies b. I will never become president.
  2. One tooth at a time 3.Tingley Rainwear makes the best head boot I've found.

Frentis36 karma

Never give up hope, if I was American, you would have my vote.

I'm getting a pair of Tingley Rainwear right now.

Also thank you for doing this AMA!

verminsupreme201263 karma

http://workingperson.com/tingley-mens-black-1400-10-work-waterproof-overshoes.html Definitely the overboots are what I recommend. I think they have a longer version. Please note . There is no correlation between foot and head size. My head takes the giant size.

crappycappy39 karma

Looks like they are, buy one, get one free!

verminsupreme201265 karma

super cool. for some reason they won't sell just one. weird.

mrcchapman50 karma

Do you consider the policies of other non-establishment parties from around the world, such as the Monster Raving Loony Party in the UK?

verminsupreme2012127 karma

I am currently invading Montreal meeting with representatives of the Rhinoceros Party.

PaulMSURon50 karma

You have said that libertarians identify the problem but don't have the solution, what is the solution?

When we get to anarchy what kind of systems do you want to see?

verminsupreme2012119 karma

Short answer- Ponies. Long answer - idk. scaling it up is certainly a problem. Once again my 2008 libertarian bashing, was a product of my attitudes at the time. ie before they started supporting my camPain. if I had real answers maybe I would be a real politician.

PaulMSURon33 karma

Just because you had real answers doesn't mean you would become a horrible person, don't be so hard on yourself Vermin

verminsupreme201260 karma

oh no, i'm just not a pundit. and my own IRL opinions have little bearing on the face of the camPain.

IsolatedSelf40 karma

"my own IRL opinions have little bearing on the face of the camPain" So just like any other politician?

verminsupreme201276 karma


CappuccinoBoy45 karma

Big fan of your political stances. Just one question about your personal identification pony program. What would happen in case of it being stolen or lost?


verminsupreme2012182 karma

That would never happen.

ishabad40 karma

Why should I vote for you? How does it fell to beat Tom Brady?

verminsupreme201297 karma

You should vote for me because I beat Tom Brady!! Take that deflator gator!!

like2lol37 karma

Do you think you'll become president someday? Edit: You answered it in another answer, new question: What's your favorite color?

verminsupreme2012124 karma

I enjoy the colors on the spectrum beyond human perception.

Immortal_Azrael35 karma

Who would be your ideal running mate?

Dark_Potatoes33 karma

What is your favorite animal?

verminsupreme2012102 karma

Ponies? Is this a trick question?

Dark_Potatoes43 karma


verminsupreme2012114 karma

lamestream media gotcha questions mutter mutter...

NewToSociety32 karma

Who is your Valentine?

verminsupreme201277 karma

My lovely wife.

MyParentsAre_Cousins30 karma

How does she feel about your political practices?

verminsupreme2012120 karma

she tolerates them very well.

username_00431 karma

Hello, how are you?

I wanted to ask what you think of congressional term limits and gerrymandering?

verminsupreme201292 karma

fine,Thank you. for, and against.

Shits-McNeil29 karma

What size is your boot?

verminsupreme201275 karma

'Giant.' keeping in mind there is no correlation between foot and head size.

elan9629 karma

How do you think the market will react to the surge of ponies in the market?

Are you only issuing free ponies so that you can invest hard in big-ridingcrop stocks?

verminsupreme201241 karma


rulakarbes24 karma

What will be punishment for not washing teeth?

verminsupreme201286 karma

That will be determined by a High Council of Internet Memes.

Just_A_Mainer24 karma

Do we all get baby ponies? Because that would be even better. It would teach us life value about raising young.

verminsupreme201237 karma

Great idea!!

DepressiveReverie24 karma

Hello President Supreme,

You have been president for a few years now and I have still not received my Identification pony, I am unable to leave my home without an ID pony and have run out of toothpaste months ago. This is really very urgent as I do not want to get in trouble or do the wrong thing, is it OK to leave the house without an ID pony in order to get necessary toothpaste and replacement toothbrushes? If not does mud work as toothpaste? I don't know what to do and am very scared of the dental police.

verminsupreme201230 karma

Just tell em you have a presidential pardon to do so.

MaliceCaleb23 karma

what would you do about Trans rights?

verminsupreme2012125 karma

Your concerns are my concerns. I will waterboard the haters with fluoridated water. Transformers Rule!!

Senno_Ecto_Gammat21 karma

It's an honor to have you here, Mr. Supreme.

Do you think your promise of free ponies for everyone will be enough to sway voters away from Bernie Sanders, who has promised free everything for everyone?

In the past you have said that the free pony initiative will be used as a federal identification program, and that everybody will be required to have their pony with them at all times.

Just to be clear - you're not planning on doing anything nefarious with all the pony-related data your program will collect, are you?

Finally, you weren't invited to the lesser known candidates debate this year because you glitter bombed Randall Terry at the 2011 debate. Do you see that as a violation of your right to have your feels protected, and when you get into office are you going to do anything to protect other vermin from having to endure the same Jim Crow-esque bigotry?


verminsupreme201232 karma

  1. Frankly, it doesn't matter.
  2. Pony data will only be used for ther purposes of dental health. 3.The debate was a private event on private property. I respect their right to invite/disinvite whomever they please. Altho it was disappointing, I had a fine time in my own 'freedom cage.'

SpookyStirnerite21 karma

I don't know if you're still here or not, but if you are, would you support abolishing the economy?

I'm not a fan of it.

I'd rather we just get robots to do everything so we can have fun all day instead.

verminsupreme201238 karma

Robotic Pony Based Economy coming your way!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1czBcnX1Ww

HCM420 karma

If elected, how long before the US power grid is completely powered by zombies?

verminsupreme201256 karma

soon my pretties.

PaulMSURon19 karma

Will you ever do an out of character interview where you discuss you actual views on the world?

verminsupreme201253 karma

I slip in and out. (see this iami) That is something I really enjoy, having the option of reality or fantasy in my answers.

Fezthebear19 karma

Do you have multiple boots for public appearances, or just one?

verminsupreme201239 karma

Got a few emergency backup.

Empty00Eyes18 karma

Is it true that your free pony program is just a prelude to the rumored unicorn alliance?

verminsupreme201229 karma



verminsupreme201246 karma

Interestingly, there are a lot of people that use my name as a handle on the internet. It has caused some minor confusion in the past.

elJefedcog16 karma

Mr. Supreme,

Who was the last person you glitter bombed with the intention of turning them gay?

HockeyLocked15 karma

Vermin, are you canpaigning as a genuine candidate or is all this a sort of joke for you and you're doing it to make people laugh?

verminsupreme201277 karma


agentorange36015 karma

What made you get into politics?

verminsupreme201277 karma


defff_metal14 karma

In your opinion, what's our country's greatest issue?

verminsupreme201239 karma

Lack of ponies.

OrickJagstone14 karma

Hey man. I met you a few years back at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster NH. Always wondered what you thought about the event and if you would ever go back? Everyone seemed to love you. I don't think you'll find a finer group of people that share your ideas. Let's get rid of the Fed and start a pony based economy!

verminsupreme201224 karma

Any time I can , I will.

snazzysportstacker13 karma

Do you still stand behind your claim that mandatory toothbrushing laws should be in place?

verminsupreme201225 karma

Yes. I do.

TylerMcFluffBut11 karma

  1. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?
  2. If you had too choose one of the Republican candidates to be president, who would you choose?

verminsupreme201231 karma

America has been ripe for a demagogue. I had always hoped it would be me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrDDkKPUFa4 I would choose one of the dropouts.

Skyrekon10 karma

Can I be your vice president? I'll do literally anything you ask me to.

verminsupreme201229 karma

anything? eh?

assrielmeemurr8 karma

Which team did you choose in Splatfest, Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue?

verminsupreme201225 karma

I must have missed it. I did like the Puppy Bowl , tho.

HrBerg7 karma

If you had to wear a different type of shoe on your head (read: not boot) what would it be?

Also, what do you think about /r/ooer ?

verminsupreme201220 karma

Not a boot? That wd be crazy! I would love to have ooer on my design team.

StopEating5KCalories6 karma

Do you prefer boobs or ass?

verminsupreme201212 karma

Heads or Tails?

shschief156 karma

Mr Supreme,

You are a staunch advocator of a pony for every American. My question is this. Would we be placed in a draft to determine the ownership of a pony or is it to be a first come first serve basis? Thank you for you time.

verminsupreme201214 karma

You will have your choice of color and flavor. As long as it is a pony flavor.

Juz165 karma

Where do you plan to source all your ponies from?

verminsupreme20129 karma

Planet of the Ponies!!

PaulMSURon4 karma

What makes you opposed to the anarchism advocated by David Friedman and Murray Rothbard, anarcho-capitalism?

Or in other words why do you identify as anti-capitalist?

verminsupreme201215 karma

Preface: It doesn't matter what I think. I engage in commerce. Personally, I believe capitalism is inherently hierarchical and exploitive. This has not interfered with my relationship with my an-cap libertarian supporters. Our anti-state commonalities are what works. One thing that does stick in my craw is the framing of mutual aid as 'charity'.

FamilyHeirloomTomato3 karma

How can we get to work when we have a serious lack of free ponies in this country? Why aren't any other candidates talking about this? Do you think it's a conspiracy set up by anti-pony multinational corporations?

verminsupreme20124 karma


Hubietheb00bie3 karma

New Hampshire native here. What is you plan regarding the distribution of ponies. Will I be able to choose one of my favorite color?

verminsupreme20125 karma

flavor and color!! as long as it's pony flavored.

Just_A_Mainer3 karma

What is your favorite book?

verminsupreme20126 karma

see the favorite book question below.

-XQV-3 karma

Mr. Supreme, my vote is torn between you and Pulvapies. What can you offer that Pulvapies cannot?

verminsupreme20128 karma

I use Pulvapies under my boot. I am more of a dentifrice.

ailurus23 karma

Hi Mr Supreme, it's an honor to be able to speak to you.

I have three questions :

1) favorite pokemon?

2) Which would be the song that you would choose to be played as you entered the White House, if you were elected?

3) What is your position on the presence of ananas on a pizza?


verminsupreme20125 karma

1) Derpy Hooves 2)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9wPGN2QkBQ 3)To each his/her own.

crappycappy1 karma

In addition to a pony for everyone we need a Gun for Everyone. Will you make it happen?

verminsupreme20128 karma

How about pony guns?

NewToSociety3 karma

Laser Cats?

verminsupreme20125 karma


elypter1 karma

if you win and when everything is set up will i have to choose my pony or will the pony choose me?

verminsupreme20125 karma


tonehponeh1 karma

Can you appoint me as head of state of pony affairs when elected, and maybe make my salary like, a million dollars a year?

I really need to pay for college

verminsupreme20125 karma

sure, why not?