Well reddit, since our last talk, we've lawyered up and hit the gym - we've spent countless hours making dank may mays and we've got a solid 5/7 to share with ya.

We got a new album coming out in April and just released this video for the first single, "SPIRITS" and we're here to get our Rampart on. We recently signed with Glassnote Records in the US and worldwide, we're still with our good buds Six Shooter Records here in Canada.

"Spirits" has kinda taken off on radio across North America and we're all just slightly in shock at the amount of support our little band has been getting over the past few weeks... You know that scene in "That Thing You Do!" when the Oneders hear themselves on the radio for the first time? That's basically us x10 right now.

We've got rehearsal today from 10-2pm EST, so our responses might be spotty this morning, but for sure we'll be around in full force after 2pm.

We are Jon, Jeremy, Simon, Dave, Darryl and Izzy - Ask Us Anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/thestrumbellas/status/693050190727647236

Edit: proof

EDIT: This was great, thanks all! Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

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fuckfact21 karma

we've spent countless hours making dank may mays and we've got a solid 5/7 to share with ya.

You're trying really hard aren't you?

TheStrumbellas-11 karma

I'd reply with "RAMPART", but I already made that joke. - JD

fuckfact6 karma

Well that was the opposite. That was not trying at all. Martha Stewart did one of my favorite AMAs of all time and all she did was be Martha Stewart. Same with Snoop and 50. 50's thing about, "Man I'm going to slap him if he keeps telling that joke. I was raised by my grandma. Of course I know what a grapefruit is. Old ladies love grapefruit juice" or some such thing.

Just be yourself.

TheStrumbellas10 karma

Ya. This is what JD is like and we deal with this shit day-in and day-out! DJ

TheStrumbellas3 karma

I don't know what any of these words mean - DR

FrakkinPhoenix5 karma

What are your favorite sandwiches?

TheStrumbellas7 karma

You take two triple baconators. Throw away the bottom bun on one and the top bun on the other. Smash them together. Best sandwich ever. JH

TheStrumbellas5 karma

Club. Heavy mayo. - JD

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Smoked Meat on a rye. Touch of mootard - DJ

black_flag_4ever4 karma

Can you play some Skynyrd?

TheStrumbellas6 karma

Too hard. We don't know that many chords. SW

gth19854 karma

You chumps seen Con Air?

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Best movie ever after Die Hard. JH

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Are you kidding? I LOVE that movie. "Put down that bunny..."

mcsophadoph4 karma

I absolutely love you guys! Thank you for making such great music. As a fellow Canadian I need to ask, where is your favourite place in Canada to play? So sad I'm missing your show in Ottawa with Blue Rodeo, come to France!

TheStrumbellas6 karma

I don't know if I can pick a favourite, but it was lovely to play in Yellowknife one summer at Folk on the Rocks. The 2am sunset kind of blew my mind - DR

TheStrumbellas5 karma

Just about anywhere in the mountains. - JD

TheStrumbellas4 karma

Rossland, BC - DJ

resgestae4 karma

The video you released yesterday for SPIRITS is amazing. Who came up with all the ideas? Like the stilt-walker, and costumes, and flames, etc?

TheStrumbellas3 karma

A combination of us and our wonderful illustrator Joel Hustak.

crazyisraeli4 karma

Who are you?

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Top secret agents acting as a band. SW

TheStrumbellas3 karma

The bass player - DJ

TheStrumbellas2 karma

We're a bunch of people that make music together. - JD

resgestae4 karma

What are you listening to as you type your answers to this AMA?

TheStrumbellas5 karma

We're jamming. So I guess...us? Is that weird?

TheStrumbellas4 karma

Our new record. We're practicing right now. But honestly, I really like the Robert Delong new record - DJ

polfus4 karma

Hey, I work with one of your Cousins, who I will here refer to as "Dong Shave". You guys killed at Mavericks! The Sentries would be overjoyed to open for you next time you come through.

EDIT: I should say, open for you again. I think I opened for you at Folkfest recently...

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Tyte - DJ

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Dong shave is a good man.

AyekerambA4 karma

So when are ya'll and Trampled by Turtles touring together? Because that needs to happen.

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Love that band....

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Trampled by Turtles are great! Saw them last year in Edmonton when they played the Interstellar Rodeo. Big fan but I can't stand up to those fiddle chops. - Izzy

TheStrumbellas2 karma

That would be super fun! We love that band - DJ

Tigoe224 karma

Hi, when will you return to germany? I love your CDs, but listen to live music is so much better. 😉

TheStrumbellas1 karma

Thanks! We had a blast in Germany, I hope we're back sooner than later! - JD

resgestae4 karma

I love you guys. Seriously, you are going to be huge. I can't get Spirits out of my head. Thanks for doing this AMA.

My question: there are a lot of you in the band. Do you all get along? How do make sure you all stay good? And who has the most-annoying tour habits?

TheStrumbellas5 karma

Some how we get along amazingly. Most annoying habits? simon leaves his toothbrush on the band van floor all the time (the. Brushes his teeth with it), Dave snores, izzy needs...a couple hours in the morning before anyone talks to her, Jonny tries too many fast food eatin challenges.

TheStrumbellas2 karma

We get along surprisingly great!

We try to give each other space on the road especially when someone is in a bad mood and no one has any really bad tour habits. Who has bad habits anyways? DJ

capt_petes3 karma

How did you come up with the idea for the music video? It seems a bit crazy but really awesome! Also I know the first time I heard you on the radio I had to make sure it was the band that I have been following for a while now. Congrats!

TheStrumbellas3 karma

The vid for spirits was inspired by the street funeral scene in the James Bond film live and let die from the 70's. And the characters are our interpretation of what Dave our keyboardist looks like in the morning...

justbingit1173 karma

Hey Simon remember your crazy painted face at TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival)? Was that some super meta marketing for the new album or did you just feel like getting your face painted?

TheStrumbellas5 karma

I just felt like painting my face to be honest. Trying new stuff is half the fun of being in a band! Thanks for asking though.

dirklejerk3 karma

If you had to pick one artist's album for me to listen to before I died, what would you choose?

PS I hope you guys come to Philly soon, we'd love to have you!

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Royal City - Alone at the Microphone

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Rubber Soul - DJ

duffenuff3 karma

Hey buds, Spirits is on the radio right now on our route to the studio. Congrats on the Glassnote records thing!

Hey remember the good ol' days when we played that elementary school together and we had to figure out how to edit our lyrics to make them "kid safe"?

Man shit has changed.

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Damn Diggy.

Astaris3 karma

Hi guys! I want to start off by saying I am absolutely in love with your music. I've seen you guys play three times live and each time has been memorable and such an incredible amount of fun! You guys come alive on stage and engage with the audience in such a wonderful way.

I was wondering how you all joined up together? How did you all meet and decide that making music together was what you wanted to do?

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Thanks for the kind words!

joerancourt1 karma

Great piece here that gives details on the beginnings: http://buyingshotsforbands.com/2012/02/16/interview-the-strumbellas/

TheStrumbellas2 karma

Thanks Joe

joerancourt3 karma

Love the humility and the honesty --> the shock of hearing yourselves on the radio. Any other shocking moments in the last few years...things that just took you by surprise? Loved the Juno win footage.

On a side note, those who were lucky even to have seen you at The Rainmaker are still going bananas to this day, watching video after video. Amazing night we'll never forget. Mrs. Rainmaker has already put in the request for a return... :D

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Who loves Joe and Rainmaker? We do -DJ

pjxd3 karma

What's your plans for the future?

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Simon wants to be a professional golfer (even though he's terrible). In terms of the band...just play some shows and travel the earth.

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Tyring to get better and better and what we do - DJ

back4thefight2 karma


TheStrumbellas2 karma

Thanks! Nothing yet but we always use the social media to keep all you great peeps up to date! - DJ

TheStrumbellas1 karma


TrickticklerD2 karma

Hey guys, big fan.

How stoked are you to open for Blue Rodeo at Massey next month?!

TheStrumbellas5 karma

Pretty much a childhood dream coming true. - JD

TheStrumbellas3 karma

We're super honoured. They are legends to us. I'm going to try to steal some of Jim cuddy's guitar picks...

TheStrumbellas3 karma

It feels super crazy weird exciting! DJ

PhattestKids2 karma

Are you guys finished with the AMA? So far I see 5 answers in 3 hours.

TheStrumbellas5 karma

We'll be here in full force at 2pm est.

Friday92 karma

Do you have a difficult time going through airport security? Sounds like it's be a nightmare.

TheStrumbellas2 karma

To be honest...I regularly get checked. Probably because I look like a hippy.

sectorfour1 karma

How do you plan to overcome the adversity of having the single worst-sounding band name in recorded history?

Were you marathoning The Wiggles before deciding to start a band?

TheStrumbellas1 karma

We love challenges...and the wiggles.

Mantisbog-1 karma

This is mean-spirited, but I'm being honest. I really like 60's and 70's rock, and I know music is subjective, but have you ever put on, something like a Who album and said to yourselves, wow, our music is really lacking?

TheStrumbellas3 karma

Sorry dude. We'll try to make better music for you.