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I've heard for years that the 5 year old kid who bounced the basketball for 500 dollars in front of the million dollar man when he kicked it out of the way wasn't a put on. He really didn't give the kid the money. Is that true?

Video for those who have no idea what I'm talking about


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we've spent countless hours making dank may mays and we've got a solid 5/7 to share with ya.

You're trying really hard aren't you?

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That is the best answer I could have hoped for.

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I think you have to preface that with "Did he say anything that seemed racist back then". Of course he said stuff that would seem racist now. I mean his whole scandalous statement:

Of course I'm a little bit racist, everyone's a little bit racist. I don't mind working with them, but I don't want them fucking my daughter.

Was pretty much what I thought a 65 year old dude from Florida with that mustache thought. I mean what did you think he thought? This was a private conversation in his home while he was drunk and angry. I mean that's not a progressive way to think, but we're talking about a guy who went to grade school before and during desegregation and bussing. I wasn't shocked at all.

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Well that was the opposite. That was not trying at all. Martha Stewart did one of my favorite AMAs of all time and all she did was be Martha Stewart. Same with Snoop and 50. 50's thing about, "Man I'm going to slap him if he keeps telling that joke. I was raised by my grandma. Of course I know what a grapefruit is. Old ladies love grapefruit juice" or some such thing.

Just be yourself.