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NaziMeComin8 karma

Do you feel responsible for spreading porn?

Terry-CrewsGuru-18 karma

No. Porn is the creation of warped minds using whatever technology to spread their crap!!

donjulioanejo5 karma

What would you say was the biggest challenge to designing early laptops?

And what do you feel about the commoditization + virtually removed modularity of many modern laptops (i.e. MacBooks) where all the hardware components are basically soldered together.

Terry-CrewsGuru-1 karma

The biggest challenge was creating a small footprint followed by battery consumption. The first was achieved by building the case first and fitting the electronics into the available space. The second was done by swithcing off the p[processor between key strokes! My design was discrete components and required lots of space. Modern systems on a chip make it much easier to create devices but they still need a creative mind. My latest tablet runs two operating systems simultaneously on the same processor. This is a first.

Blackbird-0072 karma

Which tablet is it? Do you plan to release it in market?

Terry-CrewsGuru1 karma

Vixtel Unity. www.vixtelunity.com

kojef1 karma

What's the advantage of running two OS's? Sounds like an interesting idea, can you sell us on its benefits?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

We live in a transition period of a traditional to mobile. We still rely on some functions on the desktop that are not available or convenient in the mobile world like editing spreadsheets. Microsoft tries with the Surface but lacks apps. Apple tries with iPad Pro but lacks desktop.

Lumpkyns4 karma

Will computing continue to grow exponentially? What will happen to our world when it surpasses our human intelligence, or is that even possible?

Terry-CrewsGuru-1 karma

We will continue to see computing comply to Moores Law. It is unlikely that computing will surpass human intelligence as it always has an off button. The human brain is the least understood organ and holds many more secrets for us to discover.

wuop3 karma

Who are you, exactly?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

An oldtimer about to turn 70!!

trollface593 karma

How did you put the software into the computer?

Terry-CrewsGuru1 karma

It was burnt into PROMs either on the mother board or plug in ROM packs with applications.

FrakkinPhoenix2 karma

Are you going to answer more than three questions? If so, what is your favorite porn site?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

Yes. Read my previous answers!

PainForYearsAndYears2 karma

Were you able to make a lot of money investing in new technologies?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

The companies I worked for made a lot of money! I am comfortable.

spicypepperoni2 karma

How has computer based porn developed in your experience?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

It has provided a channel for deviants to flaunt their warped views and fantasies.

magiteker1 karma

Are you aware that an individual by the name of Anthony Nobles is claiming to have invented the first laptop in order to con wealthy investors?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

Yes I have seen articles on him. He would have to have invented the portable computer at the age of 17!! I had no knowledge of him in 1983.

magiteker1 karma

If you have the time could you please list the team members involved in creating the first laptop with their roles.

Terry-CrewsGuru1 karma

John Blair led the software development team and Barry Wilkinson was responsible for the hardware design. I was Engineering manager responsible for the overall design which included the case. Chris Todter replaced me when I became Marketing Director.

thegreatgazoo1 karma

Why did you pick the 186 processor? It just seemed doomed from the start?

Have you ever worked with Don French?

Do you miss the days of simpler computers?

What is a long term problem that still nags you?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

At the time the 8086 was the in thing but it was only an 8 bit bus. As an unknown we needed to have much more than an IBM PC power wise so I guess marketing was a major consideration. The test of a computer ranking in those days was time to execute a prime number test!!

thegreatgazoo1 karma

Why not a 286 then? Too much power? Too expensive?

At least it wasn't an 8088.

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

We got the first 186 chips available as beta samples. 286 was not available at the time.

thegreatgazoo1 karma

How long did it take to find the print screen bug?

Terry-CrewsGuru1 karma

There was not much need to print screen with 8 line LCD's!!!

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

I have not worked with Don French. I certainly don't miss the earlier days of development and the frustrations of time taken to lay out PCBs by hand and make changes!! I don't have long term problems that nag me but I am concerned at the direction of modern society.

animalhmother1 karma

How do you feel about VR? It appears as though a laptop will seem a lot like a typewriter from the 50's in the near future. What are your thoughts?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

VR has exciting possibilities particularly in the corporate sector as we become more mobile and officeless. I am working on creating a form of VR meeting where you experience the same feeling of being in a real meeting. As you turn your head so does the camera so everyone sees what you are looking at is one example.

1000Goats1 karma

What part of technology currently excites you the most?

Terry-CrewsGuru2 karma

Communications and VR from a financial position but the ability to use technology to address the worlds obesity problem is one of my most passionate causes.

Terry-CrewsGuru1 karma


xbk11 karma

Hi, you must be aware of the enormous energy and resource costs associated with our innocent-looking devices.

Despite the high investment in each device, we are throwing them away faster tan ever before. Any ideas on how we could reduce waste in future, and have longer lives for our devices? Or is the throw-away culture going to persist for years if not decades into the future? What is your opinion?

Terry-CrewsGuru0 karma

The ease of use of devices on a chip certainly makes it easier to create new products however this has lead to the throw away society and the opportunity for marketing to convince you that each year you need the latest iteration which in most cases could be achieved by new software. What is concerning is the lack of logic and commonsense that most modern engineers seem to have. They no longer need to fault find. They just throw it way. Whilst we are affluent the trend will continue but like all trends there will come a tipping point. My biggest concern is the obsession with text and lack of verbal communication.