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I worked as a lifeguard at one of the luxury Disney resorts and the shittiest kids were always the ones staying in the penthouse. Things like throwing trash and/or things that weren’t trash from their top floor, absolutely refusing to listen to anyone, demanding crazy food and then calling after 20 minutes to “change their mind” and order something else when you already had a runner going to a nearby specialty grocery. Kids of the 100s of princes of Saudi Arabia were the worst.

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Even though you say you don’t feel anything below your injury level, do you have any parts below injury level that you have any dull or sharp feeling at all? Or nada? I had a comment thread with someone that we discussed this, as I mentioned sometimes incomplete injuries have patchy feeling without motor, or even motor but lacking feeling, depending on the injury type.

Thanks for the AMA! Really enjoyed watching you enjoy yourself!

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I just read that as Neville Longbottom and was really really confused!

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Also, can you tell us about your injury? How were you injured? How did you motivate yourself to keep going and to fight depression? Currently struggling with diminished ability to walk and I could use any tips or resources on coping.

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As a woman in the US, I totally think that in places where the draft is in place or military service is compulsory that women and men should have the exact same duties. It makes no sense that because a person is born a man, they should be required to serve in the military, but women shouldn't.

Edit to say: I meant that they should have the exact same duty to serve in either the military or compulsory volunteering, for the same length of time. I did not mean they should LITERALLY be made to do the exact same tasks.