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The sequence of events, lies, and culpability are clear, and it seems there are no real consequences for evading senators' questions or just outright refusing to answer them. Why does this even matter?

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This seems like a strange approach. Why do you believe you can invent the search engine wheel better than Bing and Google already have? Metasearch seems like a far more efficient approach, and one with superior results unless you think you can build a more relevant index than those two.

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Except DDG already advertises that, and they explicitly distinguished themselves from DDG not by touting better privacy, but by mentioning their differing approaches to search technology.

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Cormier seems like one of the few MMA class acts. Excluding Jon Jones, no one seems to have a bad word for him. I'd also like to hear this story (because I'm skeptical).

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I didn't argue against a competing product. I asked why they thought they could do a better job of returning relevant search results than industry giants who've been in the business for decades.