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Hi Cap'n,

You're one of my heroes :-)

On the subject of rehab, one effective modality for learning to function again is the Feldenkrais Method. The functional and systems approach, I've found to be very powerful.

Best wishes

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Do you do any special therapy or physical training?

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Congratulations on getting an education for yourself. One of the ideas of the Sudbury model is that kids, when motivated by something they like, can study with incredible concentration and sustain it for many hours.

So creating an environment that lets kids find ways for their interests to catch fire seems to be a wise approach. Even kids who like to burn things can take that interest and develop their knowledge of chemistry and physics... if they don't burn down the school in the process.

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If opioids are similar, why the extra attention on OxyContin? If opoids are similar, why is heroin on Schedule 1?

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I notice that news reporting, especially on TV, is increasingly free of historical context. When discussing Iran, for example, US sponsored coup, decades of dictatorship, under a US sponsored ruler, NATO countries supplying Iraq with chemical weapons precursors (used against Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war) the US military shooting down an Iranian passenger plane, etc. Iran is encircled with US military bases, yet all journalists seem to fall in behind the leadership narrative of "Iran aggressiveness."

What do you make of the dearth of historical perspective in news today?