I have finally experienced an AMA, thank you guys! I can't wait to be here again, going to film Ellen now, wish me luck and thank you again for everything. Sincere apologies to those I didn't get to. Love u, LC

Hey Reddit, looking forward to chatting! I play Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead and a nanny caring for a very unique boy in the horror movie THE BOY, opening this Friday!

I’ll be answering questions starting at 11:45am PT. Let’s talk scary dolls, zombies and the things that frighten you!

Proof: https://twitter.com/LaurenCohan/status/689314919821385728

Watch the trailer for THE BOY here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPxybc_aJWU

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bwrobel12832 karma

Hi Lauren, thanks for doing this. Right now there is a petition going on for Netflix to revive Chuck. If this were to happen, would you be open to return to the show for an episode?

Lauren_Cohan779 karma

most definitely, would be so fun.

Mother-Dick732 karma

What does Norman Reedus smell like?

Lauren_Cohan1466 karma


Alasper529 karma

Who is your favorite fan and why is it me?

Lauren_Cohan2482 karma

Me and I have been through so much together. There was that time when we did that thing and me was really there for I. Its hard to pick one thing that makes us so inseparable. Thank you.

BuzzSlightSmear515 karma

Lauren! Hey!

I've gotta ask, how uncomfortable is filming for The Walking Dead? I imagine spending hours covered in fake blood, dirty in the baking heat isn't too great?

Also, how up-to-date with the comics are you? Do you and the rest of the cast already know the fate of your characters in the comics or does their demise come as a surprise when you get the scripts for each season?

Lauren_Cohan783 karma

hello there... it gets as disgusting as you can imagine. but in the weirdest way all the grime is relaxing. its permissible and expected to be grungy, and it helps you feel in character.

-nightblood-486 karma

What 3 words would you use to describe the next 8 Walking Dead episodes?

Lauren_Cohan864 karma

gruelling. fast. blindsiding.

FrankStamper348 karma

Will there ever be a musical episode of The Walking Dead?

Lauren_Cohan839 karma

has it not been on yet???

TheBear88296 karma

Hey Lauren!

What has been your favorite moment/ scene to shoot on the walking dead?

Lauren_Cohan618 karma

there was a deleted scene where we flash mobbed the governors people #numberoneday

BeckerHollow238 karma

Hi, I don't watch TV so I had to look you up. Is this you?

So you're exactly 1 year and 11 months younger than me and we're both born on the east coast. So happy belated birthday, and do you want to go steady with me?

Lauren_Cohan354 karma

hi, im so glad we can now be friends. i feel like we keep passing each other, ships in the night. happy birthday, how have you been beckerhollow?

DogShitTaco229 karma

My girlfriend loves you the most on the walking dead (her name is Aimii) Could you please say Hello? Also What is your favorite TV Show?

Lauren_Cohan359 karma

hi Aimii!

KidKitt222 karma

Hi Lauren! Love you work, keep rockin' on! Here's my question:

A major theme of The Walking Dead has been overcoming loss, whether it be the loss of innocence or the loss of family. How are these aspects of the show applicable to real life and how accurately do you feel the show portrays the coping process?

Lauren_Cohan265 karma

gosh such a good question. the experience of years on the show is what i think i need as a participant and as a viewer to accurately represent loss, and i think it does so,so accurately. its hard to even put into words but I'm sure as visceral for you guys as it is for us.xx

UncleWinstomder199 karma

In regards to the new movie, have you ever been creeped out by larger dolls (or dummies)? And after filming "The Boy" has your feeling toward them changed at all?

Lauren_Cohan247 karma

i watched night of the living dead when i was younger and couldn't be alone for a while. boogeyman was real to me for sure

FlorCohan179 karma

Hi Lauren. Do you think that Bela Talbot could handle Brahms?

Lauren_Cohan124 karma

hell yes!

madonovan167 karma

Hey Ms. Cohan, did you cut your hair for The Walking Dead? In the comics, Maggie has her hair short. Just wondering.

Lauren_Cohan323 karma

all will be revealed in the fullness of time......

ROADKILL911114 karma

Hi Lauren, my name is Curtis T. My question to you is, what is it like to watch young actors on the walking dead such as Rick Grimes children on the show, grow up with the rest of the popular actors on the show such as yourself? Just want to say i greatly appreciate your time, thank you.

Lauren_Cohan243 karma

we have had a few different judith's because she grows very fast and starts speaking. she and Chandler have been true time markers for the show and my experience there for sure.

ktbaker797 karma

Hi Lauren! I love you! When filming did anyone try to scare each other with the doll? Also did it feel weird carrying around the doll?

Lauren_Cohan221 karma

i started to become attached to him. carrying him at lunch, talking to him etc..

_hunterdixon78 karma

What did your cast mates say when they found out you got this massive part in an upcoming horror movie?! Love from the UK! XX

Lauren_Cohan104 karma

very excited about it!

kieracmelachrino76 karma

Hey there Lauren! I hope you're having a splendid Tuesday. Have you ever talked to or made plans with a friend in-case of a zombie epidemic?

P.s. You are one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Thank you for dedicating your life to the show that keeps me sane.

Lauren_Cohan95 karma

thank you! its so rewarding for us too. xxx

PleaseMrOfficer75 karma

Hello Lauren first and all thanks for doing this ama! But the question is what would you do in a real zombie apocalypse?

Lauren_Cohan249 karma

wait, its not really happening?!!!! what am i doing?!?!

how could they not tell me!!!!!!!!!!

Dynamic_Symmetry75 karma

Hi Lauren! Just wondering, what is your current favorite book and album?

Lauren_Cohan146 karma

i love angel olsen right now

CubSmurf63 karma

Hi. If you could bring back any character, would it be anyone other Herschel?

Also, you're pretty okay :)

Lauren_Cohan173 karma

if i could bring people back it would be beth and hershel

_hunterdixon62 karma

Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for doing this for us! So many fans love and adore you including myself! Can you describe 'The Boy' in five words? Sending massive love from the UK! XO

Lauren_Cohan423 karma

creepy. chilling. tense. four. five.

IdiotPile57 karma

Hi Lauren... I love your show and wondered what TV series are you addicted to watching?

Lauren_Cohan277 karma

lately i am binging master of none and the affair, and catching up on brooklyn nine nine

FrankStamper41 karma

Lauren you're one of my biggest inspirations. I can't wait to see The Boy and All Eyez on Me. Who inspires you?

Lauren_Cohan69 karma

so many people, I'm most inspired by forgiveness, the act of it..

kalenabear29 karma

You seem to have a rich appreciation for classic rock -- I love your taste in music and anything that you've shared & recommended on your social pages. To what do you attribute your musical knowledge & preferences? Err..trying to tie this into 'The Boy'...I mean, his name is Brahams, right? ;)

Love your work & it's a delight to follow your creative career! :) Thanks for taking the time to do all these interviews!

Lauren_Cohan58 karma

thanks! i grew up in a super kooky and musical family. everyone from my grandparents to my siblings write and play. my lovely mum is a huge soul music lover too so we would cook and listen to music and dance etc etc...!

SimplyMe9427 karma


Lauren_Cohan215 karma

I can confirm or deny!

UnwiseSensei26 karma

Have you always known you've wanted to be an actor or was it something that just ended up happening?

Hope you're having a great day :)

Lauren_Cohan64 karma

i always thought it would be something to do for fun, but thought honestly of pursuing child psychology!

evaxplus23 karma

Hi Lauren! Love you and your work. Maggie is my favorite character, she's very strong and inspiring for girls.

What are your favorite books?

Lauren_Cohan59 karma

i devoured the famous five and enid blyton books when i was younger. my advice to young girls is trust your gut. It is your first brain - and it will never steer you wrong!

JustinKnowsBest21 karma

Who has been your favorite person /actor to work with on the show?

Lauren_Cohan64 karma

there was a zombie named sue, he was a little unpredictable but a lot of fun...