Hey guys, it's Lindsey and I'm back for my 2nd AMA!

So here's the deal: I wrote a book "The Only Pirate At The Party" with my sister Brooke and we cover everything; our childhood, my life as a musician, how I used YouTube to bring you into my passions and thankfully, how I got to meet you all.

I'm ready to do this again, soooo ASK ME ANYTHING!

You can find out more about The Only Pirate At The Party here

My Proof: https://twitter.com/LindseyStirling/status/688177627215958016

Thanks so much for joining this is really really fun and hopefully I get to meet you all REEEEEEEEEALLLLLLLY soon XO

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anonymous-slacker708 karma

Hi Lindsey, my 5 year old has fallen in love with your music and the violin in general. She wants to know how you did the dancing on water in Master of Tides and what was your favorite part of making that video?

lindsey_stirling806 karma

haha. it was magic. but we actually built a small stage just under the water. my favorite part was that it was live and we got to surprise people. No one knew it was happening

dj88masterchief390 karma

Hi Lindsey!

I have a question,

What do you do with the gifts your fans give you?

The reason I ask is, that waay back in March of 2013 I gave you, Gavi and Drew beads from my 7 month deployment in the Navy, but I never got the chance to explain to you what they meant (Sadly, I did tell Gavi my story about the beads while waiting my turn, since him and Drew were helping you with the meet and greet. Gavi had the chance to tell me your openers, The Vibrant Sound, were from Oahu).

Sorry it's a little long....

I was in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii on a submarine for 4 years. I went on a 7 month deployment, from the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013. It was a fun experience, but also a tough one. Your music (and music videos) helped me through it. Putting me to sleep, giving me a little comfort of being home, while underwater. Your different music videos would separate the groundhog type days. It's what kept me going throughout the deployment. I shared your videos and music with the crew and most enjoyed it. We would watch your videos from time to time enjoying the music and photography of your videos., while eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, midrats(midnight snack). Every time I pulled into a port (only like once or twice a month, if that), I would check up on your status and download new videos for us to watch.

When we came back after 7 months underwater in and around Asia, to our homeport in Hawaii, they gave the whole crew these beads. I took a couple extra for when I went to see my family back home in MA during March of that year. I saw you were playing and got last minute tickets, plus the VIP meet and greet to your show in Clifton Park, NY.

So, I still had 3 extra sets of beads after giving them to family members, so no one lost out on a pair or anything. I brought them with me and gave them to you guys as a gift from Hawaii and my deployment, because it felt like you were there with me the entire time too. But when it came time to tell you about it, I was so star struck when I went up to meet you, and you had to sign my CD and take a picture, I never got the chance to explain to you how much you and your music meant to me over the past 7 months.

It's okay if you don't have them anymore, I understand you probably get enough gifts as it is at each event, or even just on a regular basis.

Here's a pic I case you need to jog your brain a little.


P.S. You really need to book a show in Hawaii, I know PLENTY of sailors who would definitely enjoy seeing you in concert there!!! Plus you know, it's HAWAII!!

lindsey_stirling424 karma

I always look at all the gifts, I take pictures of them, I read all the letters (I really do) and I take the things I can. I actually have a huge closet full of stuff that I have kept in coset at my parents. I also have artwork displayed in my room and crafts on my shelves at home. Sadly I cant keep everything but they all mean so much to me.

vetramiga355 karma


  1. what is your favorite in flight meal, and why is it... CHICKEN?!

  2. how many "world's best boss" mugs do you have? it's probably not enough. I'll get you some more.

lindsey_stirling386 karma

haha. I know this question is from andy (My lighting guy) And yes, the chicken is always the safest choice when youre eating re-heated food on a plane.

and yes, please get me another one of those best boss mugs. haha

hazeleyedwolff204 karma

I like what you do with your hair. What inspired the style?

lindsey_stirling270 karma

haha my hair keeps changing. I just like to keep it fun and big. I've always liked big hair with lots of personality.

rk_metalsnow136 karma

Hey Lindsey, big fan of your music!

How was it working with Lzzy Hale? Did you approach her to do vocals on 'Shatter Me' or vice versa?

lindsey_stirling164 karma

I LOVE Lzzy Hale. I wrote shatter me and asked her to sing it. She is the coolest chick ever

castmemberzack116 karma

Do you know Sean Mackin from Yellowcard? He’s really super talented and kind of the male version of you. Super upbeat performer. I’d love to see you two collab. I’ve asked him about it and he said he’d love to. I really want to see this happen.

lindsey_stirling160 karma

I love sean Mackin! He and I are friends and he is the nicest guy in the world. I was a huge yellow card fan in high school and I still love their music

HashtagNosey93 karma

Hey Lindsey, I’ve wanted to say this for a while but I haven't had the confidence really. I just wanna say thank you for saving my life, after I went through some severe depression up to a point where I was actually contemplating suicide, your song Electric Daisy Violin really made me smile for once, it was different for me; actually being happy. I then started to learn more and more about you and your lifestyle and ever since I just instantly become happy if I just hear your name. I just wanna thank you because without you I probably wouldn't even be on this earth anymore. Also I have 2 questions: Do you plan on coming to the UK for any concerts this year(hopefully Birmingham instead of london)? Also after reading the chapter about ur depression and anorexia, I was wondering, what do you think helped you the most in getting back to the real world? Was it friends and family sticking with you or the realisation that your emotions have cut you off from a normal life?

lindsey_stirling110 karma

THank you for sharing. the thing that made me want to change was the realization that my eating disorder had litterally taken everything from me. It took away my happiness, my relationships with my family, my connection to people in general, my creativity, ect. Id given it all up because i was obsessing over controlling my weight. Once I realized I wanted and needed to change, my family, religious beliefs, and my determination gave me power to change.

Sobadatgame77 karma

Were there a lot of moments that you had a hard time deliberating if they should go in the book or not because they were too personal?

lindsey_stirling228 karma

Most of the really personal stuff were the things that I felt were the most important to share. Like the eating disorder and depression chapters and the americas got talent failure... those were the reasons I wanted to write a book in the first place. I wanted people to realize that they arent alone in their struggles.

castmemberzack72 karma

Hello Lindsey,

Do you go to church regularly on tour or even when not? You’re kind of really famous. 

lindsey_stirling104 karma

I do go to church when I am home and when I am on the road. When I'm on tour I go to Mormon.org and click the visit us tab. Then I find a church meeting that is close to me

SgtPeterson64 karma

How long does it take to shoot one of your music videos?

lindsey_stirling91 karma

i usually do 2 full day shoots for each video now but they take weeks to plan. I usually have to learn choreo, find locations, plan costumes... ect. but its one of my fave things

Mutt122349 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

lindsey_stirling129 karma

chocolate chip cookie dough every time. Or a chocolate milkshake

Big_Boss_199047 karma

Hello Lindsey, Who do you want to collab with the must?

lindsey_stirling151 karma

Hayley Williams from Paramore, Zedd, Sia

hazeleyedwolff45 karma

Is electronic violin easier to play than acoustic?

lindsey_stirling99 karma

I believe it is easier to get a solid sound out of an electric violin but it is not possible to get as great of a sound out of an electric. An acoustic will always be warmer but requires more care and attention

SuperJason1844 karma

What was it like meeting and hanging out with NigaHiga and the crew? Any cool behind the camera stories?

lindsey_stirling65 karma

Hahaha, i was so so so nervous to do that video. But they were so nice and encouraging. THey promised they wouldnt make a fool out of me. haha. They lied ;) But honestly, they showed the best moments. they were so funny

Wailordfan37 karma

Hey Lindsey, I met you last year in Grand Rapids at 2 in the morning after a concert, and firstly, gotta thank you for making me feel special even at such a late hour!

  1. Are you looking at singing on your next album? (Will firefly be included?)
  2. When you have people who ask if they remember you, do you honestly remember little things? For example, I can remember so much about that night I met you, but that must be a small, regular thing for you. How do you remember "Hey, this was a really cool interaction, I'm going to remember this for a long time" vs. "yeah, same thing, next fan" I adore you, and would love to hear back from you :)

lindsey_stirling59 karma

i am trying to write another song for me to sing on and I'm thinking about puting firefly on the album. SHould I?

And I actually do remember a lot of little things from meeting you guys. I dont remember everything but i remember certain jokes, or moments, or gifts.

blisteringchristmas30 karma

Hi, Lindsey,

What's your favorite piece you've covered from a video game?

lindsey_stirling119 karma

zelda medley

ash_stirlingite18 karma

Hey Lindsey!

What were some of your most memorable parts or experiences writing the book? This can be both the writing process and/or memories included in the book :)

Your memoir is so beautiful, inspiring it has a very special place in my heart :)

lindsey_stirling27 karma

It was amazing to write the book with my sister. I would look forward to our late night skype sessions so much because we would laugh so much and even cry occasionally as we worked together. Also, writing this book made me revisit my life in a flash and it made me so grateful for the good and the bad i've experienced

simo_90016 karma

How long approx. does it take you to compose a full song usually? They are all so good! Also congrats with your book :)

lindsey_stirling20 karma

Its always different. Sometime it takes 2 days to get a pretty good handle on it, sometimes it takes a month of little changes. Sometimes I have to write a lot of not so great songs before I find the beautiful ones

NoOneWorthNoticing15 karma

Lindsey, what's your favorite cereal?

lindsey_stirling19 karma

its always changing but right now im loving wheat chex

24million14 karma

Hey Lindsey! I've been a big fan since your first album. I went to your Music Box Tour show in Chicago and the book signing last Thursday. Love your music and love your book!

I've been playing classical music (viola/piano) for 10+ years now, and I really enjoy it. I wanted to ask, how did you get ideas when you started writing music? Did you have some sort of natural inspiration come to you? How do you work on writing music when you're struggling to come up with anything?

Thanks so much for doing this AmA!

lindsey_stirling18 karma

everyone gets writers block or creatively blocked and it definitely happens to me a lot. When i get blocked I try to inspire myself through different mediums than music. I'll look at beautiful art, spend time with family, watch a great inspiring film ect..

Sobadatgame13 karma

How do you find the time, and just generally go about, replying to youtube comments with your busy life? I see you replying to people all the time there, I think it's great btw!

lindsey_stirling29 karma

i just fill in the holes of my day with a few comments here and there. I think its super important to stay connected with my peeps

Rayzdestiny13 karma

Hi Lindsey, big fan!

My question is: Who is your #1 inspiration right now to keep you going in life?

lindsey_stirling19 karma

Brene Brown. Her books are amazing and they've really inspired me to write from the heart and let my walls down

Andru9311 karma

Hi Lindsey, About a year ago your muppets collaboration appear on my social media feed since then I've falling in love with your music especially the orchestral versions.

On the last tour you were the creative director as well as the performer. How did you find all this responsibility and can you see yourself doing it again in the near future?


ps. Come back to tour in Ireland soon :)

lindsey_stirling11 karma

i am taking a break from tour to finish my book and my album. I will be touring again in the fall and yes i will be very involved in the creative direction of the show

angypmc10 karma

Hi, Lindsey!

How did you and Brooke felt when you finally ended writting the book? Were you expecting it to success this way? or how did you think the fans or everyone were going to react? :) I just want to say that I just read some little excerpts and I love them, I'm still waiting for my copy to come but I know when I finish reading it it will be one of my favorite books! Greetings from Mexico! :D

lindsey_stirling10 karma

it was incredibly exciting when we finished the book but it was bitter sweet to finish it. Its always so hard to close a project that you loved working on. Also, you never feel like a project is fully done. We could have made changes to it forever but finally we had to realize it was done

TheDogPotato10 karma

Hi Lindsey :) What house would you be in if you went to Hogwarts?

lindsey_stirling19 karma

gryffindor all the way!!! Red and gold through and through

tspark8689 karma

Hi Lindsey! I loved your book and it was a blast to read! Thank you so much for connecting with fans and doing things like this! I was wondering, do you ever pray before, during, or after performances, and if so how? Your faith inspires me greatly, and I would love to know how you make room for it into your professional life. Thanks, and God bless!

lindsey_stirling13 karma

Thanks so much! I do pray before and during every performance. Before each show, the entire team: band, dancers, techs, and myself get in a circle and pray together. I also say a prayer before I go into a writing session

Rayzdestiny9 karma

Hi Lindsey!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start a career in music?

lindsey_stirling19 karma

don't give up after your first, second or third failure. In my book you will see that my road to success had a lot of failures in the beginning. Those who succeed are those who persevere

LordEvilness9 karma

Hi Lindsey :)

Did you ever feel like giving up on the book and just throw it all away?

P.S I'm glad you didn't :)

lindsey_stirling12 karma

brooke says she absolutely did. Especially when we were in the process of finding a publisher. People kept rejecting us. Haha. Story of my life. But we decided to keep working on it even though no one wanted it. finally we found the perfect publisher

Englishhedgehog138 karma

Are there any video game music covers/medleys you haven't done yet, but really want to do? If so, can you share a few of them?

lindsey_stirling34 karma

I dont know about game medleys but I want to do harry potter still and dr who

Near9798 karma

Hey Lindsey... again!

Another question popped up in my mind, I know you are a fan of Zedd, are there any plans of doing a Collaboration with him anytime soon?

lindsey_stirling15 karma

I LOVE Zedd. I really hope to work with him. SO keep your fingers crossed for me :)

MarioP798 karma

Hi Lindsey, thanks for doing this AMA!

If you could perform at any venue (Super Bowl halftime, a Presidential inauguration, etc), what would be your choice?

lindsey_stirling19 karma

opening ceremonies of the olympics

d_dash6117 karma

Hey Lindsey, just want to let you know that I love your book so far and I'm reading with my little sister. My question is, what was one of the funniest parts of the book to you?

lindsey_stirling8 karma

Brooke say: alot of people are really enjoying the childhood chapters and the drug and alcohol chapter gets a lot of laughs. However everyone seems to find different things funny. What can we say, its a humorous story ;)

lindsey_stirling9 karma

the funniest part to me was the dating chapter. Haha... that says a lot about my dating life

Harasoluka7 karma

Hi Lindsey!

What was the biggest thing about yourself that you discovered while you wrote your book?

lindsey_stirling8 karma

I actually realized that I keep relearning the same lesson over and over again in life. Haha. I think I get a little bit better at learing it each time i go through a new version of life lessons though

KaraPuppers7 karma

Is it true that Drew cut his hair short the day after you gave him the peacock hairstyle in that one LindseyTime? I can't imagine it was easy to undo...

lindsey_stirling11 karma

haha, ya know, it wasnt long after that. but he's growing it out again so i have another chance

SKBatman137 karma

Hey big fan here, hope all is well! What was the inspiration to do a song with Izzy Hale?

lindsey_stirling10 karma

It was a metaphorical representation of how it felt being trapped inside an eating disorder

Gandalf_556 karma

Hey Lindsey! How have things like writing your book and doing college work affected your busy lifestyle, and how have you been able to juggle so many things? Also, what’s your favorite type of sandwich?

lindsey_stirling9 karma

it was great to work on my book and college as I was touring because I could do it in the hours that I wasnt performing or prepping for the show. THere is always down time on tour that can be filled. And I love a simple peanut butter and banana sandwich. I eat one after most of my shows

timesplitter885 karma

Hey Lindsey! Long time fan!

Which chapter was your favorite to write from your book?? (you can just say chapter number if you don't want to spoil it. :D)

lindsey_stirling5 karma

Brooke: I enjoyed the care chapter because it ties in a lot of themes from the book: friendship, family... ect. It also really represents lindsey

marylovesLindsey4 karma

will you please ready this? thank you for everything that you do Lindsey. Earlier today I was sad because I felt like I couldn't do anything right and was being made fun of by my friend and his mom and I felt terrible. Later my friend asked me "who's your favorite person in the world" and I said "Lindsey Stirling, because she doesn't make me feel like crap." But honestly, Lindsey, you are the only person in my life who hasn't made me feel like crap yet, and I know you never will because you have such a big heart. You have been there for me through thick and thin and you have never left my side. You are there for me in hard times more than all my friends. They all leave me, but not you. You never have and you never will, you cheer me up like a best friend without even knowing it. My friends just bring me down, but you lift me up. You believe in me when no one else does. You cheer me up when no one else can. You have been a better friend to me than anyone else. You have know idea how much you mean to me. You truly care about everyone and that is so encouraging. It's great to know I will always have someone the help me and will never leave me, when Everyone else gives up and leaves. You are my hero, inspiration, and most importantly, my best friend Lindsey. I know these messages are repetitive, but they remain true. You have helped me more than you will ever know Thank you so much for never leaving my side. I love you 😘

lindsey_stirling3 karma

I love you too! You deserve to feel loved.

Vanicity_v22 karma

Hey, if I ever meet you can I get a hug, a selfie, and a signature on my violin?

lindsey_stirling7 karma

yes of course, I do that at every meet and greet, at book signings, and on the street

Katchiren2 karma

Are you going to be doing a book signing today?

lindsey_stirling3 karma

yes in dallas tx