Hello, Reddit! Brooks Moore here, ready to answer your questions!

Here is a quick greeting I recorded for all of you.

I’ll keep the plugs brief, but remember:

How It’s Made airs Thursday nights beginning at 8PM EST on Science Channel. And a special treat, there's a How It's Made marathon on Science Channel all day today!

Also, season three of How It's Made: Dream Cars is premiering on Science Channel at 9pm on Thursday, January 28th! The first episode features the Bentley Mulsanne.

Here is a clip from the season premiere: How It's Made: Dream Cars Season 3 Clip

If you’re interested in more of my work, please visit my production company’s website: Bonnemaison, Inc., Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page

Proof that it's me

Edit 1 5:45PM EST: Thank you all for the interesting questions! I've enjoyed the discussion!! I'm signing off now but will be checking in this evening to go through and answer more questions, so keep them coming!

Edit 2: I wanted to share a sneak peek of How It's Made: Dream Cars Season 3! Please enjoy! If you'd like to ask more questions, I will be checking this AMA to answer more! Thank you!

Edit 3. Answering questions tonight 10PM EST! Thanks

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Mantisbog114 karma

How are plumbuses made?

BrooksMoore245 karma


First, they take the dinglebop, and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem...

JP102149 karma

Mr. Moore, I've been listening to your voice through episodes of "How it's made" for essentially my entire life. Being a life-long fan, I was majorly rustled when they decided to use Zac Fine for the voice of seasons 9 and 10. What was your reaction and thoughts when fans successfully petitioned for your return as the voice of the broadcast version of "How it's made"?

BrooksMoore50 karma

The thing with being a voice over talent is that things change. It's just part of the trade. Zac Fine is a tremendously talented and great guy. I was excited to find out that I had so many fans and that they petitioned for me to come back.

Dr_Moo43 karma

Hey man, me and my dad love watchimy the show together when we can, it always fascinates us. I do have on question though. Will you ever do a segment on how it's made is made?

BrooksMoore37 karma

It's a wonderful question, and I'll pass it along!

hotchocolateflavored38 karma

Where can we get personal messages recorded by you, Mr. Moore? Your talent would be perfect for voice-mails.

BrooksMoore39 karma

PM me!

pdmcmahon22 karma

Good morning/afternoon, Mr. Moore. First off, thank you very much for doing this AMA. As the person who actually requested for this to happen, I have a few questions :)

Please feel free to answer as many or as few as you like.

1) How did you get your current job?
2) Do you have a favo(u)rite episode?
3) How long does it take to produce each episode?
4) How did the creation of the show come about?
5) Is there anything about the show which you don't like?
6) Ever want to cover a subject which the producers would never touch?
7) How did you get into your current vocation?
8) Have you ever discovered any disturbing manufacturing processes while on the job?
9) For some odd reason, it fascinates me how the script often refers to “the worker” when showing footage of someone performing a task. Couldn’t they instead be called “the seamstress”, “the technician”, etc?
10) The HIM series on Dream Cars is SUPERB, how did this sub-series come about?

BrooksMoore28 karma

First off, thanks for requesting me!

  1. I was working at Discovery in 2004 as a freelance editor. A friend of mine, Ryan Baker, was working on a project about the inventions of Leanardo Davinci. He was getting ready to record a scratch track and I said "I can do that for you". I recorded the scratch track and Ryan played it for the general manger, Steve Burns, of the Science Channel. Steve said I already have someone lined up for this show but I would like to use you for future shows. Two months later Steve had a show for me. After many successful documentaries, Steve picked me for “How It’s Made”

  2. I love the tabasco sauce segment.

  3. According to Productions Maj, the production company of the show, it can take up to 48 hours to produce one segment of the show.

  4. The show started out in Canada, and was then picked up by the Science Channel in the US.

  5. I love the show.

  6. Nope.

  7. When I was five years old I asked for my first microphone. Worked a little in radio, and the rest is history.

  8. No, but it's obvious that it can be very dangerous work.

  9. I think Dream Cars came about because they'd have segments on How It's Made for how engines are made and various car topics that were really informative.

hashtag2620 karma

I have been a huge fan of how it's made. I think a big part of why I watch it is because of your voice. My qwustion is: Do you think of those puns in the end of each piece yourself?

BrooksMoore24 karma

No, they are in the script, but it's one of the most often asked questions. Let me give you an example...

(This was for a segment on icing) No matter how often you ice it, the result will be sweet.

blamethepunx19 karma

How is "How it's Made" made?

BrooksMoore38 karma

Sounds like it could be a great episode idea. I'll pass it along!

Edit: According to Norman Jacques from Productions Maj, it takes one day to film a segment, and about 38 additional hours of work to complete each segment. So multiply that by four, and that's one episode.

plowkiller18 karma

Today on /r/IamA: karma

Hi Brooks. I have a few questions.

  1. Have people ever recognized you in public? If so, did they ever ask you to say something for them?

  2. Was there ever an infamous hard phrase that took forever to say right?

  3. Did you ever have a favorite topic that was covered?

  4. What got you into narration?

  5. What would you say was the coolest thing you learned when doing the show?

Thanks for doing this AMA and that fantastic greeting.

BrooksMoore24 karma

Thanks for the questions.

  1. People recognize me in public mistakenly for Albert Brooks, and after I cleared that up I mention I'm the narrator for How It's Made, then I feed them the opening line. If anyone knows him, I'd love to do a movie with him. I could pass as his brother.

  2. There have been many. "Discs" was always a hard one to say.

  3. Tabasco sauce. I love spicy food and it was interesting to see how they color matched the pepper to know when it's ready to pull.

  4. I started announcing horse shows when I was fifteen.

  5. How rally cars are made.

Edit: Formatting, and Albert Brooks

BrooksMoore16 karma

This version is actually narrated by Lynne Adams, she is used on the Canada version.

drea48317 karma

Hi Brooks, love the show!! Do you have a dream narrating job that you've always wanted to do?

BrooksMoore30 karma

I have always wanted to be the announcer for the Olympics. Winter and Summer.

armandobedoya16 karma

Hi from North Carolina!- Thanks so much for chatting and answering our questions today. I'm a huge fan and I've always been curious about... 1. How does one become a narrator for a show (such as this one)? 2. Are there any particular episode or topics that have been your favorite? 3. Do you record at a studio, or prerecord at home?

BrooksMoore11 karma

  1. In general, you have to audition. But the question becomes: "how do you find out what to audition for?" I have an agent in New York, Jonathan Saul at Abrams Artist Agency, and Arlene Glucksman Jones at Commercial Talent Agency. They send me auditions for different projects.

  2. I'll stand by the tabasco episode, but I enjoyed ceramic grills and pencils too.

  3. I record at a studio in Bonnemaison.

skinnyasianthrowaway15 karma

Hey brooks! Love the show. Has there ever been something made that was hard for you to narrate without laughing?

BrooksMoore27 karma

I would say the making of haggis, season 15 in 2010. It's lamb intestines and all sorts of horrible stuff.

PoopNoodle13 karma

Your voice is so calming and is the one I use to soothe myself to sleep each night. I fall asleep listening to HIM.

-Have you ever recorded an audio book?

-How does one get to chance to narrate an entire book? Do you apply / audition or do authors or publishers request certain voice actors?

Thanks! You have an amazing gift.

BrooksMoore8 karma

Thanks for being a Fan. I have not recorded an audio book yet, but I am thinking about it. I am not sure about the process for narrating and audio book.

RickWino12 karma

Internationally how many different versions of "How It's Made" are produced? Is your voice used in all the English speaking versions?

BrooksMoore15 karma

My voice is used in the United States.

jackiechancarvajal11 karma

Hi Brooks, my question is What other jobs do you do?

BrooksMoore20 karma

I'm Vice President of Bonnemaison, Inc., a multi-emmy award-winning production company. We just finished a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. Be on the look out!

felio_11 karma

How would you feel if you were asked to present the program in person?will you do it , why/not?

BrooksMoore12 karma

I would do it if requested and it was the best for the show. However, it's not about me, it's about "How It's Made"

princessponyta11 karma

Hi Brooks, thank you so much for this AMA. I actually help edit some of the HIM digital content, and I have to tell you that your voice is incredibly soothing during a busy work day. lol.

My question is, how many takes do you normally do for one HIM voice over session? Is it typically a one and done sort of thing or do you have to redo the entire episode dozens of times?

BrooksMoore9 karma

Thanks for being a fan!!

The way we record the episode is I record one segment in a single take, and if I make a mistake and catch it myself, I'll pick it up and re-record that sentence or word. After finishing the segment my producer from Science Channel might have some additional pick ups for me to record. Each pick up will be a new take. Once we're finished with the first segment, we move on to the next. Then repeat that process through all four segments.

It takes between 12 and 25 takes to record one episode.




BrooksMoore2 karma

  1. I love How It's Made!

  2. Yes, we just finished a documentary feature film on the Donald Coffey story. If you'd like to take a look here is a link!

  3. Sure!!

  4. Family's great.

  5. I'm on your belt loop.

guiltycitizen10 karma

What is your favorite episode of The Simpsons?

BrooksMoore7 karma

I love the Simpsons but I'm not sure I have a favorite episode.

ExoticKazama9 karma

Hi Mr. Moore! What would you say your proudest achievement is, aside from narrating How It's Made?

BrooksMoore6 karma

Some of my proudest achievements have come from lending my voice to Non Profits. As the tag line for Bonnemaison says, Your Story, Our Inspiration. I just love to share a great story that helps others.

DrunkenSpoonyBard9 karma

Hello Mr. Moore! You are my absolute favorite voice actor - I can't help but find myself relaxing every time you speak.

Here's a question: What would you classify your accent, or lack thereof, as?

BrooksMoore13 karma

It's hard to say, but I work hard at being accent neutral. Not always successful but try hard.

Menpachi8 karma

Best outtakes and where can we see them?

Has there ever been a segment just for fun?

How its made: Pet rock

BrooksMoore7 karma

I have had companies request that I do a How Its Made-style video for their trade shows, but I delete all my outtakes. Trust me, they're not that funny.

Menpachi5 karma

Wow. I just realized you do/would make a killing going freelance. Might just be a vanity thing but if I had a physical product I would feel like I made it once I had a How it's made video with the official voice over.

BrooksMoore11 karma

I am a freelance talent! You can contact me through my company's Facebook page

Stickusn8 karma

Are there any topics/subjects that you haven't done yet but are dying to do?

BrooksMoore8 karma

I'm sure there is but I'll have to get back to you on that.

salsa84848 karma

How much have you learned by narrating these shows? Do you watch them while narrating?


Love the shows! Thank you for the AMA.

BrooksMoore11 karma

I have learned a lot by narrating the show. We have 4 segments per show and I have narrated over 1,000 segments so I can't remember everything. During the first 5 seasons I would watch the show while narrating. Thanks for being a fan. Okay the Robutts, that was a mistake on my part, I own it. The last number of seasons I try to say three words correctly. "Robot" "Water" "Saw" Thanks to my fans for keeping me on track.

RIPAnthony237 karma

What are the hours like? I've heard that voice actors have some of the most flexible/non-demanding work schedules.

BrooksMoore9 karma

I guess it goes case by case, but voice actors need to be available whenever a client calls. For four years I was the voice of Exploring Our Universe on the Science Channel, and I recorded every Tuesday without ever taking a break.

I have recorded the show from Machu Pichu, Peru; Oxford, England; Paris, France; Florence, Italy. I'm available 24-7.

Kingofawesome137 karma

Have you thought of doing an episode of how a US Dollar is made?

BrooksMoore4 karma

I haven't but I will pass it along.

ajr4847 karma

Hi Brooks! Besides How It's Made, what are some of your other projects that you enjoyed working on? Can you share some links to view?

BrooksMoore3 karma

I sure can. With Bonnemaison, Inc., we just recently produced a documentary on Donald Coffey, a cancer researcher at Johns Hopkins Hospital. That can be viewed here

More from Bonnemaison, Inc can be seen here password: BON

I've also just begun recording an awesome podcast called How We Got Here with Jim Rickards. Coming in February. Follow the news here

ProfDrCmdrChang7 karma

I woke up every morning watching HIM and your dulcet vocals are etched into my mind. I love your work!

Have you ever had an opportunity to visit some of the facilities you've covered? If not, which one would you want to visit the most?

BrooksMoore6 karma

That's a great way to start your day!

I have not visited the facility, but I'm going to make it a point to visit one this year! Still deciding on which one...

liamquane7 karma

Is there a director involved with you when you record your V.o's?

BrooksMoore11 karma

No, but there is a producer from the Science Channel that listens in. The process is like this: I record in my booth with a Zaxcom Nomad, and I feed through an Apogee Duet into my laptop and they listen through Skype.

The producer can listen to a high quality audio session. Once finished, we upload the files via Box.

The track is then mixed by Discovery, edited into the show, and sent for broadcast

Mcdhorse137 karma

do you like Star Wars ?

BrooksMoore4 karma

I love Star Wars!

DrUsual6 karma

Hi Mr. Moore. My daughters and I are huge fans of HIM. Could you tell us a bit about the process of choosing the show's subjects? And have you ever had a subject you really wanted to shoot, but couldn't find a manufacturer to work with for the filming?

BrooksMoore9 karma

Fans can request on the Science Channel website different topics. I don't have anything to do with what is chosen to be in the show.

Mrmagiz6 karma

When you guys are working on an episode do you actually attend the filming or just do your VO via a provided script?

BrooksMoore3 karma

Provided script.

namitchouhan6 karma

Mr. Moore, do you play video games?

BrooksMoore3 karma

I love the new Star Wars game.

annelisebmoore6 karma

Hi I'm a huge fan! Who do you look up to in the voice talent world?

BrooksMoore6 karma

The late Hal Douglas, and Bill St. James, there are so many great and talented voice actors out there.

dpartin6 karma

Hi Brooks, what type of microphone do you record the show with?

BrooksMoore14 karma

Neumann u87.

kfd895 karma

Dear Mr. Moore, Thank you so much for being here! "How It's Made" is an incredible example of educational television, and you are an invaluable element of the series. I am curious: as the narrator, how much say do you have in the material/narrative/script of the show? When you are narrating, what are you thinking about most? Are you thinking about how to be clearest for the viewers? Or how to tell the most engaging story? Do you have any tips for livening up seemingly dry subject matter? Do you ever try to sneak in an opinion by way of the tone in your voice? Thanks again! :)

BrooksMoore7 karma

I don't have a say in the script, it comes to me already written. When I'm narrating the show I really am thinking about what I'm reading and what the viewer is seeing. Tips? Good music, sound effects, and a great narrator. Last, I've never done it.

harleyquinn12345 karma

Have you ever met Tony Hirst or worked with, the narrator of the British version of How It's Made?

BrooksMoore4 karma

No, I haven't, but I would like to!

ajr4845 karma

What is the most interesting "fun fact" you have come across throughout all of the many episodes? Anything that just blew you away?

BrooksMoore12 karma

Glass eyeballs was really neat. How they paint the iris and pupils, very cool.

Edit: One of my team members found a link.

ProfessorProfessersn5 karma

When did you realize that you had an amazing voice and could use it for voice acting?

BrooksMoore3 karma

I started announcing horse shows when I was fifteen, and since then people have been encouraging me and my voice acting.

oneearth5 karma

Who is the lady who also narrates?

BrooksMoore4 karma

That is Lynne Adams, she narrates the Canada version.

jordan_loria5 karma

Hello Mr. Moore! I'm a student at Christopher Newport University who regularly volunteers with Fear2Freedom, an organization that helps survivors of sexual violence, and I heard you recently did a video about them! Would you mind explaining and elaborating a little bit more on that? I'm very excited to hear what you have to say!

BrooksMoore3 karma

As you may know Fear2Freedoms mission is to redeem and restore those wounded by sexual assault and empowering college students to "Be the Change" and "Restore the Joy". The first video that we produced for them was "Be the Change". This video interviewed courageous students who told there story of sexual assault. Some where molested as young people, others suffered sexual assault at college. To hear students tell there story is very powerful. The other aspect of the project involved detailing what Fear2Freedom does on college campuses with the F2F Kit. Imagine the nightmare of suffering a sexual assault. You go to the emergency room and they keep all of your clothes as evidence. You walk out with a hospital gown. F2F partners with colleges and puts together kits that give someone who suffers sexual assault some dignity. The kits provide clothing, personal hygiene items like a toothbrush, etc. a teddy bear and a note from a college student who helped assemble the kit offering encouragement and hope. The kits are taken to the local hospital and handed out to victims. Our video helps bring awareness and encourages students to combat sexual assault on college campuses. It was a wonderful project to be a part of and F2F is hoping to roll this out to campuses throughout the country.

stealthypic5 karma

I know i'm to late, but i hope you'll answer nevertheless: How did you learn to be a narrator? I'd like to know the tecnique behind making your voice so damn fantastic.

BrooksMoore2 karma

I started announcing Horse Shows. What I think is really important is to develop your own style. Try not to copy someone else, be authentic. Go to a VO workshop and record a demo.

jvonne784 karma

Hi Mr. Moore! I'm a student very interested in the topic of sexual assault for a school project. I've heard of a non-profit called Fear2Freedom that helps sexual assault survivors, and I also heard you did a documentary/video about them? Is it possible you could get into that further?

BrooksMoore2 karma

Please check out a previous post and the website Fear2Freedom.org

pink_nuclear_pokemon4 karma

If your voice hurts what do you do? What if you can't reschedule a session?

BrooksMoore3 karma

I really try to take care of my voice, but if I simply can't record, I ask to reschedule.

Tucana664 karma

Your voice is legend. 'Nuff said. :)

Question: how do you prepare for your voiceover sessions?

BrooksMoore8 karma

One thing that I'll never forget was from a Speech 101 class, freshman year of college. My professor suggested that in order to increase our diction, we hold a cork between our teeth when speaking. It forces clean enunciation and you can really tell the difference.

sclarke274 karma

Have you guys ever considered doing a How its Made episode about how episodes of How its Made are made?

BrooksMoore5 karma

Im not sure but I will pass your suggestion along.

Sankotank4 karma

Hi there. I really enjoy HIM. It's a great series and I love your narration. Do you do other voice over work and if so how do you adapt per genre of what you are narrating?

BrooksMoore5 karma

Thanks for the question! Check out my link, also in the description. You can also see my website, where I have some samples.

I love doing different genre reads for different projects! I really try to work with the producers, read the script thoroughly, and if I can, watch a rough cut of the visuals to develop a style that works in communicating the story effectively.

kels04 karma

Am I the only one who finds the voice extremely soothing and relaxing? Put this on and it's nap time, but you fight slee because you love the show!

BrooksMoore3 karma

Thanks for being a fan. Glad I can be relaxing for you.

drewcantlose4 karma

Hi Brooks. I have been a fan for a long time. Do you have any issues with how discovery channel and other cable channels have gone more toward the MTV type delivery of information, instead of being more factual, like HIM is presented?

BrooksMoore10 karma

I am proud of the fact that I've worked with the Discovery networks for over 20 years, and although I can't comment about the network's content, I am very honored to be the narrator of How Its Made and I really appreciate the fans!

MariBON3 karma

PLSSS!!! Can you do an episode on 1) How the RED camera is made?;
2) How MacBook is Made?;
3) How an IMAX camera is Made?

BrooksMoore3 karma

I don't decide, but I'll pass these along!

astridabedoya3 karma

I'm a big fan of yours, Mr. Moore!! Your voice is pretty special. My questions for you are: 1) Have you ever helped someone by applying what you learned while recording for HIM? 2) What was the hardest episode to record? 3) What other type of work do you do? 4) Would it be possible to see you on screen rather than being behind it?

BrooksMoore2 karma

Thank you!

  1. I've definitely learned from the informative scripts, which I keep.

  2. Can't recall any super difficult episodes, but if it took 35 takes to get it right, it was probably difficult.

  3. I am a producer and vice president at Bonnemaison, Inc.

  4. We'll see!

PrivatePecker3 karma

How did you get through the hot dogs episode without laughing your ass off?

BrooksMoore5 karma

I didn't

BritanniaEmpire3 karma

Did you ever learn any secret mixing ratios/ ingredients? Did they make you sign a NDA?

BrooksMoore2 karma

No NDA, but sometimes the exact recipes for certain things is kept secret!

solisu3 karma

Skittles or Reese's pieces?

BrooksMoore7 karma

Reese's pieces, all the way.

jelacicedin3 karma

Who comes up with the puns you so passionately deliver on the show?

BrooksMoore3 karma

No, they are in the script, but it's one of the most often asked questions. Let me give you an example... (This was for a segment on icing) No matter how often you ice it, the result will be sweet.

benSmca49263 karma

Hello Moore, big fan of How Its made, um I was wondering if i can a voicemail of you saying something. Oh and what did you think about the new Star Wars movie?? Thanks.

BrooksMoore2 karma

Loved the Star Wars movie. PM me about the vm

Sporka3 karma

Hi Mr. Moore! How it's Made is easily my all time favorite show, thanks for the AMA.

How do you pick up on the industry-related technical terms for different episodes? (for example the different parts of bagpipes) Do you do research into the topics for the episodes? Or is there a team of people that prepare a loose script with the related jargon and what it means?

BrooksMoore2 karma

I do! Especially on Dream Cars.

Edit: the producers at Science Channel carefully prepare the script for me.

pink_nuclear_pokemon3 karma

Do you benefit from using your voice more than your eyes?

BrooksMoore4 karma

Well, that's really sort of a "chicken or the egg" question. If I can't read the script, I can't use my voice!

Chivio_Yshtar3 karma

Mr. Moore! I'm switching soon from fulltime VO to freelance and I was wondering: Is it better to flood business avenues with demos and self-promotion, or work on finding an agent?

BrooksMoore2 karma

It depends on your market please PM me and I would be happy to discuss your situation.

isntthatfunny2 karma

Can you record my voicemail for me? I've been a fan since the beginning! It would mean the world to me and I'll never change it.

BrooksMoore2 karma

PM me.