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At what point in the process did you realize that this was going to be a historic "film"?

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My uncle has a pet snake he carries in his pocket that loves to be petted.

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Teacher fantasies are so common they are a trope. Teachers fall under the umbrella of authority figures, who are under the bigger umbrella of submission, and the additional umbrella of taboo. This covers a huge portion of the most common fantasies. If you have taught sexual age students, at least one has almost certainly made it known.

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Masters and Johnson covered this a bunch. People who scoff at sex research as not real science can't be persuaded. It's their hangup, and no matter how you frame it, word it, or describe it, they only see it as smut/porn/perversion. Sex negativity correlates highly with religiosity.

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You are an all star. That for doing the AMA, thanks for being yourself, and thanks for setting the fucking bar for how to do an AMA.