Wuz up everyone.. Alexis Texas here! I'm sooo excited for this. I love interacting with my fans. So are you ready? Lets get this party started! BTW after the AMA I will be on CamSoda so you can REALLY interact with me! ;-)

Proof: https://twitter.com/Alexis_Texas/status/685209094370664449

I'll be answering questions here, and after I'll go live on Camsoda.com at 7pm PST. You can ask me more stuff there. xoxo

EDIT: I had a great time today reddit, thanks for the love and catch me on Camsoda.com for my show tonight!

EDIT 2: I put a free preview of my show up here! enjoy ;)

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enigma2g3383 karma

Have you ever slept with a fan?

camsoda_com5898 karma

No I prefer air conditioning ;)

Twillz011920 karma

What are your thoughts on James Deen and the accusations placed against him? Also can you tell us what it is like working with him?

camsoda_com2800 karma

There are always 3 sides to every story and me personally I've never had a bad experience with him .

jackhackett801835 karma

What is the most offensive thing a male actor might do during a typical shoot?

camsoda_com2780 karma

I would have to say if they cum in your eye that's the worst!

Xeqt1677 karma

What do you think about Hannah Montana previously almost having your name?

camsoda_com2290 karma

There is only room for 1 alexis Texas and that's me !! It's pretty funny though I get told this a lot

Tipthefedora1011632 karma

Hi Alexis, do you ever remember coming to Winnipeg Canada and taking a picture with these hunks because we sure do. :) Anyway, the horse's girlfriend never found out we went to see you. Also, we still have the masks and wear them to clubs on halloween.

Anyway, the boys and I are wondering if you'd ever consider coming back to the city for whatever reason, business or pleasure, and what were some of the things you enjoyed while you were here?

Edit: Grammar.

camsoda_com1476 karma

Lol how could I forget your masks lol it was a fun pic :) not sure when I will be back the Booty likes to stay warm !

_SWANS_CAN_BE_GAY_1467 karma

has any fans ever try to hit on you in public?

camsoda_com2682 karma

Yes it doesn't hurt to try the worst thing that could happen is I say NO lol

FATTYDICKA1400 karma

Favorite position?

camsoda_com3091 karma

Cowgirl I love having control of the cock and bouncing my big booty on it

Texcellence1198 karma

As a fellow Texan, what is your favorite thing from Whataburger?

camsoda_com1690 karma

Yum whataburger I hate that they take soo long for your order but love their chicken strips !! Ahh you are making me hungry lol

adma19871164 karma

What are the best and worst aspects of the porn industry?

camsoda_com2223 karma

Best for me is that I get to travel the world and meet really awesome people and am allowed to be the sexual being that I am ..worst would be the stereotypes that come along with being a porn star and how we are precieved my the main stream world as negative

Mikeytentoes1090 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

camsoda_com2403 karma

Pepperoni and sausage what can I say I love meat !!

Luffykun51052 karma

If I beat you in Rock Paper Scissors could I get a kiss on the cheek?

camsoda_com1446 karma

Yep you sure can but I rarely ever lose :) I'm a winner baby !

zoidboob1038 karma

Cats or dogs? And why is it dogs?

camsoda_com1338 karma

Dogs ! Never been a cat person because I am allergic and I have 2 Dogs of my own that I absolutely adore !

CigaretteCigarCigar960 karma

On your personal time, do you prefer spontaneous "just jump each other" sex, or do you go all out with the bed, candles, and soft lighting?

camsoda_com1228 karma

Honestly it depends on the mood those are both awesome options if you ask me . Sometimes you just need to jump on each other though lol

joshifyish888 karma

How do you feel about adult film stars going onto the big screen? Is this something you'd like to do?

camsoda_com1209 karma

It's awesome if that's the direction they want to go ! I have been in a b movie called bloodlust zombies which was a lot of fun and I would definitely do more if given the right opportunity !

jjjslizzle878 karma

if your male co star is having trouble getting hard do you help him BTS with a blowjob or rubbing your giant booty on his dick to help get him hard or are you more of a leave me alone and get it hard yourself type of girl?

camsoda_com2202 karma

I'm always there to lend a helping hand mouth hole

Free2718816 karma

What's best piece of advice (professional and/or personal) that you have ever received?

camsoda_com1510 karma

To stay humble

haterdeflater715 karma

How do you feel about plastic surgery?

camsoda_com1088 karma

It's not for me but my motto is to each is own . What works for me doesn't work for everybody

jjjslizzle681 karma

do you think you might ever do a bangbus scene? if not, how come?

camsoda_com917 karma

I never say never but it's not particular my thing

therealmerloc583 karma

Circumcised or Uncircumcised?

camsoda_com2176 karma

I just love cock in general I don't judge

SecCarter499 karma

What is your favorite animal???

camsoda_com904 karma


bengaldude545483 karma

How do I buy condoms without being nervous?

camsoda_com2533 karma

If you are nervous to buy condoms then you shouldn't be having Sex .. There is nothing wrong with safe Sex so there is no need to be nervous Everyone is Fucking

BMTHk1ko481 karma

Do you ever have sex with your co-stars during behind-the-scenes ?

camsoda_com1169 karma

I have had Sex with my co stars during bts or breaks between filming .. It's hard not to when you have great chemistry with your co star it just leaves you wanting more !!

jordankr455 karma

What are your plans after you retire? Are you ever interested in producing or directing adult films?

camsoda_com725 karma

I have started directing/producing with elegant Angel .. I have directed 3 movies so far and I really enjoy it! You should check out some of my titles and let me know what you think

n8zqk444 karma

does size really matter?

camsoda_com1374 karma

For me personally I don't think size matters . I mean you have to have something to work with but it's not the size of the boat it's the motion in the ocean baby !!!

Sendinthegimp380 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! What scene did you enjoy most and/or was your most intense orgasm?

camsoda_com620 karma

My favorite scene I did was just recently for my movie the real Buttwoman returns for elegant Angel . I did an anal scene with Abella danger and Mick blue and it was AMAZING! You should go check it out you will love it!

chili01296 karma

What is your favorite food?

camsoda_com588 karma

Fried chicken :)

Z3r0mir258 karma

Big fan of your work, thanks for everything you've done.

Have you ever had a scenario where your male counter part couldn't "perform"? If so, what happens to the shoot?

camsoda_com400 karma

Thanks for being a fan of my big booty and yes this has happened to me big not in a really long time. But if that was the case they would either replace the guy with another male talent or cancel the scene and rebook it for another day ..

FromundaBrees144 karma

Yoga pants or jeans?

camsoda_com298 karma

Depends on the occasion but I love leggings

Wattz_54 karma

If you had to choose would you rather have a Cuban Sandwich with extra pickles or a Reuben sandwich with no Thousand Island Dressing?

camsoda_com110 karma

Cuban sandwich with extra pickles all day !!

exhibitbdubb35 karma

Will you be touring this year? Especially hitting the Midwest?

camsoda_com60 karma

Yes I will be touring this year my schedule is already filling up pretty quickly .. I will be posting my 2016 dates soon on TeamTexass.com

BigBootyWI24 karma

Hey Alexis! Any new projects that your are working on that you can tell us about? Miss you babe. Hope you had a great Christmas and Congratulations on your AVN nomination

camsoda_com53 karma

Hi bigbootywi I finished my Texas redneck bbq movie which should be coming out soon and just recently shot some new scenes for Bangbros .. Thank you for my Christmas presents my doggies loved their treats xoxo