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If you had to choose would you rather have a Cuban Sandwich with extra pickles or a Reuben sandwich with no Thousand Island Dressing?

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UChicago grad here. Do this in however which way you can.

You asked for an "in" and Prof. Pollack gave you one. I guarantee if you put some thought and creativity into it you'll get that letter of rec. The only reason I got in to the University was finding an interesting way to stand apart from the masses and acted on it. I was a super-medium candidate on paper and found a way. I ended up choosing UChicago because they care about the people they admit and the only way you get admitted is if you truly care about attending the University.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the information, really helpful!

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Wow. "by 2050 population density in much of Africa will be similar to India today" seems insane. How did this get projected out? Was it sheer population growth historically that was projected out or is there some multiplier tied to things like increased industrialization? Thanks!