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Thanks for doing the AMA! What scene did you enjoy most and/or was your most intense orgasm?

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My SO of 10 years and I recently had our last baby this past year. We're done at this point and we have romantic sex 1 or 2 times a week. Unfortunately the passion in our sex life is on life support and has been for years. What are some concrete ways we can reignite the passion in our sex life?

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Are they still around? If so, would you be willing to reach out to them?

Assuming they can be reached, there's no doubt doing that would be emotionally challenging but it might be a good thing. I think there's something to finding and keeping (or reviving) relationships with people you love and who love you.

Life is short and full of people who don't care. Keep the ones who do close.

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Is there a benefit to being hyper aware of stimuli? I'm sure it helps avoid being eaten by Saber tooth tigers and whatnot but I'm referring to modern times. Is there a job/career where that characteristic is beneficial?

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100% the truth. There are bigger fish to fry.