Whats good? Your boy Kimbo here. Special shout out to Camsoda.com crew for helping me connect with my fans. This is dope. I'm sure you have heard but I have a Bellator fight Feb 19 live on Spike TV so make sure you tune in!

I'm filming a segment with the film crew for the lead up to my fight special at the Camsoda House right now and also answering your questions live here on this AMA.

Proof: https://twitter.com/KimboSlice/status/684208689826246656

EDIT: I've never done something like this before.. it was really fun. Thanks for taking the time to interact with ur boy.

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Silly_goosed4096 karma

Are you 99 strength, if so would you recommend that I continue killing goblins to level mine up?

camsoda_com5214 karma

man stop smokin

OzsAndLbs2393 karma

Ever consider a WWE career after MMA? You already have the look & smack talk ability.

camsoda_com3986 karma

Vince.. where u at hommie? The people want it!

white_is_red2328 karma

Give it to me straight. The beard is your source of power isn't it?

camsoda_com2689 karma


GatoAmarillo1723 karma

Who was the toughest opponent you've ever fought?

camsoda_com4587 karma

My wife.. u feel me?

Callixtus471581 karma

Why did Blood and Bone go straight to DVD? That movie was awesome!

camsoda_com2238 karma

that shit was great i thought so too

Tmulltuous1403 karma

Whens the line of kimbo BBQ sauce coming out? Brendan schaub has been hyping it on his podcast.

You should stop in with him as a press opp pre fight.

camsoda_com1624 karma

idk maybe schaub can help me get it out there... thats my guy

mexdizzle3950 karma

You need to come out with some rubs called Kimbo Spice.

edit: my first gold! Thanks!

camsoda_com3614 karma

i came back just to say... that is genius!

fictitious_friends1359 karma

How was your experience on the set of the Drake and Josh movie? You killed it as Santa.

Would you ever consider doing more acting?

camsoda_com1766 karma

i gotta thank dan schneider and simon rex for makin that happen. i had an awesome experience it was amazing!

Twathammer321338 karma

Who hits harder, you or Dorrough's trunk?

camsoda_com1090 karma


SpeakLikeAChild041152 karma

What do you think about the DOW dropping 276 points off the back of fears about the structural issues behind the Chinese economy?

camsoda_com2473 karma

not thrilled, i have some alibaba stock

rrmcdona1150 karma

On the backyard fight that brought you Internet fame: did that dude lose his vision?

camsoda_com2153 karma

the guys eye went 3 inches into his face and he didnt want to go to the hospital

Rakmon_1138 karma

What's your favorite submission? Do you plan to surprise Dada 5000 with a straight ankle lock outta nowhere?

camsoda_com3432 karma


Kidroniii1118 karma

Do you feel violence is the answer?

camsoda_com3018 karma

it helps

AFlaccidNarwhal951 karma

What's your favorite kind of pizza?

camsoda_com1848 karma

supreme exta cheese no black olives

billmurray43905 karma

Hey Kimbo, just curious what MMA fighter active or retired would you most like to fight if weight classes didn't matter?

Same question for boxing if you're up for answering two questions.

Thanks a lot man big fan! Good luck on the next bout in February!

camsoda_com2246 karma

i would like to bang brock big ass up

MoistCarbs894 karma

How is Joe Rogan in person?

camsoda_com1676 karma

joe is cool

TheDildozers806 karma

French fries or onion rings?

camsoda_com3251 karma

sweet potato french fries

HryPerr0795 karma

were you ever bullied as a kid?

camsoda_com2123 karma

i was and thats why im so against it now

WIPackerGuy793 karma

Hey Kimbo. Call your shot. How's your upcoming fight going to end?

camsoda_com1562 karma

im gonna break his jaw and ribs. goin for the break!

Waldinator737 karma

What are your thoughts on the documentary, Dawg Fight? Was it accurate, does it do it justice?

camsoda_com1646 karma

completely inaccurate

SenorMowgli670 karma

They hook you up with Gianna yet?

camsoda_com969 karma

lol... Gianna is the homie

Fight_Mad652 karma

What was it like being in the TUF house? I hear you make some amazing BBQ, any chance we can get a recipe for some bad ass wings? Kimbo, thanks for taking the time to do this, been a fan for years! Good luck against Dada 5000.

camsoda_com2409 karma

tuf house was interesting.

lightly season the wings, special sauce, cinnamon sugar, marinade overnight. slice up a decent amount of cayenne pepper black pepper a pinch of sea salt. bbq on the grill or deep fried then immediately glaze it with honey and lemon and serve.

The_Only_1578 karma

Do you think zombies should be slow and dumb because they are no longer living, or the kind that are fast and smart since they don't fear death?

camsoda_com1075 karma

yes easy to kill but be careful they come in mass numbers

The_Only_1456 karma

What would your weapon of choice be when surrounded?

camsoda_com1534 karma

ak47 200 round clip in my left and a jim bowie in my right

mrraja28540 karma

Yo kimbo big fan, has any one messed with you after making it big like at a bar or just out and about?

camsoda_com1169 karma

no need to cant forget im an original street fighter

jcarmona24534 karma

KIMBO!! The guy you fucked up in football pads in the park, was he okay?


camsoda_com633 karma

money talks... just knocked the wind out of him

KingJTB457 karma

How do you get ready right before a fight? What is your "pump up" routine?

sunturtll457 karma

What do you think about fighting Herschel Walker next?

camsoda_com1034 karma

he was my guy on tecmo bowl

aa_tw438 karma

Has your life changed dramatically from the old street fight days to now? If so, what do you miss most?

camsoda_com939 karma

being able to go unnoticed... its a gift and a curse.

Jahoby423 karma

Who's your favorite fighter other than yourself at the moment?

camsoda_com664 karma

Charles Rosa

FamousMonsterParty387 karma

What do you see yourself doin after fighting? Retire, wwe, movies?

camsoda_com654 karma

well hopefully ill still be fighting threw out this year.

abortnstckle326 karma

Whats the most damage you have ever done to someone in a fight? I remember seeing the video of you and another guy in a street fight, it looked like you knocked his eye out(?), this leads me to the above question.

camsoda_com623 karma

That one might be tops. Was no joke.

Jar_Lar309 karma

My dude, do you have a favorite gas station snack?

camsoda_com1016 karma

hot dogs from 7-11 is da fucking best 2 for 2 with a big gulp

Chubbstock308 karma

Could you share your feelings on the reebok deal with ufc? Do you think anything should change? Why?

camsoda_com971 karma

i like under armour

spineapples1009 karma

i like turtles

camsoda_com2358 karma

lol.. i love that kid

Eagles_63303 karma

Hey Kimbo!

My question is what is the best advice you can give someone for when they get into a street fight?

camsoda_com1030 karma

Always swing first and aim for that chin.

frankv123285 karma

Hey man, big fan here. I would just like to ask what made you want to get into fighting?

camsoda_com879 karma

Where I come from it is just part of life

Pr3Zd0252 karma

Hey Kimbo, can't wait to see you flat line Dada. What's your favorite post weigh in meal?

camsoda_com551 karma

i dont cut but chicken piccata is my meal after weigh ins

gugea240 karma

You are friend with Jorge Masvidal?

camsoda_com365 karma

yeah thats my guy

Ole_Lord_Maximus239 karma

How do you see your life taking course once you decide to retire? What's your favorite meal?

camsoda_com536 karma

all about my family... anything my wife cooks

jackiebratcher214 karma

what kind of beard grooming ointment do you prefer? you had the original hipster beard.

camsoda_com905 karma

Only the finest berries

foamyguy202 karma

Do you think that you will get an opportunity to fight Fedor. And if you did, would you be interested in taking it?

camsoda_com307 karma

i dont know, but ill take it!


What are your thoughts on Lawler/Condit?

camsoda_com207 karma

great fight lawler got it ATT

kadozen34 karma

Did you ever think starting out you were going to be this big? Honestly UFC is one of the biggest brands on earth and I'm pretty sure more people know who you are verse any fighter past or present. How do you stay grounded?

camsoda_com76 karma

being humble keeping family and friends close.

chakula25 karma

Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton?

camsoda_com187 karma

i like will ferrells skit on snl