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KIMBO!! The guy you fucked up in football pads in the park, was he okay?


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The man even includes a video. Blessed

EDIT: An amazing video, DO watch

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Hi Alex - I lost to you last night in a tourney on Fanduel and our only differences were that you picked Russ and Herro over me taking Rondo and Jimmy.

I thought about it again this morning and I would still have taken Rondo and Jimmy over your 2. How did you come to your conclusion? Or do you just run hundreds of lineups and that one hit?

I am working extremely hard on my first Tourney victory

p.s. - which team do you stack tonight in NBA? Raps done? Does Tatum still underwhelm (in DFS)? PG13 continue his? Or do we stack DEN as they try to win 128-125

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Russell!!!!! If you could give me one tip on fashion what would it be? I love your sense of fashion

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how great on the scale of 1 to Elon Musk?