My short bio: I am a UK based actor who does background work to pay for my classes. Though acting is what I really love, when the chance to be part of the biggest film of all time came up, I had to do it!

Obviously I'm going to avoid spoilers as much as is possible! I will try to discuss as much as I can. :). Only available for a couple of hours so get them in fast!

Feel free to check out out my website and leave hurtful comments -

My showreel is here -

My Proof: I can be seen in the trailer ( at 1:29. I'm the bloke in the waistcoat walking oddly...

EDIT: Thanks guys! Been a blast(er). I have to go to an audition now but I may try and rifle through this again later on. Enjoy the movie!

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dolbie197 karma

Will you sign my "Nameless Extra" Star Wars action figure MIB?

TorinP80 karma

MIB? Sorry! Confused! Haha. I know some of the guys are booking for signings already. Not my cup of tea, but I'll sign stuff if people want it!

LeMunchee79 karma

MIB = Mint In Box :D (or Men In Black, your choice, really)

TorinP35 karma

Haha! If you really wanted!

chrisplyon139 karma

What is Abrams like as a director from what you can tell? Where does his focus lie when making changes to a shot, scene, performance?

How did you get the job?

How long were you on set?

What was your favorite moment on or off set (spoiler free, of course)?

TorinP262 karma

What is Abrams like?

By far and away the most inspiring person I have met in the film industry. There were times when he would just stop us all and say "Guys... We're making Star Wars". In terms of style though, we could certainly tell that his focus was energy. A potentially dull dialogue scene was transformed by his choice of shot and his constant optimism. Performance wise, he had the patience of a saint. I remember a particular scene where one actor just wasn't giving him what he wanted. I have seen directors get furious very quickly over this, but Abrams just smiled all the way through. Totally knows how to get the best out of actors.

How did I get the Job?

Through an extras casting agency. I was just the right shape!

How long was I on set?

I seem to remember counting my days recently and it was 19 or 20. Each of those averaging at about 10-12 hours!

What is my favourite moment?

I met a lot of great fellow background artists. But I have to say the stand out moment was the first time I saw Harrison Ford on set.

JakeTheSnake070973 karma

Wow, sounds like Abrams is a pretty stand up guy. I'm sure he did a great job

TorinP45 karma

Whole heartedly agree.

Nacksche20 karma

I seem to remember counting my days recently and it was 19 or 20. Each of those averaging at about 10-12 hours!

Well, I played the extra you can see in the trailer and some other masked roles. I'm afraid I can't tell you how much screen time I had as I haven't seen the movie yet! But I can guarantee it probably all boils down to less than a second or two. Haha!

You were on set (and paid?) for 200 hrs... for 3 seconds of screen time?

TorinP3 karma

And now you see where the money goes... Haha!

Kh3lid133 karma

So... did you see any Gungan force chocking someone during a scene ? blink twice if yes.

TorinP225 karma

Has seizure

outram88110 karma

Did you feel like you were really in the starwars universe and not just an extra? How engrossing were the sets?

TorinP186 karma

Yes. The first day I walked onto the set was breathtaking. Nothing can prepare you for how real these sets are. They had a team from bioFX who were grating moss flown in from forests in Belgium for the floor. As far as I was concerned, I was there. Huge amount of effort, a lot of which will go un celebrated! So here's to those guys!

monkeedude121299 karma

They had a team from bioFX who were grating moss flown in from forests in Belgium for the floor.

To think, how much money, effort, and time goes into every process that involves that mossy floor, for probably only a few minutes of screen-time that isn't even the object you're focused on...

TorinP59 karma

Utterly amazing.

veertamizhan109 karma

mild spoiler question - is harry potter really a wizard?

TorinP267 karma

No... But he does manage to make it to Mordor!

Unnamed_5oldier71 karma

Can you tell us what extra you played and how much screen time you had?

citron2k1136 karma

TorinP86 karma


GEARHEADGus2 karma

Is John Boyega as nice and funny in real life as he is in interviews?

TorinP3 karma

Yes definitely! Made him laugh with a very inappropriate comment just before I do that silly walk.

TorinP101 karma

Well, I played the extra you can see in the trailer and some other masked roles. I'm afraid I can't tell you how much screen time I had as I haven't seen the movie yet! But I can guarantee it probably all boils down to less than a second or two. Haha!

Valten199259 karma

Where is the Rebel base?! TALK

TorinP112 karma

Just off the M25.

wedontlikespaces34 karma

I can't get over the fact that it was filmed in the UK. So many films are filmed in far off parts of the world. Lots of sand and dust. It's nice to see a movie at amidst greenery and rain.

TorinP37 karma

Some of the costumes were still full of sand from Abu Dhabi when we put them on!

rolaris11 karma

Damn I'm in Abu Dhabi right now. Do you know where exactly it was filmed?

TorinP13 karma

Sorry, no.

brownboy1357 karma

Could you please post an image of yourself holding up a piece of paper with your username and "/r/IAmA" written on it. Linking to a site doesn't really prove your claim.

TorinP82 karma

Absolutely! Here you go! Imgur

JelleC44 karma

Have you met/spoken to any of the main cast?

TorinP164 karma

I had breakfast with Anthony Daniels on one of my first days there. I had no idea who he was! But he sat and had breakfast with me. Really down to earth guy and seems to love talking to the extras. He would ask us all what we do for a living and really try to get to know us.

I had minor interaction with the other cast members (smiles/nods etc) but they were all too iconic and intimidating for me! Plus, they're working... As an actor myself, that feels like walking into the CEO's office without an appointment.

Hvutti44 karma

What were your qualities that landed you the role?
Height/weight/hair/eyes etc.

TorinP73 karma

5'11", around 12 stone, long hair (so they can do what they'd like with it) and eyes didn't really come into it... Honestly though, the real secret was being easy to work with and eager to please, as in any job!

deepsavageblue20 karma

You worried about getting in trouble with disney for doing this AMA?

TorinP67 karma

Yes and no. They're obviously scary. However, now that the movie is out, there are people sharing their involvement on all kinds of social media.

If they want to get in contact I would be the first to bow to their demands. I have loved working on this film and wouldn't want anyone to have a sour taste! (RIP OP)

austinrebel43 karma

How was the food?

TorinP90 karma

Ridiculously good. I'm talking steak, lobster, any kind of pasta. Freshly made pancakes to order, breakfast burritos. It was the real deal.

austinrebel34 karma

Nice. Sounds like background was eating the same food as the crew, as least when you were on set. I've worked as an extra quite a bit. It's all about the food!

TorinP30 karma


VSVWB39 karma

Did you get to keep any souvenirs or props from the film?

TorinP110 karma

Absolutely categorically no. Haha. Maybe one day I'll go back and buy my costume from the Indiana Jones style Lucasfilm warehouse...

"Top... Men..."

Dickdude900031 karma

Did you like the movie ?

TorinP75 karma

I haven't seen it yet! Can you believe it?! Haha. Booked in for tomorrow.

Having seen the amount of work that went into it, I can't imagine I wouldn't like it.

ChoosetheSword30 karma

You're playing a dangerous game, OP.

TorinP28 karma

Oh...? In what sense?

ChoosetheSword31 karma

The spoiler sense. I hope you have a keen one. Apparently the Spoil Party's been campaigning pretty hard lately.

TorinP34 karma

Ah! I see. Yeah... This wasn't the best idea BEFORE I'd seen the film.

stabbingbrainiac11 karma

Being on the Internet before the movie comes out is pretty much a guarantee that someone is going to spoil the movie for you. Apparently, anyways.

12iskYourLife29 karma

Were the assistants treated humanely on set?

TorinP59 karma

As far as I was aware. Obviously it's a hugely stressful environment. I'm sure some people got snapped at! But I know for example that Carrie Fisher's assistants absolutely loved her. She is totally charming.

nachocheese89928 karma

Did you play in any cool roles? Example- Rebel soldier, some civilian or a stormtrooper?

TorinP55 karma

All of the above. I joked that the waistcoat character seen in the trailer is actually way out of his depth. I was one of the only ones in that costume on set and wasn't allowed a gun. As far as I was concerned I was an intern doing Alliance admin...

howard_dean_YEARGH21 karma

How difficult was it to see/navigate while in a stormtrooper costume (provided you did indeed play that role)?

TorinP2 karma

Difficult. Obviously you'll forgive a world of problems to wear the suit, but it's the hardest costume I've ever worn. In essence, you have to try and map out your route before you out the helmet on, and then hope the force guides you...

xCaptainFalconx28 karma

How big of a star wars fan are you? Have you been into it your whole life, making this some sort of a dream come true for you, or was it just something that kinda just happened?

TorinP65 karma

I was just the right age to catch Episode I when it came out. This was my experience of Star Wars...

Haha. I could lie and tell you I'm a lifelong fan, but in reality I'm more just aware of the films in a pop-culture sort of way. I like them, don't get me wrong! But I'm not a superfan.

Having said that, when I was told what it was, I did shriek like a little girl.

xCaptainFalconx22 karma

Haha. That's the only sensible reaction, in my opinion.

TorinP34 karma

Funnily enough, I was doing my dissertation in the University of Birmingham Library when I found out.

I tried to carry on writing, I really did.

frissonic12 karma

I'm at work in Utah right now. My first showing for the movie is tonight at 10:30. I'm bringing my daughters to their first ever Star Wars in the theater experience ... and I cannot focus at all. I don't know how the hell you could have possibly continued writing a dissertation once you found out. I would have just picked up my stuff, walked out of the library, and then started screaming like a little girl.

tl;dr version: you're a better man than I am.

TorinP10 karma

I hope they enjoy it! It was certainly hard!

jerimiahf26 karma

Is there a device on set that makes the lens flares in preparation for the actual ones they'll CGI in later?

TorinP70 karma

What actually happens is after each shot a disco ball is lowered from the ceiling and they get a clean shot to CGI in after.

frissonic13 karma

really ...? cuz that's kinda cool. i can just see a Bee Gees party breaking out as soon as the director says, "aaaand scene."

TorinP30 karma

True story - the script supervisor once made us all dance in a big circle at the end of the day!

Kingmarvin725 karma

Hey Torin is Daisy Ridley as beautiful as she is in real life as on the screen?

TorinP73 karma

Funnily enough she plays Unkar Plutt in the movie too, but without make up. You'd never have guessed it, but you heard it here first.

Jk she's fucking gorgeous.

Munkadunk66718 karma

Are you aware of any, what could be considered, really good spoilers or key plot points? Obviously not asking for you to share them, but do you have that knowledge that others would have loved to know the past year or so?

If so, has it been tearing you up inside not to tell anyone?

TorinP48 karma

Bear in mind I wasn't even officially allowed to tell my parents what I was doing. I have been sitting tearing my hair out watching all the leaks! I knew some major spoilers.

As tempting as it was to share them, JJ's insistence on "Star Wars Family" meant I didn't WANT to share them. I wanted (and still do!) people to enjoy the film spoiler free!

Bertrum15 karma

What was the production and the crew like? What was J.J. Abrams' process like? Did he talk to actors privately or did he do it another way? Were there alot of suits from Disney checking up on things?

TorinP23 karma

JJ has an amazing relationship with an assistant director called Tommy Gormley. He deserves huge credit. He has this piercing Scottish voice, and is the man who got shit done. He was very funny, but my god you wanted to please him. He was the one who talked over the "God Mic" whilst JJ would go and quietly talk to the cast. Not in a "whisper so no one can hear us" way. He was happy for everyone to hear!

The production crew had similar feelings to the extras I think. They just really wanted to make a good movie, and as a result everything seemed to work like clockwork. There was one particular day that was hell (the rally scene) but we all came out smiling in the end! Certain things have to be done on film sets no matter how painful and time consuming to get the finished article right.

Fender23229 karma

I'd love and hate to AD a film like this. I work as an AD often, but I can't imagine on this scale.

TorinP12 karma

Hopefully see you some day! Haha. There is a special look of fear and control in the eyes of an AD on a film like this. Especially on big crowd days. I have been asked if I fancied stepping up. No. Haha!

Fender23222 karma

Haha. I love being an AD. You're basically just allowed to be an asshole all day. I mean a good AD knows when to be stern, but can't be everyone's friend. The stereotype is that we all die at 55 though. Apparently no AD lives past it.

How many AD's did they have on the big crowd days?

TorinP2 karma

I think if you went in with the right mind set you could feel like you smashed it every day! Very satisfying. I think I would love it... But when you're asked out of the blue it scares you off!

Big crowd days it was maybe 4 or 5. But normally a core of 2.

Munkadunk66714 karma

Can you comment on how much you were paid?

TorinP53 karma

Meh. Maybe it would be inappropriate to discuss actual figures. I would rather leave it by saying we were paid very well and in line with the industry!

Stephanoxz13 karma

Did you feel a bit nervours while on set at all? Since it being a really big movie and all that.

TorinP40 karma

Absolutely. The first few takes my heart was pounding. After all, extras work is such a mind fuck for an actor. You're so close to where you want to be and yet so far from getting there.

We were definitely aware we were making cinema history. That was where the nerves came from. There was absolutely no fear of a tyrannical AD or DoP or anything of that nature. We were constantly referred to as "Star Wars Family" and the fear was simply letting ourselves down in the context of the biggest film of all time. Hopefully we delivered!

Blegh0612 karma

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?

TorinP41 karma

Attack of the Clones.

Only joking... I have to say Ep VII obviously. And I haven't even seen it yet!

woxihuan11 karma

Why are you walking so oddly?!

TorinP30 karma

Caught off guard... I had been talking to John Boyega about Identity School of Acting just before the take. They wanted me to overtake that group of soldiers walking past but each take they got closer and closer. What you don't see in that shot is me falling into them and them going over like dominoes.

woxihuan7 karma

Please tell me the domino take made the final cut!

TorinP16 karma

Haha! We looked clumsy almost every take! Didn't realise we were out of frame though so tried to style it out...

8__o11 karma

Were there any prominent actors who were particularly scary on the set? As in they just left you in awe and you were afraid to approach them?

TorinP34 karma

I was afraid to approach any of them! It's just not the done thing... But particularly Harrison Ford. I was brought up on Indiana Jones. What he did for the "Male Lead" genre is unique in my eye. Total hero.

Xterra509 karma

Besides your fellow actors how much in your scene was real i.e. not CGI?

TorinP24 karma

They were so keen on keeping everything real. As I haven't seen the movie it's difficult for me to say... However, what I would say is that I felt like I was there. As far as was humanly possible, CGI was used rarely.

sparcs898 karma

how did you get the part? Like, did they approach you? Did you see an ad for it? etc

TorinP16 karma

There was a lot of talk in the right circles about who would cast the background roles. I happened to pin my hopes on the right agency!

The1WhoRingsTheBell5 karma

Which agency? I'maskingforafriendPM me please

TorinP12 karma

It would be irresponsible for me to say I'm afraid! They don't have exclusivity. The information is out there my friend. Seek and you shall find!

Nzash7 karma

Did you at any point think "This is too much of an ANH remake, Abrams is not risking enough and instead making it too safe of a movie"?

TorinP21 karma

No. I don't for one moment think Abrams was playing it safe. Certainly, as a Star Wars fan himself, he was looking to emulate the lure of the original films. He was meticulous. However, at the end of the day there is that famous literary saying that all great stories can be boiled down into The Seven Basic Plots. Maybe he just came in one early... ;).

dont_worry_im_here6 karma

Are you trying to pull an Alexander Rhodes here and get top billing? I sure hope you are. And I sure hope it works.

edit: The Jack Reacher extra from a couple years back.

TorinP16 karma

In all my heart, I want nothing more than to be an actor. It's just about taking this kind of work with a pinch of salt. As fun as it is, it isn't acting. I see it like a paid internship in the film industry - you can learn a great deal about what it's like on set, but you have to treat it like any other job you use to fund acting. It isn't your route to Hollywood but by god you can make the money do some work by paying for classes/head shots/showreels etc.

TorinP4 karma

In all seriousness though, making your way in this industry is like banging your head against a brick wall. Last time I looked I think my IMDb star rating was somewhere below 500,000...

this Alexander chap clearly played the game properly. ONE DAY DAMMIT.

kirk54545 karma

Was the way you are walking in the trailer your choice or theirs?

TorinP13 karma

Haha. I was just told to walk from A to B. Any responsibility beyond that is for the editors to decide what goes on the cutting room floor!

lumoruk5 karma

How many days did you sit on your hands?

TorinP14 karma

I worked for 20 days.

So 20 days. Haha!

cst5305 karma

Are you Simon Pegg?

TorinP31 karma

... Naaarp?

JamiesWhiteShirt5 karma

How does it feel to have parts of the movie spoiled for you?

TorinP9 karma

Mildly upsetting, but I'll still enjoy the film!

JJsCat4 karma

Hello Torin! I work for a parody news site. Can you tell us about some funny things that happened on the set? Thanks! -JJsCat

TorinP19 karma

Also the time a fellow extra loudly farted in a massive set in the far background. The guys around the main action couldn't hear, but we we're in fits trying to walk normally!

TorinP19 karma

Hi JJsCat. Sure! One of my favourite things was just JJ one day saying "Okay everyone uh... Remember... It's energy energy energy. That's the most important thing. Always. 100% energy!"

We all looked around at each other taking in his enthusiasm, and they he just swivelled on the spot, pointed a finger at us, and said "But NEVER... Let energy overcome quality."

howard_dean_YEARGH4 karma

What was a typical day like for you and fellow extras? A lot of hurry-up-and-wait type thing?

TorinP11 karma

Certainly a lot of that! But we were all so excited that there was enough chat to keep us going. Turning up at 6am to get on set for 10am etc.

Anatis_Venator1 karma

wow, That Is So cool! I'm on the bus on my way in to work, a much less historic or cool job than yours I might add. I want you to know my daughter is only 6mo old but yours will be her first in theater movie! So here's my two questions, first, why haven't we seen luke in the previews? And second, what's the biggest mistake, OR memorable thing you witnessed on set?

TorinP1 karma

In regards to the Luke question, I think you overestimate my involvement!

And most memorable thing, like I say, was first seeing Harrison Ford. Although any time first walking onto a set has got to be up there too!

[deleted]-9 karma


TorinP4 karma


Couldn't tell you. My writing credits were limited...

bigbadbiggie666-13 karma

Was the movie shit like the rest of them?

TorinP6 karma


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TorinP4 karma