We are a band from Denver, we make music for social movements, a few years our song "Handlebars" went platinum. Greetings. We're working on our 4th album, NOENEMIES, as we speak. You can preorder it through kickstarter here. www.noenemies2016.com

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! We really enjoyed it. We'll try to come back and answer any question we didn't get to when we finish our kickstarter campaign. Meanwhile- if you can help spread the word, that'd be awesome! Our goal is to get to 1,000 supporters by Tuesday. If you pledge even a dollar you get a free digital single before its release... THANKS REDDIT! -The Flobots

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Ekolot121 karma

Can you really ride a bike with no handlebars?

FlobotPrime128 karma

Yes (meaning no hands, as in "Look, Ma! No hands!).


-Kenny O.

whydoyouhefftobemad41 karma

To follow up on that, can you really end the planet in a holocaust?

FlobotPrime83 karma

Can we or can one? Either way, unfortunately yes. We humans have great power to do good, but also the power to be incredibly destructive in horrendous ways. It's better to recognize that early and be horrified by it so that we can avoid it. -Jonny 5

MyNewNewUserName13 karma

My kids have been arguing about this song ever since they heard it. One insists it means "with no hands" and the other insists it's literally "no handlebars," which of course starts a fight and someone gets called stupid....

I'm going to show them this and settle it once and for all!

FlobotPrime14 karma

If you want to find out of the original bike in question has handlebars, it is one of the rewards available for our kickstarter campaign. www.noenemies2016.com Jonny 5

Snissenbaum42 karma

Whats up Flobots! You've always pushed for social movements and there are several in the country ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement to pushes for environmental justice. While all of these movements are important and have merit, which movement do you consider most important to you personally?

FlobotPrime105 karma

Also, I hope you guys are asking all these same questions to Ron Jeremy.

-Jonny 5

FlobotPrime50 karma

Thanks for the question! I hesitate to compare the importance of movements, but certainly- Black Lives Matter is profoundly vital. The importance of it is in the name. The toxin of white supremacism infects all of us regardless of race so we all have a personal interest in that movement.

The very real likelihood of climate catastrophe will be the defining reality of our lives so the climate justice movement will be front and center and should be. Along with that will be a constant flow of people seeking safety and stability, the very basics for their/our families- so immigrants' and refugee rights will be a constant part of the conversation.

Also, I feel particularly called to raise awareness around people that have been rendered invisible- like our HUGE prison population. It's a grotesque situation that deserves attention. We need to think in terms of a restorative justice and REAL rehabilitation.

So, those are a few. But there are so many. Locally, in Denver, there has been such a massive influx of new people that low-income folks are being displaces and having trouble just getting by, so economic justice and housing issues are very much in mind.

But yes, movements are crucial. They create change. They convert politicians and then the politicians end up implementing the will of movements. Look at Kesstone XL. Look at Marriage equality. Look at Marijuana. That's why it's beautiful to see so many people waking up to this truth. -Jonny 5

wakeandbreak28 karma

I just wanted to say that the verse in Journey after (War fatigues) where Johnny and Brer rap over each other is my favorite verse of all time. Did you guys have fun writing/performing that section? Can't wait for NOENEMIES!

FlobotPrime25 karma

It was really fun to write it- but also hard- because there seemed like so many potential ways to do it. The inspiration was the group LATRYX, who created at least 2 songs with simultaneous rapping in the 90s. We wanted to build off their implementations and experiment with more back and forth, matching up a little bit more. There is so much more that could be done with this sort of tandem rapping. I hope other rappers try it out! -Jonny 5

FlobotPrime3 karma

We've never performed it live.

WrestlingIsrael26 karma

You guys use a lot of religious imagery in your lyrics. What are some of the spiritual beliefs of band members?

FlobotPrime42 karma

Man, it is kind of all over place. Jonny5 and myself (Brer) are non denominational christian at a church that has a radical interpretation of Jesus' teachings (SHOCKER), other members of the band span from agnostic to atheist.

FlobotPrime29 karma

Love your handle btw :)

TheTeleGuy6 karma

non-denom christian check in! Would you mind sharing the name of the church, I always find it interesting to see how different non-denoms vary from each other.

FlobotPrime10 karma

Capitol Heights Presbyterian, don't let the name fool you, it houses three radical renegade factions!

eastcoastbrian4 karma

Have churches in general been supportive of your work?

FlobotPrime8 karma

Those churches that reach out to us, yes.

FlobotPrime2 karma

Many churches in the city have been quite enthusiastic about the songsharing project of NOENEMIES, and our music in general. Our particular church (which is very tiny) has been incredibly supportive. Here's the pastor... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMSnthDJpz8&list=PLSrhDht4u4G5Sm3_nUvWi1S5VndqjMbR-&index=6

Frajer22 karma

did you anticipate the success of Handlebars at all?

FlobotPrime38 karma

Yes and no. We knew we had written a good song but that was about it. In fact the first version was rejected by our local radio station the told us " This is just not ready for radio." We were crushed, we thought we had something special but the powers that be said otherwise. Two years later we re-recorded "Handlebars" shortened it a bit, stepped up the production, and ta-da. Sometimes things take time to reveal themselves fully. -Brer

SanguisFluens11 karma

What changes did you make from the original version? Just curious, since Handlebars is such an amazing song and I'd be interested to hear the longer version if it's ever released.

benq8620 karma

How's the new record coming along?

FlobotPrime30 karma

Very well, thanks for asking. We're excited to get it to y'all!

-Kenny O.

FlobotPrime20 karma

IT is SCARY! In the past we have always done our best work but at the end of the day it felt like we had to hand our homework in to the label. That process created it's own kind of dissociation from our audiences because of the middle man. This time we are crowd funding it and we need to make the dopest/most powerful piece of work we can, becuase we owe it you! Literally. Doing this campaign has been so liberating for our artistic process, and we will be hyped when the Kickstarter is done (4 DAYS!) -Brer

FlobotPrime12 karma

Thanks for asking. So far so good. the process has been completely different this time- spending the last year and a half convening groups of people to share songs and begin weaving a fabric of common culture together. That's the cloth from which the album will be cut. The video on this page shows you a bit of what it's looked like. www.noenemies2016.com -Jonny 5

MontanaCooler17 karma

What do you think of the situation at the University of Missouri right now? Do you think that protesters should have the right to ban journalists from their "safe space" on public grounds?

FlobotPrime34 karma

First thing that's really important to acknowledge is that we were not and are not actually there, so all of our information is mediated through the press. But we can still speak to the stories we are hearing.

I think there are several very BIG exciting things about the story and then some other smaller things to figure out. The big exciting thing is to witness students on a college campus learning about their power. That's a very crucial part of education. That, to me, is the headline. All of the movements listed in the earlier question NEED people who understand their true power. After this week, I think it'd be pretty hard to make the case that students aren't powerful. So if you're a student and you are concerned about something in the world, you're now burdened with the knowledge that you have the power to change it.

Wielding this power is bound to stir up backlash. Including in this case racist backlash. History (including very recent history) shows that this sort of backlash is not to be taken lightly. I cannot fathom that level of negative attention directed at us. So, it is very reasonable for students to be concerned. And to need some private space (Come to think of it.... we need that kind of space ourselves just to catch our breaths before and after a show, and that's at a place where everybody LOVES us.) Safe space would become a very real thing, I would imagine.

So, I can imagine how all of that pressure would lead to trying to keep out the press in a situation. Does this mean that shutting out the press is a good strategy? Not in my opinion. I had experiences on famous where other activists sough to do that, but I think it's bad strategy. The press are not stagnant. They are people. They are your megaphone. They are channels of communication. They help get the message out. I think shutting out the press in a systemic way (not saying that's what this was- again I have not seen the video and was not there) is assuming you are smaller than you are.

I think what's vital is to think BIG. Envision SUCCESS. Recognize your own POWER. Assume you have allies in the press and all over the map.

A question I'd ask the students is- how might you harness the power of the universities (students, staff, administrators, workers) to have an impact on things related to institutionalized racism OFF CAMPUS like private prisons, police violence, and public housing. I think these campus movements have that sort of power, especially with all the attention on them at the moment.

The students of this country have the power to transform this country and this world. The process has begun. The world needs it.

Jonny 5

JohnnyCostanza17 karma

Hey guys! Big fan here in Detroit! I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans my cardboard cutout is going to get in on tour next year!

Throughout your Kickstarter campaign you have been asking us what the term "No Enemies" means to us. There have been some really insightful answers on Twitter and Facebook from your fans. So my question is simply this: What does "No Enemies" mean to each of you?

Thank you for fighting for social justice and continuing to make great music!

Edit: Words

FlobotPrime23 karma

Like a lot of things we are putting the questions out there in order to refine our own answers. "Noenemies" started for us as a challenge to our thinking, it was/is hard for us to move out of the 'us vs them' paradigm. I came up with the name when a friend of mine asked me "If you had to name the campaign of your life for the next 5 years, what would it be?" Noenemies was my immediate answer, even though at the time I had NO idea what it meant to me.
For the past 18 months we have been asking around, testing it, and figuring some of it out.
At its most basic it is a tactic, one that allows that any adversary is a potential ally, and that our true opponent can never be reduced to one person/ group of people. In the Civil rights movement the opponent wasn't George Wallace, it was Jim Crow. We are finding there is a tactical flaw in scapegoating that allows us to turn all of our energy to the 'enemy' while pulling our resources away from the underlying issue. -Brer

crispeebacon13 karma

Flobots you guys are amazing and eye opening!

My question is for Johnny 5... any chance of more music with Yak? That whole album is dope... not to mention the acronym based circular D.A.R.E. verse.

FlobotPrime13 karma

Yak and I are good friends and still talk about music a lot. Recently it's been primarily about coming up with movement songs. If you've ever heard the chant "1700 miles of pipe..." about Keystone pipeline- he wrote that one!

But there's another project we planned to do right after Onomatopoeia. It's called "Songs About Dogs". It was supposed to come out in 2003 but it got pushed back. -Jonny 5

FlobotPrime14 karma

Do you guys think we should release it? - Jonny 5

Ryangonzo14 karma

Without a doubt!

FlobotPrime16 karma

This just in- "Jonny 5 and Yak present... Songs About Dogs" release date pushed back until 2017.

-Jonny 5

crispeebacon1 karma

Awesome! What about your friend, the japanese exchange student?

FlobotPrime4 karma

He'll definitely feature on songs about dogs -Jonny 5


What gives you guys inspiration for your lyrics?

FlobotPrime64 karma


FlobotPrime20 karma

But on the reals it comes from many places. This time around a lot is coming from the work we are doing when we aren't on stage. The conversation we are having with people who give a damn, the lives that we hear about when we get past the lies that we tell each other about each other. Strong emotions leave big impressions and often those impressions show up on the lyrics sheets. -Brer

liebehass10 karma

What is the best experiences that you guys have had as a band?

FlobotPrime27 karma

There have been so many. One the best was in 2006. We played at a summit called peacejam 10. It was and is the largest gathering of Nobel Peace Prize winning laureates in US history. Desmond Tutu announced us before we stepped on stage, we met the Dalai Lama. We played for three thousand high schoolers who were there to present their plans of community uplift to the laureates, IT WAS DOPE. It was the largest audience we had ever played to at that point, and the vibe was just incredible. We spent hours taking pictures and signing autographs, we would do anything for those kids, they were so inspiring! Later that year there was a shooting Platte Canyon High School, a young woman name Emily Keyes was the only fatality. Her family reached out to us because Emily was one of the many young people we took pictures with that day. It struck me to the core to see the photo, to know who she was, and what a light she had been. We kept in touch with the school and the family. I say this is one of the best experiences because it showed us how deep all of this runs. Our experience with Peace Jam, with Emily and her family really set us on the path that we still walk to this day. -Brer

RedditTrollin10 karma

Do you guys catch a lot of flack for writing songs that actuAlly address issues in society?

FlobotPrime23 karma

Yes, and we LOVE it. It is what we signed up for, right? In many ways it is better to have a disagreement with your messaging than a disagreement over your musical tastes? Taste arguments are so pointless, how can I convince you that you don't like mayonnaise because I don't like mayonnaise? (I do think mayo is the best way to ruin a good sandwich) But we have had real conversations started by people who have disagreed with our ideas. When those conversations can be actual converastions communicating differences to each other- wooooooo that is my jam! -Brer

chaostheoryXD9 karma

Hi there! Back in May 2010 you played at a venue called The Boardwalk in Folsom, CA. After the concert, my friend and I took Brer Rabbit and Andy Rok to Walgreens because they needed some medication. I was wondering if you remembered this at all?

because it was probably one of the coolest things to ever happen to young college me. OH! And you also bought us some groceries. Thank you guys so much!

FlobotPrime21 karma

YES,YES,YES. I do remember that! Thank you so much for the ride, it was so clutch. I think I was trying to pick up some zicam(?) because I was getting sick, some earplugs, and what else, do you remember? Such life savers, THANK YOU- Brer

CReed21219 karma

Hey, longtime fan! I love the inclusion of the violin in a style which typically doesn't feature that kind of sound. What are some other bands I should probably know about that have violinists?

FlobotPrime12 karma

Hello! It's actually a viola that we employ in our band (bigger, richer tone, lower pitch). I'm not well-versed on many bands that have violin/viola as lead instruments. The bands that come to mind are Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kansas, Charlie Daniels Band, Tindersticks, Dave Matthews Band. There's plenty more, I'm sure. Listen to the end of The Who's "Baba O' Reilly" for a rippin' viola solo!

Cheers, Kenny O.

scrrenwrite-oh9 karma

How big is your dick?

EDIT:Oops I meant to click on the Ron Jeremy AMA. Oh Well. Same question.

FlobotPrime22 karma

My uncle Dick is about 6 feet tall. Thanks for the question! -Jonny 5

iiLEL510xX6 karma

What social movement inspired you guys to start writing music?

FlobotPrime18 karma

Tons! But what really got me into social movements were the things that my family did. My mother was a lawyer who is her spare time would give free representation to people who otherwise couldn't afford it. She did all of this while raising two kids and battling breast cancer. Her example has always powered my idea of what activism looks like. For me it is always the small everyday use of our assorted talents and abilities that makes the world more just. Day by day. Honestly, revolutions start at dinner tables and manifest on the streets, and trickle into the courthouse and senate meetings. For most of us, it was and is those conversations that we have with y'all that keeps us writing music. -Brer

atarnusta5 karma

Hello, Love you guys/girls!! Two questions. When starting out did you think 'we want to make a political band' or did that evolve later?

In "Journey After" (my favorite song) you have the most amazing back and forth. Do you ever play it live? And do you plan to do more like it in the next album?

In San Francisco after the concert you stayed and met everyone that waited behind. I just wanted to say thank you and it meant a lot to me and my friends that you stayed around and talked to basically everyone in the room. It really shows how much you care about what you do and the people who listen.

FlobotPrime4 karma

Well, as artists/musicians, the urge to create came first. But it is true that the band formed to try to have an impact- specifically to rally our peers to get involved and vote in the 2004 election. Our first show as an actual live band was October 2009 at a rock the vote show.

We've never played Journey After live but would love to. See a similar question above. Hope to do more songs like it for sure!

Thanks for sharing that. Hope to see you at a show again soon!

dxX13375 karma

Do you guys play video games? If you do, what games are you playing? Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward for the next album.

FlobotPrime10 karma

Brer loves sandbox RPG's and adventure games. He's gonna jump in on this thread momentarily about specifics. I've been known to play me some Fight Night Champion (PS3 - username nugs4life), because it doesn't require a 12+ hour commitment to play. I also enjoy the Metal Gear series as well as the Marvel Universe fighting games. -Kenny O.

FlobotPrime14 karma

I am a sucker for great writing and a good story. The KOTOR games are some of my favorite of all time for the precise reason. I also will play anything the Tim Schaeffer touches, I spent so much of my childhood with his work, he was essentially my babysitter.
I LOVE RPGs I've been playing Fallout since the isomteric view interplay days, and been playing the Arena series (Skyrim) since the third Arena game. I am trying to act as though Fallout 4 doesn't exist while I am writing this album, please don't tell me anything about it! -Brer

eastcoastbrian2 karma

If you do a song about a Canadian issue I will personally mail you my Pipboy I just got ;)

FlobotPrime4 karma

DEAL! Which one do you suggest? I have found the foundation of Canada, the Metis, and Louis Riel to be an amazing piece of history. But I want that Pipboy,(jk) so give us a current topic, give us a topic anyway and some links. I am always game for some learning.

eastcoastbrian2 karma

Oh man. There's a lot happening currently with our indigenous communities.

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: Link

There are strong parallels between our countries and the over representation of our indigenous population in the prison system to the over representation of black americans in your prison system. The industrial prison complex knows no boundaries. Link

We just had a federal election with an improved voter turn out. Our previous government had brought in some controversial bills which seemed to wake the people.

Bill C 51 - An alleged anti terrorist bill but provides government agency with broader powers and less accountability. Link

Omar Khadr - Canadian prisoner who was in Guantanomo Bay. Wiki is here He's recently returned to Canada and is now free.

I would definitely do that trade.

FlobotPrime3 karma

This is why I love the internet! The best place to get the information is from the people. Will you please join our newsletter so that I can keep this infostream going? [email protected]

FlobotPrime4 karma

I have played moon patrol, galaga, super mario brothers and super mario brothers 3.
- Jonny 5

FlobotPrime4 karma

And super mario brothers 2.

FlobotPrime7 karma

Also, Tetris. -Jonny 5

americanhitcher5 karma

Who is your presidential candidate of choice and why is it Bernie Sanders?

Seriously though, who? And why?

FlobotPrime19 karma

Two things are true. One, not to be a broken record, but it's social movements that can create real change by changing the landscape of opinion, changing hearts and minds. It's not candidates. But candidates can speak to social movements, even serve as figureheads. We just shouldn't forget where the power lies (I feel we forgot after Obama was elected. Movements didn't follow up).

So, I think Bernie Sanders' campaign is incredibly exciting because it speaks to economic issues that are vital. He articulates very well the real squeeze people are feeling, and the possibility of a different sort of country that has far more opportunity for far more people. So yeah, I guess you could say... movement movement movement movement movement movement I'm feeling the Bern.

-Jonny 5

JustJJ924 karma

Hey Flobots, I love handlebars and still can sing every lyric of that song. My favorite song off Fight with tools is Stand Up. Would you ever like to colab with someone who speaks out on social movements like you guys? first person i think of would probably be Mike Shinoda. Has this ever crossed your mind?

FlobotPrime10 karma

There's nothing worse than seeing that your two favorite people are on a track together and then finding that the song sucks! We like the idea of collaborating but we always want it to stem organically from the song- rather than just for the sake of the collaboration. When we asked Tim McIlrath from Rise Against to be on White Flag Warrior, it was because that song NEEDED him on it. And it truly did. We didn't even have the right title or chorus until he got involved. He brought that to the table!

For NOENEMIES, we do hope to do some collaborations in this sort of way.

-Jonny 5

CappieC4 karma

Massive fan from Ireland here. Following since Platypus and you remain my top band. My question is, when do we finally get a Belfast date? Sage Francis played a while back, gotta see you live before the zombie apocalypse

FlobotPrime10 karma

Our plan is to tour overseas in 2016. We'll do our best to make it to Belfast, as we've never been! Thanks for your support, CappieC!

-Kenny O.

FlobotPrime3 karma

BTW Sage Francis is the homey from way back when I lived in Providence. He was one of like 5 people in an early Jonny 5 show. And he beat me in a poetry slam at AS220. Then suddenly he got huge and I didn't realize it because he was still just acting normal. -Jonny 5

RonnSwansonn3 karma

Fight With Tools was such a good album. I picked it up on a whim and loved it. Stand Up was one of my favorite songs and Handlebars was just ridiculously good.

So, seeing a concert at Red Rocks is a bucket list event for me. With you all being from Denver, is it a must so to go there like I think it is?? Twenty One Pilots marked a show there for next year and my father loves them... should we make the trip from Maryland (me) and Houston (him)?? Thanks all. Enjoy your day!

FlobotPrime2 karma

Thank you!

There is no other venue as beautiful, magical and awe-inspiring as Red Rocks. Book a trip to see your favorite band there. You won't be disappointed.

-Kenny O.

MyNewNewUserName3 karma

My 14-year-old son and I are big fans, but he's shut out of most of your shows.

Got any all-age gigs coming up in Colorado? (Would LOVE to see you guys at Mishawaka sometime!)

And -- what's the biggest social issue for you in Colorado right now? How can young adults to get involved?

FlobotPrime2 karma

See top question for the "most important" idea. I think for young people, or any of us, there are tons of ways to get involved. One that could be really useful right now is research. Pick a big vision, a dream- whether it's a city without homelessness, or free college for everyone, or an end to police deaths, or restorative justice, or a carbon neutral city block- whatever it is- ask how we might actually get there- what are the policies, the struggles, the conversations, the models in other cities, the questions still not figured out. What would it take to make the dream a reality? I think that would be super helpful. Once there's a clear vision, then the social movements can help invite the public to participate in the WILL to make it happen. -Jonny 5

FlobotPrime2 karma

Something has got to change! We have looked long and hard at this problem and we are trying to something about it. We will be trying different touring methods with the help of our kickstarter campaign. Most shows are supported by an infrastructure to sell alcohol, which excludes folks like your son from a lot of venues. We are trying to carry our own sound infrastructure so that we can independently show up and show out almost anywhere in the US. We just did a small version of this in Colorado in may, called the Detour http://www.cpr.org/news/story/denvers-flobots-take-detour-traditional-touring (sorry we missed you) . We will be doing much, much more of this touring style when the album comes out.

burgerboy57533 karma

No way! I gotta say I love your music.

If y'all could go back and re-write a song or an album to a different tune or to use different music, would you do it?

Also, if you could collaborate with anyone in today's music scene, who would it be?

FlobotPrime5 karma

El-P presents.. Meow with Tools -Jonny 5

AlbinoStepchild3 karma

Favorite sports teams?

FlobotPrime10 karma

We're a Denver band so we proudly support our local sports teams, from the pro franchises to the little leagues. Also, we're thinking of starting up an amateur hacky-sack league made up of Denver musicians cause that's how we roll. -Kenny O.

FlobotPrime7 karma

I can confirm that Kenny O loves our local sports teams. He is always wearing those jerseys that say "LOCAL SPORTS TEAM" and asking us to reschedule rehearsals so he can go to the local sports games, and staring at the tv saying "Come on, LOCAL SPORTS TEAM, you can do this God dammit!!!!"

Jonny 5

eastcoastbrian2 karma

Go my favorite sports team! Score a goal, unit, basket!

Ryangonzo3 karma

Take Luck!

FlobotPrime3 karma


oliver-queen393 karma

Is Mackenzie still part of the band? I heard she got pregnant and was out for a while. Is she on this album? She has such a great voice

FlobotPrime2 karma

Mackenzie is indeed involved in songwriting! And she is indeed the proud mother of two boys. And she indeed has a great voice. -Jonny 5

metalliska3 karma

The Rhythm Method is my 3-year-old son's favorite song. Any hopes of more odd-time-signature grooves in the future? Really well-put-together track.

FlobotPrime3 karma

Yes! Your son knows whassup! Tell him that we're experimenting with 5, 7, 11, 13 and anything else we can think of. Thanks for the kind words, gonna show this to the emcees to bolster my case for an all odd-time-signature album!

-Kenny O.

howcomeuhave3guitars2 karma

As a left wing Christian, (Jesus is a liberal!) your music has been an absolute godsend. You guys had me like a kid on Christmas when the Kickstarter for No Enemies was announced. Sugar coated introductions aside, can we expect a closing track as powerful as "Rise" was to Fight With Tools on the new album?

FlobotPrime2 karma

Thank you for your words. Agape. That is the actual plan, we as artists need to write another powerful, cathartic anthem, god willing there will be AT LEAST one on NOENEMIES. -Brer

Ryangonzo2 karma

Can you recommend any other bands for us to check out?

FlobotPrime3 karma

Stromae, Las Cafeteras


envyxd2 karma

I've always imagined "There's a War Going on for Your Mind" to be an intro to a show on HBO about a decaying city due to changing political authorities, where the protagonists are mysteriously blessed with elemental powers to fight crime and restore the city.

Would you guys ever let me use this song for this show if I can get it funded?

FlobotPrime2 karma

Yeah man, that sounds awesome. Please keep in touch with us on [email protected]

_tx1 karma

With the new album next year, should we expect a suite of new music videos?

FlobotPrime3 karma

Yes. And they will be sweet.

Cheers, Kenny O.

eatmochicken1 karma

Hey guys. My wife loves all of your stuff. I just wanted to ask who played trumpet in "Handlebars"?

FlobotPrime2 karma

Joe Ferrone played trumpet on our first album. He kicks much, er, brass! -Kenny O.

daleyndaily1 karma

Hey fellas. My favorite song by yours is The Rhythm Method. How the heck did a song that complex even start? What was the writing process for all those insane time changes? Good luck on the new album!

FlobotPrime5 karma

Yay, a Rhythm Method fan! I remember having the idea for the verse in seven (I loves me some 7/4 and 7/8). Then Mackenzie was all like "what if we put in these threes as the turnaround to REALLY break some ankles?!?" Everyone added some spice to the mix and then we gave it to you, unprotected (because the rhythm is the method). Thanks for listening! -Kenny O.

JarveTheHordeBreaker1 karma

Handlebars has been stuck in my head for years, any remedies?

FlobotPrime3 karma

Uh, remedy?


eastcoastbrian1 karma

What role if any do acts of aggression against symbolic structures (say banks) play in appropriate protest? Do you think that any violence by the oppressed groups only distracts, or invites serious violence by the oppressors?

FlobotPrime3 karma

I'd be careful about what we call violence. Property destruction is different than violence. Burning a police car or spray painting a wall (or dumping tea into the ocean) are different than punching a person. That doesn't mean they are necessarily good tactics. I think studies show that most often property destruction in the US turns people OFF from movements. People see it as violence. Well, except maybe dumping the tea. Or guerrilla gardening. (Hmmmm. It'd be worth really doing a survey of people. )

Anyhow, I think it's crucial to remember that it is different on a moral level. And indeed, it invites actual violence. This would be a great larger discussion to have sometime. Its an important discussion.

-Jonny 5

snootchie_bootch1 karma

Do you guys eat your hotdogs with or without ketchup?

FlobotPrime2 karma

With ketchup. But without hot dogs. Jonny 5

FlobotPrime2 karma


-Kenny O.

pilluwed1 karma

I won Fight with Tools in a contest in eighth grade, and ever since you guys have consistently been one of my favorite listens. I love that you guys stand for what you believe in, and do so through a medium that people can enjoy.

My question is, what pushes you guys forward? What makes you guys keep doing what you're doing?

FlobotPrime2 karma

There is a sense of calling- that this is what we've meant to do, and that by doing our very best at it we are contributing to the overall well being of the global ecosystem.

Also it is fun.

-Jonny 5

Supernova241 karma

Hey guys thanks for doing this! Any chance on some new music from you guys ?

FlobotPrime9 karma

Our new album "NOENEMIES" will be released early next year! www.noenemies2016.com

-Kenny O.

AriaTheTransgressor1 karma

No question, just wanted to say that your albums are the only ones I've paid for, and still listen to, since the Internet was a thing.

Found you when you did the whole live lounge thing on Radio 1 before I left England.

I guess I have one question, anything new to come from you guys at some point?

FlobotPrime2 karma

5280mk61 karma

You guys don't really play that many shows in Denver anymore, what's up with that?

FlobotPrime2 karma

Well, we did play a free show in downtown Denver in July for the Biennial of the Americas. As of late we've been laying low, working on our album and Kickstarter campaign. Look for Denver dates in early 2016

-Kenny O.

knsprcy1 karma

Hi Flobots! Are you considering in going around Europe in the future?

FlobotPrime2 karma

Look for us in Europe next year in support of "NOENEMIES".

Cheers, Kenny O.

reddbot1 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan! I'm so excited for the new album! What would you say the mood/tone of it will be?

FlobotPrime2 karma

The album's mood and tone is inspired by all of the phases of emotions that come up in social movements. Here's more on the process....


-Jonny 5

the_sketchy_guy1 karma

Flobots! Hows it going? Man, my childhood was filled with songs of yours. From Handlebars to Good Soldier, got hooked(I can tell you guys that you made it internationally huge too). Thanks for some of the most wonderful lyrics and music. I am so glad you guys achieved your kickstarter goal and I am eagerly waiting for the new album. My question: In the kickstarter video crediting the success of the campaign, what kind of drums were those? DIY? Again, thanks for the wonderful moments and I hope that your next album is successful!

My fav tracks -

Handlebars, Good Soldier, By the time you get this message, Infatuation, Cracks in the surface

FlobotPrime2 karma

We call them "Trouble Buckets". We played the DIY prototypes (built by Brer Rabbit) in the video and are available as an exclusive in our Kickstarter campaign. We're also looking to make them available as a merch item on our 2016 tour. Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your favorite tracks! -Kenny O.

b_house-5 karma

Can you really ride a bike with no handle bars?

FlobotPrime3 karma

See above ^