It's Aziz Ansari.

I'm here to chat about my new Netflix series Master of None. I have my co-creator/writer Alan Yang (/u/ItsAlanYang) with me here too.

We are so humbled by how much you guys have supported the show's first season. The online community has been so nice to the show. So thank you!

Some news - we have decided to do some official chats about each episode in the /r/masterofnone subreddit, so go subscribe. I'll also have some of the cast and writers come through too. All the info will be there, keep an eye on it.

Ok, Reddit, ASK ME (and Alan) ANYTHING!

Here's the proof:

** We'll start taking questions at 6PM EST. **

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GUYS. I posted this question below about how you'd like to do the episode by episode discussions in r/masterofnone. Let us know and Alan and I will make it happen.

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azizansariAMA2522 karma

Hey - question for you guys, how best to do the episode by episode discussions with Alan and I? Once a week? Thursday at 6? How's that sound?

azizansariAMA1879 karma

Basically our idea is interactive director's commentary type thing...

rosiefrank2183 karma

How does a New York-based actor in commercials end up with such a nice apartment?

elgobbler2149 karma

that Schwimmer money

anastasiaromanov1379 karma

I'm trying to get this Friends money, and you're fucking it up!

azizansariAMA1895 karma

It is so weird and awesome seeing people quote the show. Yeah, we agreed Dev should have decent money from his commercials (Gogurt, Wendy's voiceover, Garden Depot) and national commercials actually pay a decent amount. (I based this kind of on Rob Huebel who was doing pretty well during his Inconsiderate Cellphone/NetZero days). We mainly did this to differentiate from the other other New York shows where characters are younger and not doing as well work wise. Also Dev is in a cheaper neighborhood and our production designer Amy Williams was very conscious about the stuff she bought for Dev.

NotAnAverageTaunTaun1934 karma

Is Mindy Kaling real?

azizansariAMA3023 karma

It was so awesome when Mindy randomly texted me "hahahahhaahaha I am real"

azizansariAMA1681 karma

Also Gerrard aka Anush improvised that. Also, everyone in our crew always would yell "PRASHANT!" during any work day after we filmed that scene.

kickinthehead1696 karma

Thank you SO much for "Master of None." As an Asian American, I think "Parents" has the best representation of our life experience ever seen on TV or film.

Was it an explicit decision to have Rachel be a white character or is that just how it turned out during casting?

Congrats again to you, and everyone involved. I hope you get to make another season!

urfaselol737 karma

the parents episode was right in the feelz. I watched it with my indian friends (I'm taiwanese) and we just laughed because of how real it was

azizansariAMA1136 karma

Yeah, I think that's why the show's diversity doesn't feel phony. Alan and I do hang out and we have a diverse crew of people, it's not like someone going "Hmmmm... these people need a 'black friend' and shoving someone in there."

masaladosas1581 karma

What's your cousin Harris' current favorite tv show?

azizansariAMA2199 karma

Narcos/Master of None

Babushka51566 karma

Did the doctors actually treat new doctors to a steak dinner, but they decided they didn't want to have dinner with an Indian immigrant? Is that actually what happened to your dad? If so, he is a hero for staying in the country and not giving up in his pursuit of a better life for his kids.

azizansariAMA2441 karma

Yes this really happened to my dad, they told him to eat in the cafeteria.

AsianManLife1137 karma

Hello Aziz and Alan! I loved your show and THANK YOU for representing Asian Americans in a humanizing portrayal and attacking the stereotypes.

My question is about Aziz in the show only dating White women. Was there any thought given to addressing the disparity between Asian women in media dating mostly or exclusively White men and Asian men in media hardly dating anyone at all? Did you guys want to bring up discussion about this by doing the reverse in your show?

azizansariAMA1789 karma

So cool people talking about this kind of stuff and having all the conversations about race, etc. since the show premiered. As far as Rachel (and other love interests too), we didn't set out to cast someone white and auditioned people of all ethnic backgrounds, and wanted to cast the person I seemed to have the best chemistry with to sell this huge relationship arc. In the end, Noel blew us away. And, for the writing, I'm pulling a lot from my own real current relationship, which is with a "white" person - so we can do interesting scenes like the scene in 109 (Mornings) about the parents (which many South East Asians have told me really resonated with them and they'd never seen an interracial relationship depicted this way in TV/film before), or the awkwardness of the beginning of 110.

For the others, there was Claire Danes, who is a friend and a fucking legend in my book, so we were psyched to collaborate. And Nina Ariande just killed us with her Cartman impression.

Anyway, I'm a fan of all these conversations and there are interesting nuances in both interracial relationships and relationships between two Asian people -- if we get a second season it's definitely an interesting topic to address.

Bottom line - if we did a hundred episodes, we definitely wouldn't have Dev date a hundred white women a la Jerry Seinfeld in the hit television comedy Seinfeld. Race and dating is an intriguing issue that Alan and I have talked about in real life. Example: Alan really did have a white girlfriend's mom that hugged him more time in one dinner than his entire family had his whole life.

azizansariAMA938 karma

Damn that was a long answer! (But good question)

adamav346 karma

Well, let's be fair to Jerry. On one episode of Seinfeld he dated that Chinese lady, Donna Chang.

azizansariAMA453 karma

I love that Seinfeld2000 Instagram account. Peep that if you can.

drunkardspecial847 karma

What's the story with Harris Wittels involvement with the series?

azizansariAMA1478 karma

Harris was a writer on the show up until his passing. We dedicated the series to him. Some of my favorite Harris bits - turtle briefcase, 8 Mile convo, dominos, what else Alan?

ItsAlanYang944 karma

We loved Harris and when we started the show we wanted to hire him as a writer immediately. I had worked with Harris in the Parks and Rec writers room for six years, and he was legitimately one of the funniest people I've ever met -- also, he himself would often say he was the fourth or fifth funniest person in the world... AND HE WASN'T WRONG.

Harris was kind of our number two guy in the writers room. When we would leave to write drafts, he would help run the room. He had a lot of experience from Parks and he contributed so much to Master of None. He helped us with story and of course, he pitched a lot of the funniest stuff in the show, including: the domino stuff with Colin Salmon, the whole Eminem run in the beginning of Nashville, and the turtle in a briefcase joke.

I think about him a lot and I miss him every day. He was one of my good friends and I wish he were here to see all of these people enjoying what he helped make.

azizansariAMA875 karma

The week we got all the insane reviews and the weekend when everyone just destroyed every episode and wrote how much they loved it - I must have went from being really happy to crying that Harris wasn't around to see it about a thousand times.

i_am_thoms_meme830 karma

I'm really loving your show, and I wanted to ask about the trip to Nashville episode. Did you ever take a girl for a 1st date to a different city? It sounds crazy! Like what if there was no chemistry or the other person sucks?

azizansariAMA1144 karma

One of our writers had that experience and it fit with my "Monster Truck Rally Theory" from the book, so seemed perfect. Also loved going to Nashville so we could use that country music and I could eat at Arnold's Country Kitchen.

ThePotholeHotline732 karma

I need to know: are the intonations and inflections in your father's voice real or scripted? Both of your parents were great!

ItsAlanYang1047 karma

Dude sounds like that in real life

azizansariAMA1725 karma

Yeah, same with my mom. When she goes "STOP THAT!" that's exactly how she yells at my dad IRL. And when she told me that "sat on the couch and cried" story in real life, it was in that exact same deadpan tone.

funnyleaves692 karma

Aziz and Alan - loved the show! I'm curious what made Netflix a more appealing option for the show rather than a traditional TV network? Loved being able to watch the whole season in one day, but what made you decide Netflix was the best medium to reach your audience? Did other networks make an offer?

azizansariAMA2001 karma

We pitched only to premium spots cause we didn't want to deal with content issues. (Example: The show opens with Rachel and I talking about jizz/precum.) On Netflix, we never had one issue with content. Also, no need to edit to commercials. Most importantly though, Netflix really believed in us and told us they wanted to go straight to series and do 10 episodes. No pilot/development process. It was a great experience. Also, I love how everyone has gotten to just see all the episodes, rather than wait 9 weeks until someone can see an episode I really am proud of like Mornings.

notoriousajg300 karma

Mornings is my favorite episode of the season. Especially the montage at the end that showed how Dev and Rachel met and how their relationship grew.

azizansariAMA369 karma

That ending was really hard to think of and then I thought "what would Mike Schur do?" and came up with that.

-Three6-293 karma

I'm glad they went with Netflix, I really enjoyed binge watching the series.

azizansariAMA571 karma

I'm so glad we did too. It's insane talking to people who have all seen everyone episode already! Love it.

Bender22682 karma

Aziz! I loved the Indian Actors Episode. I’m a first generation Indian kid, and when I was 13 and chillin with friends I distinctly remember thinking I am definitely not going to do the indian accent to be funny ever again because it felt like I was getting laughed at.

We know you have decided not to use it in your comedy but did you ever have a “moment” when you decided that you were not going to do the indian accent in your comedy?

azizansariAMA770 karma

I'm not sure when that moment was, but yes, you put in a way that I relate to, where it feels like doing it so white people can laugh at it is what bums me out.

Obie_Trice_Kenobi645 karma

Aziz, when can we expect season 2? My roommate and me can't get enough.

screamingundeadsoul356 karma

Yes. Curious to know if Netflix has approved a second season and if the writing has begun, what direction will it take?

azizansariAMA1584 karma

We haven't heard officially from Netflix. But Alan and I, like true Asians, have started an insane chain of ideas already. The show came out less than a week ago. We really have been inspired by the massive reaction to the show.

ButtFuckEgypt568 karma

Hey Aziz,
I'm huge fan and loved the show Master of None. My question is how much input did you have over the music? Shit was amazing.

ymmajjet598 karma

azizansariAMA623 karma

Shoutout to Music Sup Zach Cowie!

azizansariAMA419 karma

I worked with Zach a lot and we'd text each other ideas all the time. I LOVE all the music in the show. He's just such an encyclopedia and just gave Alan and I amazing options anytime we didn't have anything our head. He came up with "Come to Daddy" in 101, which I love. He also pitched the Durutti Column song in 110 which I adore. And for Nashville, he made a huge playlist of awesome country music that I just devoured and we picked favorites together. Basically, he was an incredible collaborator. Working on the music on the show was a delight.

BadassWaffles536 karma

Have you come to a rock solid conclusion on the Mekhi Phifer line from 'Lose Yourself,' or is the jury still out?

azizansariAMA971 karma

NO! Waiting for Eminem to chime on this. Internet, make this happen, get Eminem to address this issue and close the case once and for all.

collinse90548 karma

Em has actually answered this on the website Genius for the line. He said the name Phifer just rhymed. He's part owner of Genius.

azizansariAMA739 karma

WHOA. Clicking this shit NOW.

azizansariAMA782 karma

When people ask about Dev vs. Aziz, I'm gonna say its similar to Jimmy Smith, Jr. vs Eminem in 8-Mile.

DTFyadigg418 karma

To both: if you could eradicate the world of one Asian stereotype or typical racist question what would it be? As a Korean it baffles my mind when someone asks if I'm from north or south...

azizansariAMA965 karma

"Do you know [random Indian person they know]?"

giraffacamelopardal343 karma

Aziz, what's the best pasta you've ever had in your life (so far)?

azizansariAMA681 karma

That pasta on Dev's fridge is a pasta I really ate in Rome. It was tollerini alla gricia (I think?). Also I just went to Bologna and loved the tortellini en brodo I had there. Holy shit.

ItsThePeopleCourt327 karma

What was your guys' relationship with Eric Wareheim prior to Master of None? He is such a great fit with the character Arnold. How did you become affiliated with him, was it a previous role that he did, or were either of you already acquainted?

PS: Loved the show. You guys are gr8. Aspect ratio and music was on fleek

ItsAlanYang478 karma

We had been friends with Eric for a long time. All three of us love food, to the point where we even had a thing called Food Club where we would go to great restaurants together.

Aziz and Eric are really funny together, so when the two of them read stuff together, it just made all of us laugh a lot. They're a great pair of huggers too.

Also, shout out to the aspect ratio! ANAMORPHIC FOR LYFE. THAT SHIT IS CINEMATIC.

azizansariAMA446 karma

I love Eric, he is my Arnold in real life.

diegosotres327 karma

Better kisser: Claire Danes or Noël Wells?

ItsAlanYang1218 karma


azizansariAMA961 karma

FYI Alan Yang is the voice of Paro!

weareallthere251 karma

Hey Aziz! I just finished Master of None. I’ll be honest I had NO clue you were coming out with a new show but I found it on Netflix and was instantly hooked after the first episode. Every character and plot is extremely relatable and I cannot thank you enough for all the laughs! I think its awesome how you had your actual parents on the show and how every episode had a modern day moral to tell. Lots of respect to you and Alan!

You guys are da best.


Aziz, what would you consider to be the most riskiest thing you’ve ever done? (i.e. move to a new city with no money, invest all your time in a project that might not work out, etc…) And why did you do it?

Both, what’s your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Thank you guys very much for doing the AMA I have a feeling you guys have touched a lot of lives, you certainly have touched mine.

azizansariAMA516 karma

Riskiest thing I've done - going to a taco place without doing any research before hand.*

Favorite NYC restos - right now - Santina, Great NY Noodletown, Lupa, Uncle Boon's.

*Haha just kidding I'd never do that, was just joking.

thomhoward197 karma

The way you researched the taco places is the best and only modern representation, that I've seen, of how people actually make all of their decision on where to go.

azizansariAMA315 karma

Yeah that's why I hate the term "foodie," any reasonable person I know put's thought into where they eat a meal, no one is just like "FOOD!" and goes into a random place. Give them the weird fetish-y term (I like "food bozos" and "food weirdo")

nonpresser244 karma

Mr. Ansari -

Huge fan of the show. As a zero/first-gen (moved here when I was seven) Indian-American - your show really hits home. Thanks for putting it together and making it available to binge watch.

My questions -

Are the "racist" experiences in the show from real life?

How did you get someone to cast an "Indian-looking" guy as Tom Haverford? Was it written that way?

azizansariAMA493 karma

The casting thing for sure and I have heard of shows legit saying they have filled an ethnic quota.

For Parks - I got cast before the role was written just based on Mike Schur and Greg Daniels being fans. The character is really named Darwish. In the pilot, there is a joke about how he changed his name to Tom Haverford to get ahead, because no one would elect someone with a foreign sounding name, but then Barack Obama happened and he felt confused. I can't remember it, Alan??

PapaGator167 karma

When the whole cast of Parks and Rec was on Seth Meyers' show and when Aubrey and Jim started making out, was it the most shocking/hilarious thing you've ever seen?

Modern Romance as fantastic, btw.

azizansariAMA437 karma

That was awesome. I don't think Aubrey even told Jim. NOW YOU GOT ME MISSING MY PARKS FAM MAN

NBPaintballer165 karma

How come you did not call your show "Master of Naan" ?

azizansariAMA244 karma

Someone told me they heard us talking about the show on NPR and legit thought that was the title. Ahaha.

xKingJeff158 karma

Why don't you follow anyone on twitter?

azizansariAMA430 karma

I just waste too much time on the Internet and just cut that (and Instagram) out. No offense to Twitterville.

chrislopez_152 karma

Hey Aziz! How good is your Cartman impression?

azizansariAMA275 karma

It's quite good.

SmakeTalk144 karma

First of all, obviously, great freaking job. Question: the show comes off insanely realistic with how it looks at relationships and social norms which can't be said for almost every other show out there, on Netflix or off. Did you guys have to fight tooth and nail to hold on to a lot of your liberties with the content or was it somewhat painless?

azizansariAMA242 karma

It was painless. Netflix and Universal believed in us.

drawingasmile123 karma

Aziz and Alan - I binge-watched your show and absolutely loved it! This show was the best one I've seen where it depicted true life and true relationships accurately. The Parents episode for me definitely made me reflect on my own parents' upbringing and path to America... along with how I should call them more often, haha.

Question for you two - what was the most surprising thing that you two learned about your own parents? Also, what exactly is the best gift to get your Asian mom/dad? (would try the picture idea, but my mom hates pictures of herself...)

azizansariAMA199 karma

Alan and I both learned more about parents because we did that episode and had to ask them questions about their lives. It actually gave me an excuse to hear these stories I wouldn't have heard otherwise. Also, it seems they are now more eager to share in general.

As far as gifts, honestly, what's sad is I gave my mom that picture in the show and I in real life, I've been meaning to get her a similar picture and haven't done it. But, I've found with my parents, even a phone call just means the world to them.

Tannysack96 karma

Aziz you are the maaaan!

Anyways I just wanted to ask what happened in your life to get you onto the path you are on now? Have you always wanted to be a comedian or did something specific happen at some point?

Thank you for making us regular peoples days a little better every time you're on tv keep it up!

azizansariAMA151 karma

I started doing standup while I was in NYU.

dianeoushka14 karma

Hi Aziz! This is most likely way too early to know but do you see a second season in the works/would you want to make a second season? And if yes, what topics and issues would you like to address this time around?

azizansariAMA26 karma

We have a shit ton of ideas, but would probably want some time to make sure we get it right and don't do something that doesn't live up to all the love we've gotten for season 1.

softersoftest5 karma

Hi Aziz, long time crusher, first time AMA questioner. What made you select Noel Wells for the character of Rachel and had you seen any of her work on SNL prior to her work on Master of None? I'd love to see you host SNL too.

azizansariAMA4 karma

First off, I want to give a huge shoutout to Alison Jones, casting GOD who worked on getting us our main cast. She introduced us to Noel and Lena early on and we loved them. Then, when they auditioned the both blew us away. Casting a show like that, it's really about who you have chemistry with and can improvise and play it all in a real way. Those two (and all our cast) are CHAMPIONS. We found Kelvin later on when we went to New York.