Hey Reddit!
I started standup at 19; wrote, starred, and produced (with the help of a ton of other brilliant people) my own television show TITUS from 2000-2002. Since then I've done six 90 minute comedy specials and I'm working on my seventh called Born with a Defect, which is touring now. I'm also in pre-production for my first feature film called Special Unit, which we are shooting next March. I have two kids, two marriages, and a parade of stress polyps in my colon having a rave. I have been told I'm way too honest. Car questions will be snuggled.

And for the record I would kick the shit out of a horse sized duck, my battle strategy is sound.

My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/MWlrztn.png
Tweet at me: https://twitter.com/titusnation
Instagram me: @TitusNation

Bring it!

EDIT: Hey guys I need to bolt, but I had had a great time. I'm going to be on tour in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Charlotte this weekend so if you live near there come see me! After that I'll be in LA at Flappers comedy club. I always stay after to meet you guys.
Thanks for the great time.

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Faptain_Calcon266 karma

Why was the show cancelled? I remember it as a good one :s

RealChristopherTitus530 karma

Fox had 3 presidents in two and a half years. They all come in and want to change your idea so they can take credit for it. The new president asked me to change the entire direction of the show and I said "No" in a mildly unpolite way. And that was the begging of the end. It wasn't ratings or complaints. It was I don't know how to shut the fuck up.

silence1545153 karma

Hi Titus! How's your mother-in-law doing?

RealChristopherTitus327 karma

Momshell is doing great. Tumor went from 5cm to almost undetectable now. Still on Chemo, still fighting the good fight. Thanks for asking.

neomaverick05131 karma

Hey Chris! Big fan!

You've expounded on this a few times in your shows, but I was curious what the biggest nightmare you've had working the club circuits. The worst heckler? The times the magic just wasn't there?

Sidenote: a joke you wrote ten years ago has been my philosophy in pursuing my dreams-- I do not fail, I succeed at finding what doesn't work.

RealChristopherTitus379 karma

Worst heckler of the last ten years? Orlando, FL last year. A guy was sitting with a group of people wearing his Saturday "going out" wife beater. He started heckling, so I started trashing him. Then he shut up and pouted for about 30 minutes, but when he had enough alcohol to get his pilot light reignited he started again. I told the bouncers to kick him at that point. As he was walking out with his friends he started talking shit over his shoulder (which I hate). So naturally I called him a pussy. He puffed up and came right at the stage. Now he's on the floor and I'm on the stage and we are both screaming at each other. I don't realize the bouncers are out back emptying trash for the next show, so I have no backup. Me and this guy are about to throw down and I look behind him and my wife is standing behind the dude with an empty wine bottle ready to clock him....So yeah....that was the worst.

howlowcanIg0107 karma

Christopher, I wanted to say that I absolutely love your story telling style. The method of telling an overarching story with so many stories in the middle that fill it all out is phenomenal. (Referring to evol). You and Mike Birbiglia are the only ones who seem to pull this off so absolutely completely.

How do you structure your jokes so that they don't contribute but don't overpower the story as a whole?

RealChristopherTitus175 karma

I have a formula to write a long story and the first thin I do is give myself permission to not be funny so I can get all the facts out. Then once I do, every specific detail (and the more specific the better) I just write a punchline for that detail. I believe that every sentence is just a setup for a punchline. Then when you put those facts together you have a great 12 minute story (or in the case of "Bruce Who" a 30 minute story.

tenaciousdeev81 karma

Hey Christopher, I was a big fan of your show when I was younger and had a chance to see your stand up last year in Phoenix (Love is evol, great stuff!).

What is Stacy Keach like off screen and have you two stayed in touch after all these years?

Realized it's actually been 4 years since I saw the Love is Evol tour when I asked my girlfriend of 2 years if she remembers that date night. *Fuck.

RealChristopherTitus90 karma

Been in touch here and there. Stacy Keach was one of the best, nicest, most professional people I've ever worked with. Very wise but not in that arrogant Yoda way. Acting with him was like being a shitty basketball player and then playing with Jordan so you were hitting everything. My finest on screen moments are with Stacy Keach.

aussie15177 karma

Do you normally do meet & greets after your shows? I'm guessing if you have two shows in a night the latter show would be a better/more likely option? I have a friend going through some stuff and I think some tickets to your show and a chance to shake your hand and say thanks would be pretty much perfect for him right now. Thanks!

RealChristopherTitus155 karma

Every show! Until the last psychotic fan tells me their final nightmare story about growing up. I love you people, even the trolls.

raecoops73 karma

Hi Christopher! I have just one question, who would you say are your biggest influences in writing/comedy/acting?

Also wanted to say that I come from a very similar background as you, with growing up in Northern California, having a certifiable mom, living with a single/sometimes not so single dad, and now starting to pursue acting and writing for screen. Your comedy has helped me laugh through all of that and just wanted to say thank you and that I will forever be a fan!

RealChristopherTitus110 karma

First of all effed up people are by far the best performers, so good luck with that! I've always liked comics who have always done long form style, but a huge change in my life happened when I saw Lily Tomlin do "Signs of Intelligent Life". To this day I still marvel at George Carlin's writing. Whenever I want to feel bad about myself I'll go listen to "Modern Man"

Jp146260 karma

Hey Titus, wanted to start by thanking you for many laughs. Obviously you made a name through stand-up and your show, but your podcast has been great for years now. Do you find yourself more excited for a new stand-up special because it's how you started, or a new podcast episode because of the freedom you have and the more active aspect of it?

RealChristopherTitus119 karma

Apples and Oranges. Standup is a finished painting, podcast is a sketchbook...while I'm drunk.

Folopo51 karma

Hey Chris, first of all I wanted to say your Norman Rockwell is Bleeding special is still my favourite comedy album of all time. It's a huge influence on inspiring me to do comedy and more importantly be honest and real in comedy.

I have a few questions regarding that,

It's no secret you cover some very personal topics and approach them very honestly. Is there any topic you struggled to talk about on stage and find a comedic element to? I would love to hear the writing process behind turning a personal flaw or tragedy into a tight joke. Do you put more priority in telling the true story and opening yourself up or is there some embellishing for laughter? What advice do you have for those looking to find the funny in a traditionally serious or personally tragic topic?

Thanks for the years of laughter! And when will you be coming to Toronto? We have a great comedy community up here that would love to see you live!

RealChristopherTitus143 karma

Thanks for what you said about Norman. I don't think I became a comedian until I wrote that, and I had been doing that for 12 years. I found it hard, and still find it hard, to talk about my sister's suicide. That dark stuff in my life that I talk about: mom's mental illness, her killing her third husband, and my dad's alcoholism has a bit of absurdity to it. But my sister taking her own life because of a stupid fight with her boyfriend I can't find anything but tragedy in. We did a podcast about it called "One More Day". No matter what's going on in your life, suicide is never the answer. You can always wait one more day.

hardcoreparadigm42 karma

Hey Christopher, what's your favorite thing to eat after a long stressful day?

RealChristopherTitus153 karma

Great restaurant in Studio City, CA called Hugos. I love their Turkey Wrap...followed by a glass of Pinot Noir (because deep down I'm a tiny girl)

quidema36 karma

I've seen you live in Portland, OR several times now and I've seen all of your specials. Your ability to pull humor out of horrible situations is brilliant. Are there any stories that you've shared that, after the fact, you wish you hadn't?

RealChristopherTitus101 karma

Only after they were already filmed an on TV. On stage I never had a problem because the end result was laughter. But watching them I realized "I just destroyed a family member...on television...next Thanksgiving is going to be trouble."

noydoc34 karma

Hi Titus.

My dad and I bonded listening to the 5th Annual End of the World Tour on a road trip to Rhode Island, and we had never really bonded over much before then. We had a very strained relationship at times up until that point.

  • When are you coming to Nova Scotia so I can buy my old man and me tickets to see you?
  • What should I ask my Dad while I still can?

Your comedy brought us together, thank you.

RealChristopherTitus112 karma

Nova Scotia? I'll look into it. When your Dad talks shut up and listen to him. I didn't do that until the last 5 years of my dad's life and I wish I had done it sooner. I say this in the new show: No matter what you think about how your parents raised you, they gave you life and you ruined theirs. We all go, enjoy your dad while you can.

WrestlingSmarks31 karma

Dude, you are awesome. I am from Nor Cal, and have related with much of your material. I grew up in a trailer park, alcoholic parents, yada yada yada; but I made it out with a good head on my shoulders. I still have a few friends who are 'stuck' in that old life, and who have yet to see the brightness in life.

My questions is...do you have any advice for people stuck in that type of situation?

RealChristopherTitus75 karma

I did a thing call the "Landmark Forum" and I learned that you can't change life. Life keeps lifing. You can only change how you see it. My wife is cheating on me and burned all our money? I can either curl up like a bitch in the fetal position or notice that I now have 90 minutes of new material for a comedy special. Which eventually turned into Love is Evol.

Wahl_1427 karma

First off huge fan! Second, why don't you come to Canada?

RealChristopherTitus112 karma

You have weird money and I'm not good at math. Working on it.

titusfan20 karma

Hey Chris - HUGE fan. Just curious if your kids have listened to/seen Love is Evol and their reactions? Or do you know how you would handle it if/when they did?

RealChristopherTitus63 karma

Naw, neither one of them needs that kind of psychological damage until they're over 18. They'll probably sneak it though...and that'll be one bitch of a weekend.

JRbuckeye2519 karma

Hi Chris I'm a huge fan of your work!! What do you think is the most common quality of successful people not just in stand up, but life in general? Also do you think Ohio State will repeat as college football national champions?

RealChristopherTitus43 karma

Not giving up. A lot of people leave Los Angeles and say "I didn't make it." My opinion is that you just didn't stay long enough. Just keep banging your head against the wall.

Regarding Ohio State: No

NewAndAwesome18 karma

Have you talked to Bruce, (yes that one) since your the special he asked "Did you really say you bought The edges shirt?"

RealChristopherTitus27 karma

Yes! We've hung out twice backstage with him and his lovely wife Patty. He really proves you can be a superstar and a normal dude.

Mrfrunzi16 karma

Can I have a copy of your dad's DUI video?

RealChristopherTitus29 karma

He made me burn them before he died. Sorry.

xd193616 karma


Love your style, keep it up.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still have Willie Jello on the podcast for as long as you did, or has hindsight changed how you would have liked to have handled all of that? You blew my mind.

RealChristopherTitus27 karma

Willie started as a practical joke to my old agent. Kept him going for over a month until he called me in his office and asked me to find out "Who the hell this guy is" because he had threatened to kill him.

Willie took on a life of his own on the podcast. Then after Ferguson and the 95 other incidents, where cops seemed to be soul raping black people with bullets, I decided to stop doing the voice.

lets_hit_reset15 karma

How much of your TV show represented your vision? How much of it was manufactured by the studio?

RealChristopherTitus31 karma

All of it. Even the black and white. I actually wrote the pilot script (with Jack and Brian).

aicky197315 karma

Ever think of paying the UK, or Ireland?

RealChristopherTitus26 karma

Hell yes! Went to Scotland last year, going to maybe try to get to Edinburgh in 2016.

WhiskeyRobot14 karma

You've been an inspiration to me in my own burgeoning stand-up career. I've got a moderately fucked up family of my own, and I've been struggling to figure out how to make jokes about them. So my question is, what do you find to be the difference between just telling an absurd true story and actually having a home with a punchline?

RealChristopherTitus53 karma

The only way to really write jokes about you're effed up life...is that you have to forgive everyone from your effed up life. You can't write comedy out of vengeance or letting the audience know how bad you've been wronged. You have to be over it in order for it to be funny.

xd193614 karma

Why is your Twitter handle @TitusNation, instead of @ChristopherTitus or something?

RealChristopherTitus56 karma

I named it in a moment of wild arrogance.

RiverWontRun13 karma

Favorite car that you've owned? Follow up: Favorite car you WANT to own? Go!

RealChristopherTitus29 karma

Owned: '08 Z06 Corvette, just because it did everything well and can hang with Ferraris. Also I love my '56 Chevy Wagon from the TV show, which I still have.

Want to Own: Tesla P90D with ludicrous mode.

OddeTee13 karma

TITUS! Such a huge fan. Any intent of trying to relaunch Titus? I'd try to avoid using Fox but you already know that.

RealChristopherTitus41 karma

We tried to talk to Fox about getting on HULU. They flat out refused and told me that basically I don't own my own life anymore. So there you go. I'm probably breaking a law talking to you about it right now.

willy145912 karma

Titus!!! I have loved your work since Norman Rockwell. Years later you remain funny, relevant, and thought provoking. I feel as though Angry Pursuit of Happiness had a more serious tone than your previous stuff. Was that intentional, and does your brand new material continue in that direction?

RealChristopherTitus39 karma

If you look at every standup special order they usually go: personal, topical, personal, topical, personal, topical. The new one, Born With a Defect, is about my kids and why you should never have kids. I've been telling people, if you're a parent it's therapy and if you're not it's 90 minutes of birth control. Thanks for sticking with me this long.

subliminal18012 karma

I really miss Titus. It was one of my favorite shows. What episode stands out to you the most (most memorable)?

RealChristopherTitus37 karma

We went out of our way to do stuff that actually wasn't on Telivison. We did an episode where we had an intervention to get my dad to START drinking again. We did another episode where my dad tricked me into thinking I was infected with AIDS. But one of my favorite episodes was called "Tommy's Not Gay" where we took on Gay bashing. Really memorable, really funny, and it made a good point. I alway think funny first, but then try to make a stand with it.

beforesixbeers11 karma

Hello Chris, and thanks for being an awesome stand up comedian. I know by watching you on television, that you like myself are a major gearhead. What's next in the garage? A G-body from the general, or a Fox body?

RealChristopherTitus20 karma

I already built both of those. Currently driving 2007 Ron Fellows Z06, but really want to do a '63-'72 Corvette. My inner disco is coming out.

almack911 karma

Hey Christopher, I'm from Louisville and have attended a couple of shows of ours when you have come here. You even put my wife in a headlock once. haha. I just wanted to thank you for making Louisville a frequent stop on your tour circuit. I can really relate to how messed up your family is when considering my own.

What do you think is the #1 thing that has contributed to your successes over the years?

RealChristopherTitus27 karma

Fear, desperation, and self-hatred. It has also contributed to my lack of success.

Coconuttiest10 karma

Hello, Mr. Titus!

You're hilarious, and I just have a quick question - who was your favorite comedian to work with, and why?

RealChristopherTitus45 karma

Dana Carvey. When I started comedy as a horrible opening act I got to watch him do all of his characters, songs, and standup. What was always amazing to me was that he could do the same show 7 nights in a row and could make it funny every single time. He taught me one of the most important things about standup, "You've got to learn how to 'say it again' for the first time."

Yeah I know...mind blown.

Hoosier_Ham10 karma

What do you think are the biggest takeaways from one special to the next? When/if you look back on the shows, do you see a progression or evolution or are they mostly standalone events in your mind?

RealChristopherTitus36 karma

I hate every special for about a year and a half after I film it. There are a couple where I make a weird noise after I make a joke. There are a couple that I know we filmed to early. But they always have a bunch of stuff I'm proud of like: "I'm whitey and I Apologize", "Arm the Childen", all of "Love is Evol" (that one stopped me from sucking on a bullet).

domco_9210 karma

Why comedy?

RealChristopherTitus32 karma

Because I have no other skills.

TheGreatEasternYeti10 karma

Hello Christopher! I watched your show when it first came out, and revisited it a couple years ago when my room mate acquired the box set. It was a great show. I think my favorite moment is when you fall into a camp fire as a drunk teenager. Reminds me of...more than a few of my friends.

I'll have to check out your stand up, I haven't seen any of it yet. I fancy myself a funnyman in my crew of friends and have considered giving it a try. When I think about it, making people laugh is probably my favorite thing to do. There's a few bars in my city that do amateur stand up. Any advice you could give me?

RealChristopherTitus35 karma

To anybody who wants to do standup, I'd like to point out that in the history of time no one every laid on their death bed and said, "Thank god I didn't try what I wanted to do." So the only advice I can give you is to:
* Write your jokes.
* Say them 100 times so you don't forget them in front of an audience (because you will)
* Get on that stage and do it!
To be a comedian you have to be mildly delusional. You have to think that people will get on Reddit and ask you question about your life and career. Amazing, but delusional.

thetank778 karma

Hey Titus, I was at your show in Madison last month. You probably don't remember me considering how many 100's-1000's of people you see at all your venues but I was the short fat guy wearing a red shirt. You and Rae actually stopped and talked to me for a good 10 min since I was at the end of the line and I too am a handicapped caretaker to a family member. Anyway my question is if you know when the next time you will be back over this way in Wisconsin or even in the U.P. of Michigan where I'm at? I'd love to be able to go see another one of your shows even if I have to drive another 5 1/2 hours like I did to see you in Madison. I hope momshell is doing good and say hi to fetus and Rea for all us fans.

RealChristopherTitus28 karma

Yeah...fat guy...red shirt...I remember! Thanks for asking about Momshell. After the douchebags at CTCA told her she had 5 months to live and to get her affairs in order she is now 10 months alive and the tumor is almost undetectable. Dr. Isakoff at UCLA is a Harry Potter wizard. Thanks for asking.

spacemonkeycjt6 karma

Hey Titus I am a huge fan and come see you every chance I get. I have 2 questions. 1 what happened to stuntman Tommy and why isn't he on the podcast anymore? 2 where can I find the video of you getting taken down by an attack dog?

Ps. The last show I went to you forgot your own joke. You need to quit this shit and get a real job numb nuts.

RealChristopherTitus26 karma

The attack dog video was shot by comedy central and I think it only aired once. I would love to have it myself. One of the scariest moments of my life was when that dude released that dog and it sprinted full speed after me. I really did run full speed into an 8 foot wooden fence. If youtube were around in those days I would have gotten 35 million views and be making as much money as Pewdi Pie.

PapaKennMedia6 karma

First, I just want to say that your comedy and podcast have gotten me through some horrible times and I can't thank you enough for that. As for my question...

Do you think that you will return to Minnesota on any future tours? I got to see you for the first and only time at the Mall Of America, and really want to see the new material in person one day.

RealChristopherTitus15 karma

I'm pretty sure we're going through there in 2016. Check ChristopherTitus.com (shameless website plug). Thanks for the kind words about my comedy and the podcast. I'm glad it's helped you.

BloodCobalt6 karma

How did you get involved with Pawn Stars?

RealChristopherTitus37 karma

They offered to pay me.

Ferl7414 karma

I bet he offered half of what you wanted.

RealChristopherTitus38 karma

Actually I turned it down, because the last thing I wanted to do was a game show. Then they came back and asked me what it would take. So I threw out a number that I thought they would laugh at my face about, but what I didn't know is that Pawn Stars is a Top 5 show in 58 countries. So they said "No Problem, we'll pay you that". So I whored myself out for 48 episodes.
By the way, those guys are really fun.

SnakeLee6 karma

What was it like playing MMA arena promoter Trevor Mason on CSI Miami? Did you get to party with Caruso later?

RealChristopherTitus24 karma

Always fun to play an A-hole (you always get cast as what you are.) But I had seen Caruso party before I did that show and I can tell you...you don't want to party with Caruso.

UrMomLikesMine5 karma

Hey Chris... Mr. Titus... Damn I can't be disrespectful to you. Ok so first I want to say, I have all the Titus DVDs as my go-to to cheer me up. Damn it, I'm shaking trying to think of something to ask because you're that freakin awesome!!! Is there any go-to items, dvd, CDs whatever that you have to lift your spirits?

RealChristopherTitus19 karma

Yeah, the things that lift my spirits are usually kind of dark. The movies Training Day and Pulp fiction are my go-to pick me up films. My wife and I also have two Yorkies that no matter how murderous I'm feeling can flick my smile switch. Yeah...I know.

kub31635 karma

Hey Titus, thanks for all the free funny with the podcast every week with Bombshell and Fetus. Hows Special Unit coming along?

RealChristopherTitus12 karma

Talked to the Executive Producer of "Happiness" today. So whether we shoot this on an iPhone or an IMAX camera, I assure you this movie is getting made.

mindblazin5 karma

Are you doing any stand up shows anytime soon?

RealChristopherTitus14 karma

Our next few shows go through Nashville, Chattanooga, and Charlotte. Damn I love doing Standup.

Chemistron5 karma

Hello Titus! Long time fan of your show, stand up specials and your podcast. I would love to know what happened to Stuntman Tommy? I swear it was like he just ceased to exist one week without any real mention as to why. Thanks!

RealChristopherTitus7 karma

Stuntman got a job on the first Expendables movie and we never heard from him again....

man_mayo4 karma

Is there a role or project you regret passing on?

RealChristopherTitus21 karma

The only thing I've every regretted in my whole career us that one meeting with Fox I mentioned in another answer.

RiverWontRun4 karma

Most annoying celebrity?

RealChristopherTitus15 karma

Any celebrity that thinks being a celebrity gives them the right to be an asshole, indulge in too many drugs, sex, alcohol, or treat people shitty. If you are lucky enough to have anybody like what you do, then you should be humble about it and enjoy what you do. Don't burn down your talent and reputation. The best people I've ever met in show business were the most talented. It's always the people just hanging on that are the psychopaths.

Earthicus4 karma


RealChristopherTitus17 karma

Comedy isn't really like that. After a long career you either end up a great...or you don't. But I do believe (and I mentioned this in another answer) that you have to believe that when you're in a room full of strangers that you're the most personable, charismatic, and hilarious person around. That's serial killer behavior...in joke form of course. You also have to set the bar at the greats, like Carlin, Chapelle, and Pryor, if you want to last.

burentu4 karma

Hi Christopher! First of all, me and my elder brother are HUGE fans of your old show and stand-ups. Many vacation days were spent re-watching all your episodes. Just out of curiosity, but do you still have contact with the old main-crew Cynthia, David, Zach and Stacy?

RealChristopherTitus19 karma

I did an episode of Cynthia's show on MTV, "Finding Carter". Haven't seen David since the show went down, he was really angry about it getting cancelled. I see Zach a couple times a year and Stacy every couple of years. That cast was lightning in a bottle. Everyone was funny, everyone was on their game. Love those guys.

phantom51213 karma

Do you have an estimate of when your born with a defect special will be available for purchase?

RealChristopherTitus10 karma

We're planning to film it in Eugene Oregon in April on a Saturday. Then on that Sunday we're going to film Bombshell's. With TV changing so much I'm not sure if I'm going with Comedy Central, Netflix, or just straight up online release (via youtube).

MelanieFountain3 karma

Are you going to be playing at the Tower Theater in Fresno in 2016?

RealChristopherTitus12 karma

Yes! We're going to Fresno next year.

titusfan3 karma

Any chance of the early specials (NRIB, 5AEWT, LIE, Nev.) being available for digital download purchase?

RealChristopherTitus19 karma

In 2016 it'll all be available digitally. AND there will be a 6-7 disc Box set coming as well.

diosmuerteborracho3 karma

Your storyteller style is great and suits you very well, but I was wondering if you started out writing short jokes or one liners? Do you remember any of them that are particularly weird or dumb or funny only to you?

RealChristopherTitus29 karma

Yeah here's two from early on:
"I went to a California public school, we had a great surf team, but four of our cheerleaders drowned. 'GIVE ME A - blub blub blub"
and another was
"I'm sore because I went to the gym today, got on the stair master, tripped, and fell down it for 45 minutes."
Dimitri Martin did a similar joke in his last special, but I wrote that one in 1987.


Any advice on how to handle bombing? Is it smart to have a backup plan or just ride it out and feel the burn?

RealChristopherTitus9 karma

I had something happen recently where I had a bad set in LA. Even after all these years my mouth went day and it started to hurt a little. Then I repeated in my head what I always do when it's not going the way I think it should, "Screw these people, they don't have to the balls to get on stage, and I really don't care what they think." Without that sentence I never would have never gotten through writing "I'm Whitey and I apologize", "Pedophile Crucifixions", "My Dad's Funeral" etc. Obviously I love my you guys, but once you get to a place where you're not afraid of your audience your best work can come out.

Avram422 karma

Did you really fall in a fire when drunk? Also is that why your face is like that?

RealChristopherTitus7 karma


RiverWontRun2 karma

Beatles or Stones? Favorite song?

RealChristopherTitus5 karma

Stones, no question. Sympathy for the Devil, but I also like Doom and Gloom.

ChrisZorn2 karma

Hello Mr. Titus, I'm a huge fan and have seen you live multiple times in Southern California, where is your happy place? It could be a place like the beach, mountains, or even building something. Where do you go to unwind?

RealChristopherTitus8 karma

My wife and I bought a memory foam bed and I believe it haw unseated my old happy place, which was on top of a mountain on a snowboard. My third place would be lying under a car with a wrench, music blaring, knuckles bleeding....ahhhhhhh.

Jesus_is_black1 karma

Why is the show Pawnography so bad?

RealChristopherTitus5 karma