I am Jay Onrait. Probably the most famous Canadian in the world. I co-anchor Fox Sports Live on FS1 every night at 11 et and the weekly Jay & Dan Podcast. I have written a new book entitled NUMBER TWO which you can purchase on my website: jayonrait.com. AMA!

PROOF: https://instagram.com/p/9ZGVyazJeN/?taken-by=jayonrait

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What is Dan O'Toole's deepest, darkest secret?

jonrait103 karma

loves demi lovato

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Just riding on to the top question, cause I can't not ask a question but Jay is answering on the first AMA that he made, but he doesnt know that its "removed", so if you want to read some of his responses got to https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3qljcv/iama_jay_onrait_ama/

https://www.reddit.com/user/jonrait for ref.

Also this just cause:


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Considering the Blue Jackets' struggles this year, would you still consider Bobrovsky to be the best cop on the force?

jonrait118 karma

absolutely. Every cop has a bad day. or week. or two weeks

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Hey Jay, do you even know how to use Reddit? http://i.imgur.com/fq8ykRo.png

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Hey Jay! In Michael Landsbergs AMA, he states that you spit in his face, kicked his dog, and often urinated in the TSN studio. Any truth to these rumours?

jonrait89 karma

All true.

YNWA_8756 karma

When are you coming back to Canada?

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we hope to be back on TSN someday soon

deadnova51 karma

Hey Jay, just one question, what are some key differences in working in Canada vs working in the US?

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lukelyons2343 karma

Hey Dan, what is your advice for an aspiring broadcaster/sports journalist in today's market?

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get everyone's name right

Thay442 karma

Do you have your rubbah boots on tahday?

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kittenmittons3239 karma

If you had to sleep with one man, who would it be?

jonrait196 karma

Bob McKenzie

d4themoney34 karma

Is there a possibility down the road of returning to TSN? We miss you!!

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cjc00430 karma

Hey Jay, big fan. How did you and Dan develop such chemistry on set?

jonrait84 karma

We just both have a similar philosophy about doing the show: Information first... always have fun. it's not supposed to be serious. it's sports

thet1m28 karma

It's the Juicy Man!

Can you add Halifax to your book tour? It would be great to meet the tallest canadian in history.

Hope everything's going well with Dan.

jonrait28 karma

trying to get to Halifax in January

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he'll bounce back

The_Pecan_Sandies27 karma

How do you foresee Tortorella's tenure in Columbus working out, especially in coaching such a young team?

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not good

bigben92926 karma

You are in the forest in December. You must choose one NHL player to cuddle with you and Dan to preserve body warmth. Who is it and why?

jonrait43 karma

Chara. seems cuddly

AndyJS8125 karma

Do you ever feel sad having to spend a large bulk of the show talking about basketball and football, rather than devoting 90% of the show to hockey? Do you wish Americans shared the same love of the game that Canadians do?

jonrait42 karma

oh yes i totally wish that but i also wish for gold bars and they don't come

RenobMan20 karma

did you know your last name sounds cooler spelled backwards ? TIARNO

jonrait33 karma

How about TRIANO

rorydaniel20 karma

Jay simple question. Marry-Fuck-Kill with Dan, Bob McKenzie, and James Duthie? Go

jonrait65 karma

marry james f bob kill dan

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bigben92919 karma

Jay, what are your thoughts about FS1? Was it a what you were expecting? If not, what were you expecting?

jonrait40 karma

FS1 has been an awesome place to work. pretty much what i expected but as i have stated many times wish we had just done our TSN show right off the bat

wombatncombat19 karma

Who do you see making deep playoff runs this season?

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Thisduderockz18 karma

I dont know who you are, but i just wanted to ask a question... Hello?

jonrait104 karma

is it me you're looking for?

the-face18 karma

Hey Jay! Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Miss you and Dan in the mornings back in Canada. Come back !

jonrait38 karma

hot dog not a sandwich.

devon43515 karma

Hi Jay, big fan here from Manitoba originally. I was wondering if you would be interested in going halfers with me to buy the Palomino club in Winnipeg and trying to save it? We can move it to LA if you want.

EDIT: Or maybe just open a second location.

jonrait19 karma

must stay there. burton cummings can own it

icametoblast15 karma

What's the deal with Muldowney?

jonrait24 karma

loves sunsets

drbadskwerl15 karma

How sick are you hearing from Canadians begging you to come back? There really is no hope of that happening, right Jay? Please say there's a chance!

jonrait20 karma

There's always a chance!

Jvan74714 karma

James Duthie has a book signing tonight in Halifax. Do you think he'll be offended if I get him to autograph your book instead of his?

jonrait24 karma

do it!

ananab12 karma

What's the funniest "I'm not in Canada" moment you had, after moving to the inferior lands to the south?

jonrait28 karma

hmmm great question... maybe after our baby was born and we got an itemized bill for the delivery. don't get that north of the 49th...

ronnietextall12 karma

who told Dan that silver tipps was cool??

jonrait24 karma

he has no control over that

FindingNieto10 karma

Aside from Dan, who was the weirdest person you worked with on TSN?

jonrait17 karma

great question... probably Suneel Joshi

dielon121710 karma

Hi Jay! Who are your top three dream podcast guests?

jonrait32 karma

  1. Kristina Rose
  2. Dave Letterman
  3. Sinbad

ananab7 karma

Kill / fuck / marry with those three

jonrait32 karma

same order

mattp02910 karma

Hey Jay, as your number one fan from Australia I'm just wondering have you ever seen any Aussie rules football? If so, what is your opinion?

jonrait7 karma

i have seen it love it

ilikebuttlucas10 karma

Hey Jay big fan of the pod. Ive been hearing about the infamous producer Tim for years now but have never seen a picture of him. Can you confirm that producer Tim does in fact exist?

jonrait8 karma

he is 100 percent real

arobi3710 karma

Mr. Onrait, we all know how funny you and Dan are together. How long have you guys known each other and how much time do you spend together off-air? Also, which broadcasting moment gave you the biggest laugh? Thanks, and looking forward to the book!

jonrait55 karma

we have known each other since 2002 when we started working together... off air we hang quite a bit actually my wife and i are taking dan AND HIS MOM out for dinner this Monday

japeezes9 karma


jonrait12 karma

you don't have that kind of $$$$

oil839 karma

Jay, any advice for an Oilers fan living in Sasky?

jonrait47 karma

Um... enjoy McDavid?

cizzlewizzle8 karma

Poutine or beavertail?

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redbarn8 karma


jonrait13 karma

at esa's

221-B8 karma

Hey Jay!

Do you have a favourite moment from your TSN Jay and Dan podcast days? Even to this day, I find myself doing the "HI!" and "Mhmm" voice in my head almost daily.

p.s Did we ever get the go ahead to hear "the pig story" from Vince?

jonrait8 karma

I just loved working with Mike and Kirstoff so much! That was great

I_smell_awesome7 karma

What's your favorite kind of cheese?

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drbadskwerl7 karma

What's the one segment you did that you were surprised TSN or FS1 let you get away with?

jonrait22 karma

hmmm great question! maybe drinking tequila on the pod

soneill17 karma

Hey Jay!

Considering the primary topic of your first book was poop, and your new book is called 'Number Two', what is your take on poop left in public toilets?

Why do you think people leave them? Is it because they want others to gaze upon the glory they just created or is it just laziness?

jonrait9 karma

It's just laziness and it sucks. Bad etiquette

TimLiebregt6 karma

Hey Jay! What went in to your decision to go to an American channel over a Canadian one? Thanks!

jonrait7 karma

$$$$. just kidding. that and the challenge!!!!

windjackass5 karma

I realized after you and Dan left TSN how little I care about sports highlights vs. how much I enjoyed SC for the two of you. Cabbie is cool, and Kate has pretty eyes, but a substantial amount of the personality has disappeared.

-Do you ever listen to Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast? The four of you should get together for what would be the supergroup of hockey podcasts. With beer and weed.

-How much hockey do you cover now vs. when you worked for TSN?

-Journey or Foreigner?

jonrait5 karma


LaFs144 karma

Hey Jay! What was it like being recognized by a bigger media corporation as being the best and something they needed to have?

jonrait14 karma

pretty fucking awesome. FOX is great to work for.

Bulberryblaster4 karma

Hi Jay,

Huge fan of your work.

What's your favourite brand of cereal? Also, what is better in Canada than the US?

jonrait7 karma

Loved Pro Stars back in the day. better chocolate bars in Canada

drbadskwerl3 karma

Is Peter Schrager as funny in person as he is on your podcast? He's hilarious on your podcast and then super serious on Cowherd's podcast. What is Schrags really like?

jonrait2 karma

he is awesome. On Cowherd's pod he is giving info. He is genuinely connected in the NFL and that's his main role with FS1. with us he is our friend so i think he feels he can loosen up a bit!!!!

notcampenney3 karma

Hey Jay! Any chance you will stop by Ottawa during your book tour? I'm here studying journalism and it'd awesome to have the chance to meet you. I watched you and Dan on SportsCentre all the time when I was younger and you guys were one of my inspirations for pursuing journalism as a career.

jonrait3 karma

trying to get to Ottawa in new year

CynicMenace3 karma

Hey Jay. We met outside a Louis CK show in Toronto and you are the tallest man alive. So would you rather be a giraffe with a sore throat or an elephant with a runny nose?

jonrait3 karma

neither. I'd rather be Louis CK

dmscohen3 karma

Hey Jay,

would you rather go back in time or travel to the future?

Also, do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?

jonrait12 karma

back in time no ketchup

WiggityWackWes3 karma

Hey Jay, we miss you here in Canada! Question: how far do you think Habs will go this year?

jonrait7 karma

pretty far. but washington also looks good in east

SKHaiku3 karma

Hey André, how many times did you masturbate during this AMA so far?

jonrait10 karma

none. no time

rajondurant3 karma

Hey Jay, huge fan. I'm a senior in high school looking to become a sports journalist/anchor/announcer, what steps would you recommend I take now?


jonrait3 karma

good broadcasting school. volunteer at local tv station while there

guyfromsouthshore3 karma

Hi Jay,

My favorite clip featuring you is this piece of anthology from the 2010 Olympics. What is your favorite Jay Onrait clip and why?

jonrait8 karma

probably the kickboxing one from Big breakfast winnipeg

payTRAIN3 karma

My man Jay. You were in Winnipeg a few years back for your first book. Do you remember taking a picture with a pretty girl who's boyfriend couldn't make it but you chose to put your arm around no one beside you in order to crop me in? That boyfriend was me.

I am cropped into the picture now and it sits on my mantle. You're a stand up dude, dude.

Best of luck with your Number 2. I'll be getting my hands on it!

jonrait5 karma

my pleasure and enjoy the new book. see you in winnipeg soon! BTW everyone check jayonrait.com and see my tour dates!!!

cracked63 karma

Watching the World Series last night it was obviously chaos when power went out. Felt bad for Dan as it was super uncomfortable to go right to analysis. Any way to describe what was going on behind the scenes when the broadcast went dead?

jonrait11 karma

total chaos. thought dan did a super job under the circumstances. good example for young broadcasters. be ready for ANYTHING

sensfan1012 karma

Hey Jay, do you imagine Big City Ken still has any issues with health Canada? Or is he still welcoming people to their new hiccups?

jonrait3 karma

he should be happy for the free health care

errybodyloveschris2 karma

Jay! As as a huge fan of music, what is your current setup for your record player at home and what record is currently sitting in it?

(Also, I'm a huge fan of your first book. Going to pick up your new one today and enjoy a nice poop in celebration when I first crack it open.)

jonrait5 karma

nice! enjoy the new book. I just treated myself to an amazing record player. A Clearaudio Concept. Sounds amazing

IBleedTeal2 karma

Hey Andre

If you had to replace Dan with anyone else (living or dead) who would it be?

Also do you miss Tim Hortons and how much?

jonrait6 karma

it would be kristina rose

CanesHockey892 karma

First off, thanks for the AMA. The pod is the best. It's my favorite listen while I'm running.

My question for you is "Will you help make my bachelor party the best?" Next year I'm having my bachelor party and the dream is all 5 of us are able to view the Goon 2 premiere. We'll have an amazing road trip from North Carolina to Canada and visit any strip club you recommend. Pass this along to anyone who can help? Twitter is @davidh4goon2, thanks for any help!

jonrait3 karma

Brass Rail

Trustispro2 karma

Sup Buuuuuud! Huge fan of the Pod!! My question for you Jay is who from the Canadian Wall of Fame would be your #1 choice to have on the Pod?

jonrait3 karma

Lorne Michaels

dancinfool892 karma

Hey Jay! Love the podcst! You could really feel the love between you and Duthie the other week.

So my question is what's the craziest Duthie story you got?

jonrait10 karma

he once invited NHL on TSN crew to his house and left his two Gemini awards on driveway to indicate which house was his.

bigben9292 karma

Dutchy vs Grapes: 12 rounds of boxing. Who wins?

jonrait7 karma

have you SEEN Dutchy? dutchy

Simonlamms2 karma

Hey Jay! Just wanna say I'm a huge fan, and we miss you here in Canada...

Just a few questions:

1.How hard was it to watch the jays receive so much dirt talk from your co-workers?

  1. Do you and Dan ever get annoyed with the fox sports theme song?

jonrait3 karma

  1. no big deal. we knew the jays were great
  2. no

FancySack2 karma


Thank you for your commentary on the fan getting touched by Ichiro. How was reception of that from your friends and co-workers? (if any)

Here's the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgPYE9OzyOY

jonrait2 karma

people loved that

nolan1242 karma

Hey Jay! Which member of TSN do you miss working with the most?

jonrait9 karma

Rod Smith. Legend

Epuration2 karma

If you had to fight any current player of any sport, who would it be?

jonrait8 karma

Bartolo Colon just for the laughs

Steve312 karma

Hey Jay, who is your favourite pod guest ever and why?

jonrait12 karma

Tough to say. Probably Taggart because he's been with us so long

NotionAquarium2 karma

Hi Jay,

Thanks for coming back to do another AMA.

What the frig is going on with the Ducks this year? Do you think they'll bounce back?

jonrait7 karma

so weird. I'm worried about our boy boudreau

gmred912 karma

Who would you say is the number 2 cop on the force?

jonrait10 karma

tj hooker

floral-orca2 karma

Hey Jay!

Listened to you on a podcast or radio hit recently and was really impressed when you admitted that in the beginning FSL wasn't the structure you were hoping for. Now that you guys are the only ones on your show outside of the taped segments, are you more comfortable going back to your shenanigans and does it make it easier to do your job of reading highlights?

jonrait4 karma

very happy now. like our old tsn show

maxwelder2 karma

Hey Jay, would you ever let Dan's kids babysit your kid?

jonrait2 karma

yes (he has offered)

goodstuff102 karma

Jay favourite bar in Saskatoon??

jonrait6 karma

yard and flagon

NaziMeComin2 karma

Why do Canadians comment so often on American politics?

jonrait10 karma

we are fascinated by it also our politics are boring

RabbleRabble6682 karma

Hi Jay! Hope your Wednesday is going great!What do you miss the most about hosting the show on TSN? If you can answer that.

Thanks for doing this, huge fan of you and Dan!

jonrait5 karma

miss the old set. so dirty

JRoy7242 karma

Juicy man!

What's one American city you were most pleasantly surprised by after your first visit and why?

Keep up the great work!

jonrait8 karma

great question. I actually liked Detroit! so much history and the music scene amazing

kernelcolonel2 karma

Did you ever feel like there was a specific turning point in your anchoring career where you felt like you and Dan had been handed the reins to do highlights the way you wanted?

jonrait3 karma

kind of. a few years after we started we really pushed the boundaries and then TSN pushed back.. somewhere in the middle we found a common ground and that's when the show really thrived. We always each had about 4 on cams so our philosophy was ... 2 fun ones... 2 serious... that way we didn't beat you over the head with jokes. one thing people may not realize: You will actually get all the sports info when you watch our show

japeezes2 karma

How much will I have to pay you and Dan to come back to TSN?

jonrait7 karma


Unilateralist2 karma

Hey Jay. Who is your dream podcast guest?

jonrait4 karma

Kristina Rose

michaeld311 karma

Hi Jay, from one tall person to another, what are the best and worst parts about being vertically endowed?

jonrait2 karma

best: concerts worst: basements

thomastrivett1 karma

Has there ever been a time when you and Dan were both behind the desk with no pants on?

jonrait2 karma


InformedIgnorance1 karma

If you could do one thing on camera, that the networks won't let you do, what would it be?

jonrait3 karma


jmattboggie1 karma

Jay, one juicy story that didn't make into Number Two???

jonrait2 karma

original title of book was "dancing with ukranian girls"... that story didn't make it in... may be title of third book

canaman181 karma

Who is better? McDavid or Jesus?

jonrait3 karma


baconwiches1 karma

Are we going to see you make an appearance on NHL Deadline Day in your bathrobe again?

jonrait3 karma


eekadorkaduku1 karma

Hey Jay, do you like the dunk tank?

jonrait2 karma


Ryfr1 karma

Hi Jay, I was wondering what you thought about the Flames regression? Also really miss watching you and Dan every night.

jonrait2 karma

not sure what to think. its a bit early

Laidbackliving1 karma

Jay you're a beauty. When can we expect you to do some acting (if ever). Will Ferrell has paved the way Jay! Seriously though ever thought about it?

jonrait2 karma

sure maybe someday. I thought i was brilliant in that coke commercial with Eberle

hotspank301 karma

Between you and Dan, who would win in an arm wrestling contest ?

jonrait2 karma

me. then dan. it would be a tie

RoyWQC1 karma

Hey Jay,

What do you think of Lisa Ann now beeing in the fantasy sports ?

jonrait6 karma

i'm a fan of Lisa Ann doing anything really

known_stranger6471 karma

Hey Jay, I was wondering for Movember, do you plan ahead what style you are going to grow or do you just wing it? If you plan ahead, what is your inspiration for this year

jonrait3 karma

wing it. going Tom Selleck this year