Iv found my self sucked into this crazy viral world, dunno how dunno why but im amazied anyone cares :D Im a bit of a travelin performer usually very haphazard and spontaneous but now im profesional and ready to explain myself .............. and learn to spell :S
https://www.facebook.com/Rio-Santana-Pirate-Joe-156010427787721/timeline/ send me a message ill answer with TOOT! ;) ITS ME!!

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ICallThisBullshit22 karma

In your now famous "travelers song" it seems to combine the classic Spanish guitar with flamenco style...did you get proper guitar lessons? Btw love that song, best of lucks!

PJsantana20 karma

INDEEEED ! it is abit of a mish mash over those styles for sure but i never had formal lessons as such obv we are all taught in one way or another but i used to flamenco dance and i learnt a hell of a lot just by listening to the musicians whislt i danced :D Reall so glad you like it :) blows me away aslong it makes ya happy !!!!!!!!!!! MY MUSIC PAGE IF YOU HAVENT ALLRREADY :D https://www.facebook.com/Rio-Santana-Pirate-Joe-156010427787721/timeline/

Unspoken_Myth2 karma

My parents are professional flamenco dancers. It's interesting to hear your style

PJsantana3 karma

That's amazing :D I did flamenco dancing for a couple of years :D i slip some in my sets often and its where i got alot of my guitar style from :D WHO ARE THEY?? WHERE ARE THEY :D????

HereticPilgrim21 karma

Right now it feels a little difficult and haphazard to find your music online (jumping between Youtube postings and other such things). Would you think about putting up your music onto a soundcloud, bandcamp, or youtube channel to make it easier for people to find your music? (The bandcamp could have the added benefit of people then paying for your music online)

PJsantana19 karma

I AM RUBBISH!!!!!! :D iv got always kept this word of mouth air about what i do cos iv always kinda just travelled the country picking up gigs along the way sooooo technology wise im not up to date :O buuuuuut IF THE DEMAND IS GREAT I SHALL DONATE :D see my facebook page???? https://www.facebook.com/Rio-Santana-Pirate-Joe-156010427787721/timeline/

thesneakywalrus2 karma

I've seen your debut album dubbed 'A Series of Musical Combustions', where can I purchase said album? Digital or physical works. I love your stuff and would like to have it proper.


PJsantana9 karma

Indeed that is the ticket !!!!!! well id just had 150 physical copies sent to me before all this happened :O i still need to stick it all together and such, but now im trying my hardest to pull together something more virtual for people to grab :D

This was pretty out of the blue and its taken ma legs out !!!!!!

murphey_griffon2 karma

I'm with this guy, would love to see an answer. Do you plan ompn releasing ampn album or tracks for sale? A friend released an album on pledge music. It's kind of like kickstarter for music.

Edit Joe beat me too it. And already have liked your page, looking forward to more.

PJsantana3 karma

HEEEEY BROTHERRRR! well iv left a wee answer on the other question :D yeah im in the process of choosing where and how and who :O DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

jaerixon15 karma

Pirate Joe!! Omg you are the man. You're an incredible performer!! My question is, when are you going to make a YouTube channel so I can subscribe and see more of these awesome acts??

P.S. Come tour here in the US plz we need your coolness.

PJsantana12 karma

Well your sure making me feel like the man so to me your the man DEAL WITH IT :D and yeeeeeah im pretty behind on the whole web presents thingy ....... :S im gonna try and get soemthing together i do have a physical album so maybe its time to....... take the virtual leap :Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WHERE in the US!!!???

iv got a facebook page ;) https://www.facebook.com/Rio-Santana-Pirate-Joe-156010427787721/timeline/

nxco11 karma

Very impressed, how long have you been doing this stand up act?

Where have you traveled to?

What do you do for a living?

PJsantana17 karma

Hello brand new virtual friend :D wellll....... in order of appearance i guess iv only been performing more seriously this past 3 years wouldnt say im so much a stand up act as i i am just a fool of a musician ;) but iv done allsorts ...Oooooo :D

iv travelled all over the UK and Ireland most busking and getiing gigs along the way with a few added house partys :D

for a living im very lucky at the moment where im not paying to many expenses so music it holding me up for now :D IM ON THE EDGE!!!!!!!! lookin after my mum and learning to drive ..... :O HOW WAS THAT FOR MA FIRST AMA ???? :D

ILoveCresps11 karma

I'm super impressed with your music, style, and singing. Awesome job, I hope that guy talking about the video production company was legit. I watched the video, and hoped you were going to get noticed.

Anyways, here's my questions;

  1. Customary Reddit question; would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?
  2. Have you ever tried 'talent' shows, akin to Britain's Got Talent, and how did you do?

Your music is going to be very wide spread my friend!

PJsantana7 karma

Means alot youd say so :) that original video is such a small part of what i do aswelll so im realy lookin forward to throwing things at everyone :D

Oooooo one horse sized duck would sure be harder but think how soft it would be :D The duck couldnt hurt me with such a feathery jacket on :D

And no talent shows sure isnt the road iv ever wanted to go down:S iv always loved just travelling around doin some bsukign picking up gigs along the way :D the word of mouth kinda way ;)

ilmat1k9 karma

Loved your version of Crazy/King of Swingers.

  1. How did you become Pirate Joe?
  2. Who are your influences for your musical style? Are you always playing with your classical guitar or do you play other instruments as well?
  3. What is the craziest instrumental sound you can make with you mouth? I see in the video above, you got the trumpet sound down!

Huge fan of the music so far! Good luck and keep us posted on a physical CD or digital downloads!

PJsantana6 karma

YES! it loves you :D maybe itl give your ears a hug again sometime :)

the pirate joe thing is a long story :D let me take you back..................... i was 17 and i went by the names Rio Santana as they are my middle names i played a festi as a walk about musician and ended up playing on a small stage ;) with my wiley ways haha anyway this stage then asked me to travel with then as a residential musician ......... eneded up travelling with then for good years around many festivals SHANANIGANS INUSED buuuut............ wanna hear the rest?? am i loosing you haha

WaterAndBananas4 karma

YAAARRRRGHn't, continue on mate!

PJsantana7 karma

haha BOOM! after the summer ended i got home and was sent a message saying oh youv made a music page........... i said no and he sent me a link called pirate guy :D which had like 20 likes and random pictures of me from differnt people :D so i took the page and called it Rio Santana / Pirate joe :D TADA! people just think im a pirate ........... and whether i am or not is uo to you :D

ilmat1k2 karma

That's awesome! Congrats on your newfound success! It's much deserved. And I've already listened to all songs on youtube I could find of you. Now let me have some official tunes from the man himself!

PJsantana3 karma

sooon something more offcial will arrive :D

faps_to_rocks5 karma

Pirate Joe! Thanks for doing this AMA.

Where Can I purchase your CD? It would be great to blast your music in my car.

PJsantana3 karma

Hello my friend :D it took me long enough to work it out haha but yes

im working on getting al this together and perhaps sneaking it online somewhere .............. before all this happened i was still sticking my CDs togetehr haha ;) WHATS GOING ON??!!

tillkruger4 karma

Pirate Joe and Alestorm tour the US, 2016! Make it happen, cap'n! Wait, are you a cap'n?

PJsantana3 karma

ahahaah INSANE!!!!

Peccavi913 karma

Where have you got set up to head next , UK wise? :D

PJsantana3 karma

Well to be honest i havent got masses planned....... i was kinda on a lay low getting some other wee things sorted :D BUT LOOK WHATS HAPPENED when i try and lay low haha

Predicted3 karma

I feel there is some jamaican influence over your songs, am i wrong in that?

PJsantana7 karma

Its intresting you say that really, every now and then soemoen sais that buuuuuut it aint no purposfull thing :S :D

CommonCentsEh3 karma

Is there anything you are missing? Follow up question, do you see any obstacles between you and a performance on a TV show?

PJsantana2 karma

anything im missing ??? apart from a phone and a wallet???? Iv performed at a wierd and wonderfull array of events indeed if im anything im an adaptor :D

Chick226942 karma

Do you have anything on Itunes or anything so people can buy your music?

PJsantana1 karma

https://piratejoesantana.bandcamp.com/album/a-series-of-musical-combustions THAT HAPPENED :D thanks so much for being intrested

barnacledoor1 karma

Is it coincidental that you were also in this post? Here is the video from that post.

EDIT: Hey Pirate Joe, I did want to say that even if it wasn't a coincidence, I was watching that other video and trying to figure out if it was possible to find out who you were.

PJsantana2 karma

IM ME!! :)

sagefamous1 karma

Have you heard of sublime and has anyone told you you kinda sound like Bradley Nowell?

Love this. Big fan.

PJsantana2 karma

Hey sir yeah buddy alot of people have been saying that and iv never really thought about it :D i know them indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!! But iv got no crystal ball sooooooo,,,,,,,,,,

TexasStarForever-2 karma

Get s lot of hot pussy ?

PJsantana4 karma

hahaha maybe not as much as youd think :D i could make alot of cat jokes tho :S