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ilmat1k14 karma

Milwaukee native here. Love All Tiny Creatures, Death Blues, Altos, Bon Iver, Shouting Matches, so on and so on. When all of you come together, it's like magic!

  1. When producing new music, do you all try to break out of your respective styles and experiment or does the collection of all your styles comprise the music?
  2. Where would you say the most inspiring place in Wisconsin is?

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pabst in a few weeks!

ilmat1k9 karma

Loved your version of Crazy/King of Swingers.

  1. How did you become Pirate Joe?
  2. Who are your influences for your musical style? Are you always playing with your classical guitar or do you play other instruments as well?
  3. What is the craziest instrumental sound you can make with you mouth? I see in the video above, you got the trumpet sound down!

Huge fan of the music so far! Good luck and keep us posted on a physical CD or digital downloads!

ilmat1k4 karma

Could you please do a full version of "Dark Horse" in the style of The Doors? That sounded unbelievable!

ilmat1k3 karma

keep it up! You guys are amazing!

ilmat1k2 karma

That's awesome! Congrats on your newfound success! It's much deserved. And I've already listened to all songs on youtube I could find of you. Now let me have some official tunes from the man himself!